300 hoursYoga Teacher Training in Nepal

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home is one of the best yoga spots in Nepal. It is located in Thamel, Kathmandu in the center of Kathmandu Valley. It has been offering various courses on yoga and Ayurveda like yoga and meditation retreat, Ayurveda retreat, Ayurveda classes, yoga teacher training course, etc. for the people of all the countries. The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal is one of the authentically certified yoga courses to become an international yoga teacher.

Nepal Ayurveda Home provides excellent facilities for residence and food in a peaceful area. The classes run effectively in a serene environment with the expert of yoga.  This is a scientifically designed course to provide comprehensive knowledge of yoga. The course style is matched with an international curriculum to meet worldwide recognition.

Subject Matters Of Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Yoga Philosophy and Principles
  • Origin of Yoga
  • Various forms of Yoga- Mantra Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga, etc.
  • Different types of yoga practice in contemporary time- Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, etc.
  • Branches of Yoga
  • Theoretical and practical approaches of Yoga
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology
  • Seven Chakras
  • Seven Bodies of Humans
  • General Ayurveda
  • Healthy Food Habits
  • Over 250 yoga asana (yoga posture)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise and techniques of breath control)
  • Mudra (Hand Gesture)
  • Bandha (methods of restricting energy from being escape and transformation)
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga Nindra
  • Meditation and awareness
  • Application of yoga techniques to heal diseases and remain healthy
  • Secrets of Health
  • Art of living natural life
  • Art of becoming in sync with the existence

It is a great opportunity to learn yoga teachers training course in Nepal, a holy land for yoga where many yoga practitioners have got a great achievement. It carries an ultimate eventuality for physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. This course helps all types of people without any bar of age, gender, caste, religion, belief system, etc. It is open for all. Whether you want to learn yoga for your personal development or you want to become a professional yoga teacher, 300-hours yoga teachers training course helps you.

Why Is It Important To Do Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

The yoga and meditation course in Kathmandu possess higher importance from internal to external progress of a human. The course guides you in every step of life to live happily and harmoniously. It teaches you the correct style of sitting, standing, lying and moving in a correct alignment that helps you to develop strength and stamina.    

  • This course is important for you to live a balanced and stress-free life.
  • To increase physical strength, flexibility, mental aptitude and get success in daily activities
  • To live a peaceful and harmonious life in all the situations: favorable and unfavorable situation.
  • To be a part of world peace.
  • To become a professional yoga teacher and get eligibility to teach yoga throughout the world.
  • To understand the human science and spirituality
  • To live a contented and satisfied life.
  • To be safe from various diseases developing immunity power.

Accommodation And Food During Yoga Teacher Training Course

Nepal Ayurveda Home provides luxurious and comfortable accommodation to make your life comfortable during the course. It has 24 hours Wi-Fi services, temperature controller, and other related facilities. There is full of natural beauty around the residential learning area. Various scenic views can be seen from the top of the building.

It offers healthy and ayurvedic food and drinks. You will enjoy here yummy and natural food. Normally, Nepal Ayurveda Home provides vegan and vegetarian food. It also offers national food, Nepali food, cultural food etc. If you have any other requirements regarding food, better communicate to the office so that it can be managed in time.  

Learning Environment And Teachers For Yoga Teacher Training Course

Nepal Ayurveda Home has a strong foundation for teaching yoga at the international level.  So it possesses a very favorable and peaceful location for study and practice. It offers all types of facilities and equipment for yoga practice. There is no sound pollution and no disturbance at the residence and in classes. The place is naturally beautiful where you can take great pleasure. Due to the purity of this area, learning a new thing becomes enthusiastic.

Yoga teachers of Nepal Ayurveda Home are very experienced and have devoted their lives to yoga. They are highly educated, have completed a master degree in yoga. They also have done an international yoga alliance course. The yoga teachers have been teaching yoga for many years from which they have got many experiences. It is a great chance to learn and study yoga with such expert yoga teachers. You will be individually guided to improve your study and yoga practice.  All of your questions and curiosities regarding yoga will be solved.     

How You Feel After Completing Yoga Teacher Training Course?

After the completion of the course, you will realize a great change within you. Your body becomes naturally fitter, finer and healthier with the practice of yoga and meditation in Nepal Ayurveda Home. Your mind gets filled with pleasure, peace, and happiness. You can concretely observe that your mind is more focused, more attentive and more conscious. You will find you are happy in every situation. You will find that you have gained maximum strength to do daily activities, without any tiredness. You will feel your body lighter, more flexible and stronger.

The regular practice of pranayama and meditation will promote your understanding power and spiritual level. You will clearly feel some great changes in your physical body, mentality, and emotions. You will discover the hidden treasure within you. You will start understanding the meaning of life in this spiritual environment. A faculty of mind develops to understand metaphysical worlds as well. The “300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal” is one of the most fruitful seeds that you sow and get sweet fruit throughout your life.