Reiki Healing in Nepal

Reiki Healing Training Course

Nepal Ayurveda Home has been offering the original technique of Reiki in Nepal in a peaceful, clean and holy place of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Since Reiki requires deep concentration and meditation, a silent environment is very important during the learning phase.

NYH has fulfilled its entire requirements which help in a better practice of Reiki. Reiki is a form of alternative healing with the help of psychic energy. The practitioners collect universal energy in the form of a wave and pass it to the suffering organs for healing. It was originated by a Japanese holy person, Mikao Usui, in 1922.

Many patients were cured with Reiki therapy in Japan. They also found that the Reiki is not only fruitful for healing various physiological and physical diseases but also an effective tool to uplift the mental and spiritual sectors of human beings. This course makes a doctor for a normal person after the practice of 21 days. It utilizes the inner energy to make sync with divine energy. So, it was flourished in Japan and gradually various countries of the world.

Learn Three Degrees In Reiki Healing Training in Nepal

  • Reiki First Degree (Reiki Basic)
  • Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Intermediate)
  • Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master)

1. Reiki First Degree (Reiki Basic)

It is the course of 21 days which requires 1-2 hours every day. But on the first day, it requires a whole day time. Applying your mental power in these 21 days, you will pass the universal energy through different centers of the body which recovers your entire body, and heal the diseases if any.

After 21 days, you can heal others as well with palm contact i.e. hand touch. So, it is also said as contact healing method. The practitioner passes the energy to the affected part of the victim. This gives relief to the victim and becomes cured completely with few days healing. The universal energy is passed not only for curing the diseases but also to attain some special abilities for our progress and development.

Anyone can join the Basic degree of Reiki in Nepal Ayurveda Home

2. Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Intermediate)

If practitioners want second-degree Reiki, they can participate in the second level after three months of the first degree. They can join whenever they like after three months.  There is a whole day practice on the first day for Reiki Second Degree.

From the second day, it requires 1-2 hours everyday practice till 3 months. Distant healing method is applied in Reiki Second Degree. A victim can be healed by a Reiki Second Degree Healer staying far away. For example- Reiki Healer staying in Nepal can heal the patient in the USA. With high concentration, healer collects universal energy and passes it to the victim. This energy can also be applied for making our daily works successful.   

Interested candidate can apply to join the Intermediate degree of Reiki in Nepal Ayurveda Home  

3. Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master)

There should be a minimum 9 months gap to participate in Reiki Third degree training after second degree Reiki training. It is the master level program, so one becomes qualified to teach Reiki for other after the completion of the course. There is a whole day workshop on the first day of practice. After that practitioners have to spare 1-2 hours for its regular practice.

Nature has gifted us with unlimited energies. Reiki is one of the forms of the various energies. The unlimited energy was simply wasting away. Reiki teaches the way how to preserve and utilize it. The Reiki technique is one of the best utilization of the energies and converts it into health and success. It has become a very successful tool for human welfare. 

We welcome you to join our master level of Reiki in Nepal Ayurveda Home and achieve the highest Reiki degree. You can signup here