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Two Weeks Panchakarma in Nepal

2 Weeks Panchakarma in Nepal – Panchakarma Therapy in Nepal

We welcome all in our Two weeks panchakarma in Nepal Ayurveda Home. Nepal is the land of Ayurveda that encompasses the beauty of living heathier in the vicinity of body, mind and soul. Panchakarma is the science incorporated within Ayurveda that helps in cleansing the body, both externally and internally along with the integrity of mind and soul.ayurveda-panchakarma in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home, Kathmandu Nepal provides a ‘2 weeks therapy of Panchakarma in Nepal’ detoxification package that is meant to make your body free from toxins accumulated within it and to revitalize your body, mind and soul all with the holistic approach. This Panchakarma therapy is supported along with the parallel inclusion of balanced dietary regimen and yogic exercises for better prosperity.

At the initial, your Ayurveda physician will instruct you after the specific consultation regarding your body nature and state of mind. The evaluation of bodily doshas (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) and state of mind (Satwa, Raja & Tama) helps to determine the modality of your diet, exercises and do’s & dont’s.


Steam and Massage

Two weeks Panchakarma in Nepal includes – Whole body steam and massage, abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage), Shirodhara therapy along with the specific oils that suits your body natura, Ksheera dhara, Takra dhara, Nasya, Chakra vasti, Janu vasti, Netra vasti, Vasti with oils, Fomentation (Baluka sweda, Patra pindika sweda), Vomiting therapy (Vamana), Purgation therapy (Virechana) and Ayurvedic facials.

Fooding habits of panchakarma in Nepal

The guest will be provided with herbal tea. Alcohol, caffeine and smoking will be strictly prohibited during the therapy to ensure its efficacy. The massage and the steam therapy help in proper circulation of blood due to their action of vasodilation.

Hence, This program of Panchakarma in Nepal helps in the proper absorption of the medicinal herbs that are applied in further procedures. Different medicated oils and steam of medicated water are used in these procedures. These two procedures are also termed as poorva-karma (pre-operative) measures.


Similarly, Shirodhara therapy helps in the management of problems related specially to the head such as headache, insomnia, etc. and relieves stress. In Ksheeradhara, we use medicated cow milk. In Takradhara, medicated buttermilk is used. These are selected according to the different conditions.


In Nasya, different medicines or simply oils are administered through the nostrils. As we know that the nostrils are considered as the gateway of the head, so it is believed and proved that nasya therapy is best for almost all types of diseases related to the head region. Mainly, it also helps in the major problems these days like rhinitis, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia, etc.

nasya- panchakarma in Nepal


Next part of Panchakarma in Nepal package is Vamana (vomiting) therapy helps to remove the toxins accumulated in the stomach region. Virechana (purgation) therapy helps to remove the toxins from the intestinal region and vasti helps to remove toxins accumulated in the large intestine and rectal region. Vasti therapies (janu vasti, griwa vasti) are used as local therapies especially for joint problems. In these, medicated are kept in the specific body parts as prescribed.

The above-mentioned are the main procedures included in Panchakarma in Nepal program. Before performing any of the procedures, we perform the pre-operative procedures of massage and steam. The different types of sweda (baluka sweda, patra pindika sweda) and ayurvedic facials are provided as an additional support.

Yoga Meditation

Along with these, for the complemental efforts to ‘Two Weeks Panchakarma’ package, there would be yoga retreat classes along with the meditation sessions. The guests are made available with their Ayurveda physician as per their requirement to ensure ongoing Ayurvedic therapy.

Nepal Ayurveda Home would feel pleased to welcome you in the land of holy sages.

Highlights of Panchakarma in Nepal Ayurveda Home

Panchakarma in Nepal

Ayurveda Detoxification

Herbal treatment

Steam bath

Yoga class

Food and accommodation

Doctor consultation