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Two Weeks Ayurvedic  SPA in Nepal

Two Weeks Ayurvedic  SPA in Nepal

SPA treatment has been the enigmatic therapy for the mental stress and physical fatigue. It is an obvious technique to feel yourself relaxed and distressed. also, it helps to improve the blood flow and its circulation, delay the ageing process, and promote glittering skin and better sleep as well. To take the advantage, Join our spa In Nepal Ayurveda Home and follow the healthy lifestyle.

Massage-spa in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home, being a pioneer centre in the field of massages and SPA in Nepal along with Ayurvedic consultation provides you the most advantageous SPA experiences during your visit to Nepal. The kind and generous therapists along with the environment with solvency will make your visit worth to Nepal.

‘Two weeks SPA in Nepal’ at Nepal Ayurveda Home provides you with the services related to the SPA and massages. The SPA includes facials, body scrubs, and the different types of massages including head massage, body massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage, Foot massage / reflexology, Hot-stone massage, Shiatsu massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Accupressure / marma therapy and Nepali traditional massage.


Massages can be mainly as the neuromuscular mechanisms that stimulate the different nerve supplies and muscular areas by applying pressure to the trigger points.

Swedish massage is one of the most common type of massages, commonly used by the physically active people. It helps in relieving the body pain and muscular spasms and helps in reducing the lactic acid formation. This massage includes smooth strokes, kneading, striking, rubbing, rolling. It helps in the smooth flow of blood circulation.

Ayurvedic spa in Nepal

Ayurvedic massage of this spa in Nepal are the classical types of massage techniques where different procedures are applied. Massage along the direction of blood flow or against the direction of blood flow according to the condition and rolling massage around the major joints with the medicated oil are some of its specific features.

In foot massage / reflexology, the pressure is applied to the specific reflex points on foot that correspond to the different organs or areas of the body. It mainly helps to unblock the energy flow channels through smooth blood flow.

hot stone massage use different warmed smooth stones to place or rub upon the body. It helps in deep relaxation of muscles. It also reduces stress and anxiety and promote better sleep by the relaxation of tight muscles and increased blood flow through vasodilation.

Shiatsu massage, we apply pressure on the specific points of the body. It provides relief to the arthritis patients, stiffness of the body and neck and beneficial for both mind and body.

Deep tissue massage specifically targets the deep muscles and ligaments, and helps in their relaxation. It helps to relieve from stress and strain.

Thai massage focuses on passive stretching and pressing movements. Acupressure marma therapy is somehow similar to the shiatsu massage.

Facials and other herbal treatments

Under facials of this spa in Nepal, the guests are provided with steam, exfoliation, facial masks, moisturizers, peels and massages along with the specific oils and herbal pastes according to the body nature (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) as directed by the Ayurvedic physician. They also help in balancing the body nature along with the improvement in the musculature of face and that of the whole body.

The specific oils and herbs used for the therapy based on your body nature would be guided by the consultation.

spa in Nepal

Along with these, for the complemental efforts to ‘Two Weeks SPA treatment in Nepal’ package, there would be yoga classes along with the meditation sessions. The guests are made available with their Ayurveda physician as per their requirement to ensure ongoing Ayurvedic therapy.

Highlights of spa treatment in Nepal

Different types of massages

Ayurvedic facial

Yoga meditation classes

Natural herbs and Oil therapy is used for therapy

Food and accommodation

Doctor consultation (If guest need but only a few times)

Expert therapist team

Completely based on Ayurvedic spa  treatment