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Astrology and Palmistry Training in Nepal

15 Hours Astrology Training in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home wants to enable you to read the birth chart and palm of a person in a very short period with the means of Astrology training in Nepal and Palmistry training in Nepal. It takes you to be an astrologer and palm reader only 15 hours. Our purpose is to give you the knowledge of astrology with the practical application of it.

Astrology training in nepal- Palmistry training in nepal

It is interesting to know how to describe the life of a person with the help of a birth chart. You will be able to learn how to see someone’s palm after this course. Astrology is so vast subject, but we have the formula to make it as a formula in this Astrology training at Nepal Ayurveda Home 

About Astrology Training Classes in Nepal Ayurveda Home

Astrology is the science of calculation of the planetary effect in human body and mind. it is specially related to the human life, but it has a wide scope of the energy force around this solar system. In Vedic astrology, all the effect by the movement of planets can be counted in a certain way. Vedic astrology consists of 9 planets, 27 constellations, 12 zodiacs and 12 houses. The movement of the planets plays the vital role in the prediction of the horoscope of the person. We teach all the science behind astrology in this astrology training in Nepal which combines with palmistry training in Nepal.

You need three things to know about your client to make the birth chart of the person. Those three things are as follows:

  1. Birth Date
  2. Birth Place
  3. Birth Time

After making the birth chart, you can read that birth chart yourself. There are 12 houses altogether. We must analyze it with our knowledge carefully. 12 houses are the representation of different aspects of life. We must predict with deep study of the birth chart. Birth chart can be made by the different apps and software. Nine planets have their different qualities and we see their effect by their placement in the house with the certain zodiac.

Astrology training in Nepal will address on how to see the problems, upcoming futures, and the past days of the people. A good astrologer can heal the broken heart of the people. It is a kind of motivation of life to walk in the right direction. So, astrology counselling plays a vital role in the life of people. We give the certain remedies to lessen the problem of the people.

The main remedy is the mantra chanting of the planet which is negatively placed in the birth chart. It is believed that the mantra can be able to match the vibration of the planet and it starts to give a positive result in our life. Only one purpose of an astrologer should be to help the people by reading the birth chart. You can give them the hope in their life. The hope can change the life of the people. which is also covered in this astrology training in Nepal.

You will have a theory and practical part of the Astrology training in Nepal. In the beginning, you will be taught the theory class. Without any thermotical knowledge, you cannot be able to understand how to read the birth chart. You will be engaged in practical session to make yourself strong and perfect.

About Palmistry Training in Nepal

The second part of the Astrology training in Nepal is a palmistry course. Palmistry is the science of reading the hand of people to predict the life of a person. The hand is the reflection of our mind. Different lines of our hand show the different aspects of our life which we teach during the palmistry training in Nepal. The main lines of our hand are as follows:

  1. Lifeline
  2. Brain or mind line
  3. Heart life
  4. Fate line
  5. Marriage line etc.

There are many mountains in our hand. Like in astrology, there are 9 planets in different places in our palm. There are different shapes of the hands. We must see all around factors before predicting someone’s life. We must see the shape of fingers, the shape of thumb and shape of the palm to predict perfectly. You can learn everything related to palmistry in this Palmistry training in Nepal. You will a perfect astrological counselor and palm reader after this Astrology training in Nepal course.