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Truly Detox your Body with our

One Week Panchakarma Detox Retreat


One Week Panchakarma Retreat

Ayurveda is the science which provides the complete health care and disease curing ways for the entire humanity, the contribution of Holy Rishis and Acharyas who conducted thorough research and trials for the eternity of health and life. If the health of the person or population is rich to do the responsibilities and duties then only we can predict the prosperity of the nation. If the body and mind of the person is not cleans timely it may degrade him, because, in every day’s life, we are receiving lots of impurities into our body and mind. Ayurvedic Panchakarma Retreat was solved all these problems.


Ayurvedic Panchakarma

Panchakarma Retreat is an effective and miraculous Ayurvedic method of treatment which detoxifies the body. Body undergoes metabolism continuously through which waste products (toxins) are formed, these toxins are known as ‘Aam‘. This aam is the root cause of various diseases. Panchakarma procedure removes Aam from our body in efficient way without any adverse effects on body.


With this Panchakarma Retreat, Not only our body but our mind, soul needs to be detoxified from the impurities for the best version of it. Body cleansing helps the body get rid of all the impurities that are affecting your health and beauty, so that you can be the best version of yourself. Not our body but mind and soul also get tensed during our daily activities. Thus it is important to restore the vitality and self-healing power of human body for enhancing the performance of the body efficiently.

Our body seeks for detoxification every year but however we are too busy to notice the fact. Physical and Mental Stress are the parameters to show the fact of the evidence that we are intoxicated by the different toxins produced in the body. The techniques and methods in Nepal Ayurveda Home are purely based on Ayurveda Prinicples followed by the use of advance tool and technology under the supervision of the qualified doctors.

Panchakarma Retreat is not a simple procedure to be completed in hours or can be done at home just by the simple guidelines. Thus it is important to look after the proper stages for the completion of the detoxification mentioned in the classical texts of Ayurveda.

Head massage

Seven Days Panchakarma Retreat package

Pre Stage

Before you start the detoxification, we need to collect the toxins and Keep them in the proper channel for the excretion through the nearest routes of the body. Depending upon the dosha condition in the body, the main procedure is designed whereas the pre stage remains same for all kind of detox therapy. It Includes Snehana (Oleation and Swedana (Perspiration) which helps in dissolving the toxins and making ready to exit through the nearest routes viz.mouth, anus,nose etc. Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara are also the part of this  stage. It can be done for a whole day according to the body type.

Main Stage

Emesis, Laxation, Enema, Nasal Installation or Bloodletting therapies are the major therapy done in this stage. One can be followed by the other maintaining the regimen and regarding the condition of the patient.

For Kapha dominance: Emesis with Whole day or seven days therapy maintaining a proper gap

For Pitta dominance: Virechana

For Vata dominance: Enema

For Head disorders: Nasal Installation

For Skin, wounds: Bloodletting, Leech therapy

Post Therapy

There are certain rules to be followed after the therapy which includes dos and donts for the aspects like food and lifestyle. Since body is to be revitalized by the therapy, it can be done by following the rules and consultation of the Ayurveda Physicians which is exclusively available at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Rasayana Therapy

For Immunity and anti-aging, this therapy is used to enhance the performance of the body. It includes use of Natural herbs of Himalayas which are pure organic and totally side effects less. Some used herbs are Ashwagandha, Gooseberry, Tinospora, Chyawanprash, Amalaki Rasayan, Pippali Rasayana, Bhramha Rasayana, Medya Rasayan.

Netra basti

Thus the total health is obtained by the Panchakarma retreat therapy for both diseased and healthy beings. Application of body detoxification and thereafter using rejuvenation is found to be a boon for people nowadays. The current demand of natural system of medication with revitalizing the natural healing power of the human body is always successful by this retreat.

Daily Schedule

7:30 am- Yoga Asana Class 

8:30 am- Breakfast

10:30 am- Doctor consultation

11:30 am- Rest

12:30 pm- Panchakarma Therapy as per doctor suggestion

2:30 pm – Lunch

5:00 pm – Yoga class

7: pm – Dinner


All classes mention in the daily schedule

3 Vegetarian meals every day ( breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and several cups of tea)

Accommodation ( shared and private depends on your room choice and cost)

Not Included

Extra supplementary food



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