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Blissful Yoga Retreat

3 Weeks Blissful Yoga Retreat

Nepal Ayurveda Home has been conducting various programs of yoga and Ayurveda for the people of all around the world. It is one of the best yoga and Ayurveda centers in Nepal situated at the heart of the Kathmandu Valley. The serene, natural and peaceful environment of Nepal Ayurveda Home is greatly favorable for better practice of Yoga and meditation. This “twenty-one days and twenty nights blissful yoga retreat in Nepal” is scientifically designed not merely for physical fitness but also for the inner transformation of a human.  The course is very helpful to achieve satisfaction and comfort in life providing tranquility of mind.

The Things You’ll Learn in 3 Weeks Blissful Yoga Retreat

You are going to learn many things in this yoga and meditation retreat. A concrete and overall knowledge of yoga are provided in Nepal Ayurveda Home. You will get a key to reveal the secrets of yoga. The following things are composed in “Three weeks blissful yoga retreat in Nepal”

  • Branches and principles of yoga
  • Concept, origin, and philosophy of yoga
  • Various practices of yoga like- yin yoga, Ashtanga yoga, power yoga, Sivananda yoga etc.
  • Around 200 yoga asana (yoga poses)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise, breath control and art of breathing)
  • Mudra (hand gestures)
  • Bandha ( a process of restricting wastage of energy, awaken the dormant energy and transform the energy towards a higher goal)
  • Yogic relaxation and yogic sleep (Yoga Nidra)
  • Concentration, meditation, and consciousness
  • General Ayurveda
  • Mind management and stress-free techniques
  • Teachings on healthy lifestyle
  • Seven bodies and seven chakras
  • Application of yoga for diseases healing
  • Knowledge of natural lifestyle

Teachers, Learning Environment & Facilities Of This Yoga Retreat

There is a group of expert teachers in Nepal Ayurveda Home. All teachers are highly qualified and well experienced. It is a great opportunity to get a broadened knowledge and a deeper practice of yoga. You will be guided individually guided for accelerated progress. You will feel a friendly and harmonious relationship with teachers and co-practitioners which help you to learn better. The learning environment is peaceful, serene and sacred. All the materials and facilities are available for learning. It provides you cozy accommodation making your stay easy and comfortable. Nepal Ayurveda Home provides nutritious, delicious and healthy food during your stay for yoga and meditation retreat.   You will enjoy a rejoicing life in Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Why Do You Need Three Weeks Blissful Yoga Retreat?

Human beings are chained by various troubles and miseries in life. Some have a problem with health, some have problems of relation, and some are with mental and psychological diseases like stress, tension, anxiety, phobia, schizophrenia, etc. Besides, there are various types of threats regarding health and other issues in life. Modern allopathic medicines are not healing the patients; instead, it is giving various side effects due to drugs composed of medicines. Humans have forgotten nature and natural lifestyle. That is why sufferings have been increasing in life. It is time to get back to nature. It is time to live the natural life. Here, natures are of two types- internal nature and external nature. Internal nature means inner and innate qualities and traits of a person. Each person has a different potentiality. One needs to know own inner characteristics and live accordingly instead of copying others. This course teaches you to manage yourself according to your originality and internal software.  This course teaches harmonious relations with the natural environment. Yoga and meditation retreat will help you to understand the internal nature and external nature and teaches synchronization with it. Its regular practice helps you to understand the eternal law of nature, the natural law of the universe. Understanding these all things and living conformably, all types of miseries and sufferings begin reducing. Besides, you need to participate in yoga and meditation retreat for the following reasons:

  • To live a healthy and happy life
  • To remain capable even in old days
  • To learn the techniques to heal yourself and others in a natural way
  • To attain flexibility and strength
  • To attain flexibility and strength
  •  To gain potentialities for regular work
  • To enjoy the contented and peaceful life
  • To be a part of world peace