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Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course

Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Ayurveda Home

Nepal Ayurveda Home, one of the most reputed yoga studios in Nepal, organizes Senior Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu for elderly people. It is a residential course, designed in a systematic and scientific manner which is the fittest for aged people.

The subject matters that are taught and trained in the Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Ayurveda Home are internationally recognized.  With respect to health level, flexibility, energy, ayurvedic dosha, etc. of an elderly group of people, Senior Yoga Teacher Training is created to rejuvenate the practitioners.  

Importance of Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course

With the increase of age, there is a tendency of lowering down of strength, immunity power, wellness, flexibility, memory power, etc. Due to this, there is a high chance of losing a happy and harmonious life for elderly people. Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course at Nepal Ayurveda Home plays a vital role to restore the health and peace of mind for such people. The course is carefully designed in a way to provide the best possible health in an easier path.

Another important thing to remember is that there are different types of impurities accumulated in the human body till our higher ages since we cannot follow the natural lifestyle and impurities get accumulated from the food we eat (due to Chemicalized food, stale food, chemical fertilizers, etc.), polluted air, and so on. This is one of the main causes of degrading health. Yoga cleanses the body, it is a purifier of body and mind. Thus, yoga is very important for the senior age group of people.

There is a high need of seeking spirituality at least after the age of 40. The research reveals that if a person does not involve in some spiritual activities, there is a chance of getting different types of mental diseases such as stress, depression, tension, mental retiredness, etc.

These mental problems decrease the immunity power of a person and gradually create physical suffering like headache, migraine, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes. Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course is a beautifully formulated course to enter into the realm of spirituality and enjoy everlasting peace. You can join this course if you are above 40 years. If you are above 50, this course is the most important.

What Will You Learn In The Senior Yoga Classes?

  • Yoga Philosophy:  You will understand the origin, concept, principles, and objectives very detailedly. The description and overview of yoga according to Vedic philosophy like Bhagawat Geeta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, etc. make yoga clear. The eight branches of yoga teach an art appropriate rule of life towards the path of peace, happiness, and harmony.
  • Yoga-asana (yoga-postures): More than 100 yoga poses will be taught with different modifications and variations.  With the practice of yoga postures, you will gain physical fitness, strength, and health.
  • Pranayama:  Breathing control and breathing techniques are important aspects to control the mind. There are about 10 types of pranayama to learn for the placidity of mind.
  • Mudra: You are inspired to use your body in multiple ways in the practice of Yoga; however the final motive is drawing yourself inward. Mudras are effective factors to substantiate this. There are different types of mudras: hand mudras (hand gestures, during meditation they have effect for channeling body’s energy flow), body mudras, mano mudra, etc.
  • Bandha: It is the process to cease the wastage of energy and channeling towards a higher goal. Nature keeps providing energy for human beings. This course teaches how to utilize it in a proper manner.
  • Meditation: Meditation is the best medication in the world. There are various methods of meditation to learn and practice at Nepal Ayurveda Home. It is an excellent medium to enter in the field of spirituality.
  • Ayurvedic Knowledge: You will also learn general Ayurveda through which you can maintain your health through it.
  • Health Tips: You will be taught about different rule and principles of health. Both practical and theoretical approaches are taught for a healthy life.
  • Seven chakras: Chakras are the divine energy rotating wheel through which human get invisible energy from the universe. You will properly understand the technique to activate and purify the chakras.
  • Seven bodies of human: Each body of a human has a specific goal and effects. As you learn all the seven bodies, the purpose and meaning of life will become clear.
  • Yogic Detox: It is a yogic technique to cleanse your body and make free from toxic substances.
  • Mantra Chanting: Mantra has special energy vibration with power effects through which you can achieve control and concentration of mind and transform towards spirituality.
  • Ancient Texts: You will get a chance to study various eastern spiritual texts like Bhagawat Geeta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra and other related philosophy.

Purpose Of The Senior Yoga Teacher Training Course:

  • To live a healthy, happy and harmonious aged life.
  • To eradicate the root of suffering (both physical and mental) through yoga.
  • To be stress-free and live properly managed life.
  • To gain energy throughout life so that we can do all the activities ourselves and need not to depend on others.
  • To be creative and upgrade the psychology level and spirituality regularly.
  • To provide a natural technique of health.
  • To learn various techniques for removing diseases.
  • To live a spiritual and peaceful life.