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Reiki Healing Therapy Nepal

Overview of Reiki Healing Therapy

reiki healing therapy

Reiki is derived from the two Japanese words Rei which mean “universal life” and Ki which means “energy”. Nepal Ayurveda Home is here to give you the best Reiki healing therapy in Nepal. Medication and deep concentration are required for Reiki training. So, always maintain a silent environment while practicing and working with your energy, exchanging negative energy to positive energy in the learning phase.

Reiki healing training was originated by a Japanese holy person, Mikao Usui, in 1922. Nepal Ayurveda Home has fulfilled all the criteria for maintaining the sound environment for Reiki healing training course. Reiki is the natural and safe method of spiritual healing that everyone favors and is not massage therapy. Collecting the energy in the form of wave and passing it to the suffering organs for healing is the best practice in Reiki.

It is said that many patients were cured using Reiki therapy in Japan. It was flourished in Japan and gradually to various countries of the world. It not only cures various physiological and physical diseases but also acts as an effective tool for overcoming the mental and spiritual problems from the human body. You have to practice for 21 days on your own body to enrich your body with divine energy.

3 Degrees Of Reiki Healing Therapy in Nepal

  • Reiki First Degree (Reiki Basic)
  • Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Intermediate)
  • Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master)

1. Reiki First Degree (Reiki Basic)

reiki first degree

It is the 21 days course which requires 1-2 hours of practice every day. The training consists of an explanation of how energy healing works and what is healing, introduction to the energy anatomy (Chakras, Aura, Etheric body), description and practice of how to perform self-treatment, and scanning for energetic disturbances in the energy field. During these days you will pass the energy to different parts of the body which recovers and heals the diseases if any.

After the practice of 21 days, you can heal others with hand touch and is called the contact healing method. The practitioner passes the energy to the affected part of the victim which gives the relief to the victim and cures after a few days of healing.

You are most welcomed to join our Basic degree of Reiki in Nepal Ayurveda Home.

2. Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Intermediate)

reiki second degree

If you have completed the first degree and want to join the second degree then you can participate in the intermediate level after 3 months of the first degree. In the first day of second degree of Reiki, you have to practice for a whole day.

After the first day, you require 1-2 hours of everyday practice until 3 months. The distant healing method is used by the healer to heal the victim by staying far away. For example, Reiki healer from Nepal can heal the patient in the USA. The healer uses the high concentration to collect universal energy and passes it to the victim. This can be used for making our daily works successful.

If you are interested in the second degree of Reiki then you can join it in Nepal Ayurveda Home.

3. Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master)

reiki third degree

After the completion of a second degree Reiki training course, there should be a minimum of 9 months gap to join the Reiki third degree training. There is a full day training workshop on the first day of practice and after that, you have to spend 1 -2 hours per day. You will be qualified for teaching the Reiki training course to others after the completion of this master level Reiki course.

Reiki master training consists of Usui master symbol, Tibetan master symbol, complete instruction on how to give all the attunements including the Reiki master attunement, with ample practice time, instruction of performing distance attunements, ideas and requirements on how to conduct Reiki training. It is the actual utilization of all the energy of our body for converting into health and success. 

We heartily welcome you all to join our Reiki master level training course in Nepal Ayurveda Home. For this, you can contact us or signup here.