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Nepali Typical Massage

Nepali Typical Massage

If in Nepal why not try something typical to this land? If that’s what you are thinking, Nepali Typical Massage could be the best choice.

Ayurvedic massage

Nepal a country situated in the laps of great Himalaya, is rich in potent medicinal herbs. In Nepali Typical massage Oil extracted from or medicated with different kind of herbs are being used traditionally from old times, especially to the mother who has given birth to the baby recently. Among the external measures, massage has been seen as the finest option in building strength and nourishing the body.

Labor time in the life of a woman is the most strenuous time. The whole body is fatigued after the delivery and hence to soothe the pain and restore the energy back, traditional oil massage has been in practice in Nepal.

We at Nepal Ayurveda Home are providing this therapy in order to bring back the traditional way of massage in modern time. Correlating it with fatigued body due to any kind of strenuous work, typical Nepali massage can be very beneficial to lessen bodily pain, reinstate physical strength, relieve stress and improve sleep.