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Singing Bowl Training and Chakra Healing Course

Three Night and Four Days Singing Bowl Training and Chakra Healing Course


singing bowl in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home offers Three nights and four days amazing singing bowl training and chakra healing course with very expert team of healers and singing bowl trainers. It is one of the things to do in life. Singing bowl is a great bowl which makes the sound of universe and help to connect the Givatma (lower soul) to Paramatma (supreme soul).

This Singing bowl Training Course will help you to connect your true music which has going inside. Singing bowl makes the sound of our heart. The external sound of singing bowl resembles to the inner sound of the soul.  Which help to tune with the sound of our soul. If you are egger to hear your true sound what is going inside.

Singing bowl class in Nepal

Our Singing bowl Training and Chakra  Healing Course is amazing to attend our authentic sound. Singing bowl is good tools to enter inside and to achieve the depth of our being. It’s very simple mechanism anyone can do this those who want to know the true sound of the bliss within. Sound itself is energy which has going on this universe.

You will learn how to connect to this universals sound energy through singing bowl in this Singing Bowl Training Course. Singing bowl can heal our every cells and liberate from our not stop chattering of mind. To deepen in singing bowl is the best way to deepening with our real music of the true self.

Healing bowl training in nepal

This course has designed for those who are completely beginner in singing bowl as well as for those who are regular practitioner who want to deepen the practice.  You will learn singing bowl as a great tool to practice the Nadha yoga and Kundalini Yoga.  Nada yoga is the way to deepen the true sound of oneself.  And Kundalini yoga is the way to waken chakra system.

Different singing bowl has different sound pitch and frequency which are related to or different chakras. Root chakra is related with sound pitch ‘C’ sacral chakra is related with sound pitch ‘D’ navel chakra is related with sound pitch ‘E’ heart chakra is related with sound pitch ‘F’ throat chakra is related with sound pitch ‘G’ third eye chakra is related with sound pitch ‘A’ and crown chakra is related with sound pitch’ B’.


Sound energy and chakra has very intimate relations. This course helps to awaken the different chakra by different sound pitch of singing bowl. Nepal is one of the country where singing bowl are using in ancient temple as the form of bell since many years. You will get the chance to learn singing bowl from motherland of singing bowl Nepal.

Chakra Healing with Singing Bowl

Chakras are energy vortices that are the part of the etheric body of human beings. There are hundreds of energy vortices all over the human body but only seven main chakras are detail discussed in most of the literature. Singing bowl has different sound energy which is very good to heal chakras.

Singing bowl has made my seven metal to heal our seven different chakra.  Sound of the singing bowl also depends on the metal. Metal and chakras has very close relation.  We use chakra set of singing bowl which is selected and keeping close to chakra. It was the one of the very effective way to raise our lower energy (root) to the upward (crown).

singing bowl in nepal

Chakras are the link between our metaphysical dimension of being and the physical. There are endocrine glands connected with 7 of the main chakras. According to the eastern philosophy of healing, especially Nepal and India, when a physical dysfunction takes place, one or more chakras are said to be blocked, less active dysfunctional, impure or unbalanced.

A whole range of emotional and physiological dysfunction will occur when chakras are unbalanced. Singing bowl helps to remove the blockages and dysfunction of the chakra. So many people want to balance the energy through the singing bowl.

singing bowl group healing

Singing Bowls have natural effects on chakras to self-correct. Their sound waves, in the guise of sine waves, move rectifying frequencies to the blocked chakras, and make them function normally.

When theta brainwave entrainment combines with the overall harmonizing effect of a Singing Bowls it promotes and helps. The reformative balance of the sound waves has a harmonious effect on all the energy centers i.e. chakra. The consequence is balanced chakras which then, in turn, promote cellular and systemic healing on the entire body that is brought about by the theta rhythms.

The sound of Singing Bowl has different pitch tones for seven main chakras which are known as Healing Trance-Formations recording. This provides a specific key for the optimum balance of all chakra. They are

Root chakra – C
Sacral chakra – D
Solar Plexus chakra – E
Heart chakra – F
Throat chakra – G
Third Eye chakra – A
Crown chakra – B

When Healing Trance- Formations sound is repeatedly listened from Singing bowl, this helps the body/mind to release toxin and sufferings, while simultaneously retraining the chakras and physical body to remain in harmony. Repeating this thin time and again makes the body into good health.

