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Ayurvedic Cooking course

Two weeks Ayurvedic Cooking Course

Have you ever wondered how the ancient Ayurveda Acharyas cooked? There were no chilies at the time – imported from Mexico – Buddha didn’t eat any chilies to spice up his life. What was there was a deep and thoughtful approach to cook some of the most healthy and harmonious food that was available readily in the nature? Here at Nepal Ayurveda Home, we ensure to provide you with authentic Ayurvedic cooking course experience that is not only healthy but also harmonious to your daily yoga practice. Ayurveda cooking is not just mixing up spices or frying everything. It is much more. It individualizes a person according to their Prakriti and this Prakriti is the core basis for cooking any type of food.

Learn from the traditional home cooks on what Ayurvedic cooking course is about. Along with that, you get to consult an Ayurvedic doctor on what Vata, Pitta, and Kapha people can eat. This not only ensures an authentic experience but also ensures a way towards healthy living in an Ayurvedic way. Numerous research has been done in the field of nutrition, however, some people rarely feel good despite eating some of the most nourishing diets. The question remains unanswered in science but Ayurveda about two millennia ago propounded the system of Prakriti – which is the Doshic constituency of your body. It is this constitution that governs what you can eat and what you cannot. In this 14 days Ayurvedic cooking course you get to learn some of the most authentic delicacies that Ayurveda has to offer.

Ayurvedic Cooking Course Highlights

• Ayurveda classes, Doctor Consultation, and Prakriti determination

• Daily Ayurveda cooking classes

• Homestay, vegetarian and vegan meals cooked according to your body type

• Daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions

• Yoga practices according to your body type

• Ayurvedic herbalism

• Ayurvedic tea

• Two weeks accommodation (you can extend even longer)

• Opportunity to visit and feel about the Kathmandu city

• High standard accommodation

• Handouts, notes, and tips for optimal cooking

Ayurvedic Cooking Course Retreat Curriculum

Nepal Ayurveda Home is the place to obtain the best Ayurvedic knowledge on any practices.

Ayurveda Classes

Get an authentic lecture from an Ayurvedic Doctor. Know what’s what of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking. Know the name of different spices and ways you can use those spices to flavor up your life. Nepal Ayurveda Home is the center for putting “well-optimized” colors into your dishes.

The Six Rasas (Tastes) And Using Them In Cooking

The six rasa is the esoteric Ayurveda. Treatment of every disease starts from delineating a specific rasa for specific Dosha. Authentic Ayurvedic dish should encompass all six rasas. Here at Nepal Ayurveda Home, you get to know and cook with these six rasas. Make the pan the playground of all six rasas at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Dosha Determination And Cooking Optimally For Each Dosha

Dosha is the root of all diseases. Without knowing the characters of Dosha, no cooking shall be complete. At Nepal Ayurveda Home, you can consult one on one with an Ayurvedic doctor and determine your Doshas, know methods to discover the Dosha of any person you encounter and use this knowledge to cook an authentic Ayurvedic dish.

Cooking sessions

At our state of the art kitchen, you get to cook for yourself or cook for the mass (Karma-yoga). Learn the recipe of cookery for various dishes. From the sweet gooseberry murabba to ojas creating Ashwagandha paka, there is no other place like Nepal Ayurveda Home for Ayurvedic cooking course. Besides all this, you can apply the knowledge practically and gain yourself good karma.

At Nepal Ayurveda Home we teach you to cook more than twenty confectionaries, pilau, pakas, masala rice and curry, lentils, soups, tea, lassi, medicated milk and teas, chutneys, and condiments. Besides this, you can also learn about dietaries from an Ayurvedic as well as nutritional perspective. Also, learn about the diet post detox and ways you can optimize detox at your own home.

Ayurvedic Herbalism

Learn how you can put to use the knowledge you have on various types of herbs to cook authentic Ayurvedic recipes. Also, you can visit the local spice market with the doctor to recognize some of the Ayurvedic herbs, such that you may not be scammed in the future.

Specific Ingredients

Not all the ingredients described can fit into the brain of a single human. So, there are specific ingredients to keep in mind for each dosha which can be added to various recipes that helps in healing the pathological dosha.

Ayurvedic Milk And Tea

Learn about various types of tea and revitalizing milk. Also, learn about green tea and how you can use this to make authentically spiced up “Chai” for each Dosha. Besides, you can also learn how to make lassi, ghee, buttermilk, and yogurt at your own home.

Panchakarma – A DIY Home Guide

At Nepal Ayurveda Home, we guide you through a specific Panchakarma procedure – on how you can perform the “detox” at your home. We also guide you on what food you can eat (and cook) before and after the cleansing of your body. We at Nepal Ayurveda Home pride ourselves on being authentic. So, staying true to Ayurvedic cores helps you on getting most out of this Course.

At Nepal Ayurveda Home you not only get the ways around Ayurvedic food and cooking but also a place where you can receive the most care, lovingness, and attention to details. Our doctors, staffs, and cooks ensure that what you receive is class apart and is of the highest standards.