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Shoulder and Head Massage

Shoulder and Head Massage

Shoulder massage

Shoulder and Head massage is a deep relaxing massage therapy that focuses on relieving muscular tension built up in the region of shoulders, neck, and face.  recipient is asked to sit on a chair comfortably.

The therapist from behind begins with kneading the shoulders and neck. Then slowly fingers are moved towards the scalp. The therapist than gives light slapping movements on the back and sides of the head. Finally, massage is provided on face and the ears.

Head massage

This Shoulder and Head massage therapy aims ultimately for the tranquility of mind. Firstly, it improves blood circulation in different parts of the head which helps to reduce stress and helps to freshen your mind. 

Head and Shoulder massage

The relaxed and calm mind will further improve your concentration. Also, head and shoulder massage is quite effective in encouraging quick and sound sleep.

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