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Woman Yoga Teacher Training Course

Overview – Woman Yoga Teacher Training Class

Nepal Ayurveda Home in Kathmandu offers Women Yoga Teacher Training Course with ancient yogic and ayurvedic wisdom based on contemporary feminine spirituality to heal body and mind. This course combined with yoga and meditation deepens your practice and teaching honouring the womanly body, rhythms, and cycles. Women Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal is an authentic feminine leadership approach to prepare you for leading your heart womb. If you just want to make your personal growth with yoga and meditation in Nepal nourishing self-care practices, supported by a nurturing community of women and set in the beautiful Kathmandu valley, then Woman Yoga Teacher Training Course is a good idea.

Grounded on the ancient Vedic Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Tantra and mudra, this training provides a concrete knowledge in women´s anatomy & physiology. Women Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Ayurveda Home gives good foundation of hormonal health, daily and seasonal Ayurvedic practices, holistic nutrition for the woman´s body, energetic yoga practices and feminine leadership for both your self-development and social development.

Women Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Ayurveda Home is grounded and embodied model for you and induces you to reunite with your innate wisdom as a woman, reconnect supremacy of the sensual body, and generate self-mastery in your thoughts, emotions, and instincts. This course helps you to create your own personal and/or social change project, rooted in the prime significance of feminine empowerment, hegemony, and overall activities.


The curriculum formulated on a scientific basis with the view to provide holistic health for a woman. Theoretical lectures complementary to daily yoga practices will harmonize your body and mind as well as awaken the wisdom, intuition and internal communication within you.

Teaching Curriculum List of Woman Yoga Training

  • For awakening the womanly body:
  • Yoga Philosophy and its origin
  • Aims, principles, and branches of yoga
  • Over 200 Yoga asanas
  • Pranayama
  • Mudra, bandha and yogic relaxation
  • Yogic detox
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • An ayurvedic lifestyle for women
  • Women’s physiology, anatomy, PMS and menstruation knowledge
  • Reproductive health and hormonal balance for higher energy
  • Philosophy of five fundamental elements and TCM
  • Healthy and natural food with nutrition and nourishment
  • Women overall health with yoga, ayurvedic food, and different spiritual practices
  • For Alimentation Womanly compendium
  • The spiritual base of the womb, its anatomy, and health
  • Nurturing and equipping female heart, womb and ovarian energies for remedy and recreation
  • Revive your fertility; develop sensual intelligence as well as sexual power and control
  • Mizan womb massage including various ancient womb care techniques
  • Self-healing and self-care practices for woman body
  • Female Somatic Psychology and Trauma-Informed approaches

Why Nepal Ayurveda Home For Woman Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Woman Yoga Teacher Training at Nepal Ayurveda Home provides holistic health for female strengthening various physical and spiritual elements. It teaches comprehensive knowledge of female health and healings. You will get the best facilities and environment to learn with highly experienced teachers regarding your menstruation, womb, pregnancy, delivery, and other related subject matters. It is a great way to bear a healthy and spiritual baby with different yogic tips and meditations. It is a great medium to produce better future generation bearing healthy, energetic and wise children. Woman Yoga Teacher Training is a path to empower female energy and harmonize with male energy to produce the best effect in society.