Singing Bowls cultivates and balances energy flow in the chakras by integrating into serene music of bowl that contains cutting edge brain entrainment technologies. It produces a colossal overall healing experience known as Healing Trance-Formations. Their entire aim is to restore vibratory frequencies of the body, mind, and soul that are disharmonized and diseased.

Singing bowl Training

The sounds from singing bowl they emit work as a type of energy medicine that has been known to heal pain, depression, and stress disorders. The healing phenomenon occurs by preparing the brain waves so as to sync with the singing bowl sounds. These tones prepare the listener for deep meditation, inner peace, intuitive messages, as well as creative mindset.

The sonic waves by singing bowls activate the capacity to hear much more than what we would generally. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor from New York who is the director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center states, “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.

One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”

The chakras, energy centers are found from the top of the head to the base of the body, coccyx. Chakras have individual tones linked with them. Their tones are much more similar to the range of singing bowls. One of the methods often applied is to keep singing bowls on chakra centers and ring them, allowing the reverberation to penetrate profoundly. The small thin Thadobati and Remuna are treated as the best quality of singing bowls for healing different chakras at the same time.

These are small enough and have lightweight not to disturb the body, so you can place more than one at once. They have a comparatively flat bottom for better contact on the body. Manipuri bowls are somewhat more difficult to have better contact due to their rounded bottoms. Chakras based healing with the bowl is also done by ringing bowls above or beside the sound receiver or patient.

There are multiple interpretations of the interplay between chakras and tones along with assign notes of singing bowl. There are many techniques taught by different teachers available in various books. Some people believe that lower tones for lower chakras and higher for higher. Practicing different chakra healing in different styles, one can find which system is the best for him. It must be clear that singing bowls are not tuning forks which are produced with actual frequencies in some authentic federation with the western music scale.

They are wilder and open, thus use them in chakra healing making the mind open. Generally, when a chakra singing bowl set is assembled one has to be conscious of sound quality and relationships. This will help to deeply understand effects on chakra with singing bowl sound also makes clear how to assemble the bowls set for chakra healing.
singing bowl 

What will you learn ?

We are offering this course in holistic form. The time is shorter but the information is life changing. Those who are searching the way to deepening the singing bowl meditation this course is very helpful.  In singing bowl Training less to learn more to practice. To deepen the realize the sound of own self is not easy task it may take many years but this course gives you the clear concept. 

Singing bowl is only the instrument that has gifted by the source which aligns our chakra and balance our chemical and endocrine system.  Here are some information to learn during your interesting singing bowl healing course.

You will learn the science of sound

History of singing bowl

Science of universal sound oum

How to play singing bowls ?

Self-healing through singing bowl

Meditation and singing bowl

Nada yoga and singing bowl

Kundalini and singing bow

Different planet and sound

Sound energy and different state of mind

Science of chakra

Sound pitch and chakra

Chakra healing by singing bowl

How to create the different male and female sound?

Therapy of singing bowl

Bija mantra and sound frequency of singing bowl

Way to removing blockage in chakra

How to handle the different health issue through singing bowl?

Relation of singing bowl and different metal state

Singing bowl for healing room and house

Way to create pure energy around through singing bowl

Singing bowl and massage

Relation of singing bowl and metal

Major benefits of singing bowl

Singing bowl is important for all to gain mental peace. Singing bowl creates the sound of the universe which help to connect everyone to universal energy. To remove the blockages of energy flow singing bowl play the very great role. Also the singing bowl gives the way of Nadha meditation which can change the life.  The major benefits of singing bowl are as follows.

  1. Singing bowl is best way to achieve the mental peace and realization.
  2. Singing bowl is good to awaken the energy center (Chakras)
  3. Singing bowl is ancient healing method which heal mental and psychological problem
  4. Singing bowl is good for sound sleep. It removes the sleeping disorder, nightmare and over dreaming
  5. Singing bowl is the best healing process for overthinking and trauma
  6. Singing bowl is good for high blood pressure and heart disease
  7. Singing bowl is good for sharpen the memories and prevent the memory related problem.
  8. Singing bowl is good for circulation and purifies the blood
  9. Singing bowl is good for digestive problem
  10. Singing bowl is good to develop the immunity power to fight the different disease.

What would be included in this Singing bowl Training?

Singing bowl healing and chakra awakening course

Three-time delicious food

Tax and service charge

What would be excluded?


Sight seeing

Massage and spa

Alcohol and meat

You are welcome on this celebration of your own music.

May this singing bowl provide you the way to find your true music of existence!


Om Shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!!