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Recharging Yoga Retreat

Four Nights Five Days Recharging Yoga Retreat

Nepal Ayurveda Home is a joyful spot for Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. It has offered a unique yoga and meditation retreat for the people of all countries. People of any age group, flexibility, all religions, and various belief systems are adopted here. The “four nights five days recharging yoga retreat” is fit for both beginners and regular practitioner. Beginners get a new technique to recharge them enhancing optimum health with yoga and meditation.

yoga teachers training in Nepal

It is the appropriate course to broaden the yoga knowledge and deepen the practice for regular practitioners. An advanced level student can realize the mindful and conscious yoga practice to achieve the real yogic stage. This course works for your internal balance, improving flexibility, strength and immunity level. You can observe a great change within this a five days course.

Why this yoga retreat in Nepal Ayurveda Home?

Nepal Ayurveda Home is situated at the heart of the valley with a serene environment. Though it is a big city, its location is free from crowd and noise. You can enjoy yoga practice in peaceful, pure and clean surroundings. It is facilitated with all types of yoga materials, yoga stuff, spacious hall with a beautiful flower garden, rooftop yoga practice, ground floor yoga practice open area yoga practice etc.

From the top of the building as well as windows of the rooms, you can perceive the beauty of Kathmandu valley. The scenic view of the high encircled mountain around the Kathmandu valley is re-creative. Similarly, there is valley view with 360 degree which allows seeing all the places of the valley including various pristine temples, historical monuments, snowy mountains, etc. if you so desire, you have the opportunity to visit this area with yoga trek, yoga hike or normal visit in your own style.

Our recharging yoga retreat includes a highly prosperous and well-managed environment where you can get all the facilities related to yoga. The yoga teachers of Nepal Ayurveda Home are very renowned and well experienced for many years. They have dome masters in yoga and other many more yoga alliance courses. They can guide you step to step which will be an effective medium to progress in yoga faster. You are free to ask your curiosities and learn special things personally.

You can enjoy the environment of Nepal Ayurveda Home like that of your own home and members of Nepal Ayurveda Home like that of your own family members. Your stay and learning becomes fruitful and enjoying at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Recharging Yoga Retreat in Nepal

Residence and Food During Retreat

The “four days five nights recharging yoga retreat” at Nepal Ayurveda Home is offered with cozy residence in a quality living standard. The residence area is extremely neat and tidy with all the comfortable furniture, attached washrooms, deluxe rooms with TV, 24 hours high-speed Wi-Fi service and other all the required services as per your demand. You will be pleased with the beauty of nature in your residential place.

Normally, Nepal Ayurveda Home provides Vegan and vegetarian food, Nepalese food, cultural food, etc ( see here why vegetarian food for yogis). You can even demand the food according to your taste and favor. Since it is Ayurveda Home, it focuses on ayurvedic and natural food. The food provided here is highly sanitated and healthy.  It observes your health and a balanced diet. You can enjoy a unique taste in Nepalese culture. You can get different types of juice, herbal tea, and ayurvedic juices at Nepal Ayurveda Home.   

What Do You Learn in Recharging Yoga Retreat?

  • Yoga philosophy and origin
  • Various concepts and meaning of yoga
  • Spiritual, mental and physical purpose of yoga
  • Advanced theory and a deeper practice of yoga
  • Over 60 yoga postures
  • Pranayama (the art of breathing, respiration control)
  • Bandha (locking energy from being escaped and transforming it to the required path)
  • Relaxation and Yoga Nidra ( yogic sleep)
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Method and principles of being healthy
  • Art of natural life, becoming in sync with existence.
  • Art of natural life, living with your true inner nature rather than copying or caricaturing other.

After the completion of the course, you will, feel that your life is positively modified and transformed to the meaningful path. You will enjoy the actual bliss of real health and happiness acquired through yoga and meditation.

If you want to join four nights five days recharging yoga retreat, contact Nepal Ayurveda Home for a perfect yoga retreat in Nepal.