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500 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

500-Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Yoga Style: Hatha/ashtanga/Iyengar & Kundalini Cost: 2000 USD in shared room, 2300 USD in Private Room
Course Duration: 29 Days Group Size: 35 students maximum
Level: Fit for beginner, Intermediate and Advanced all Class start: From 1st of Every Month

Nepal Ayurveda Home welcomes you all (from all parts of the world) for life transforming advanced yoga teacher training in the natural and seraphic environment. The course is designed for people from all level (beginner, intermediate and advance) to prepare yourself as a qualified and skillful all rounded yoga teacher.  As this course starts from beginner level then progressing every day it will reach out to advance level. You will experience enough advance level in physical and spiritual in both aspects.

advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Do not worries if you are not flexible we are not only for flexibility we are here for your transform your life through many dimensions of yoga like meditation, philosophy, chanting, relaxation, detox etc. There is not mandatory to do any difficult pose you can go up to your capacity. Definitely we inspire to achieve your healthy flexible body besides this we more focus to find your mental peace and harmony. All we have likeminded people from all over the globe for same goal of liberation from all kind of suffering.

You will be taught and trained by highly experienced teachers who have sacrificed their life in yoga. The most effective part at Nepal Ayurveda Home for 500-hours advanced yoga teacher training course is we have really amazing team of teacher and they will teach according to their specialty. Some of the teachers are Ph. D. scholars in meditation and some are Master Degrees in Yoga.

The lesson you get from the teachers, who dedicate their lives only in yogic field for their entire life, becomes very effective for your whole life. We are here not for teaching but we are here to awaken you from your illusory life, misery and all kind of sorrow. You will hardly get this amazing opportunity to learn under such a great team of teachers, all of them have unique experience of different tradition and dimensions of yoga. To get appropriate guide from them will be definitely life changing experience.


The “Five-hundred hours’ advanced yoga teacher training” in Nepal Ayurveda Home has following objectives:

  • If you want to teach right after here that you will get enough information but if you do not want to teach, this course will help you to find your own way of practice for your mental peace and good health.
  • It makes you a certified and proficient yoga teacher. You will be eligible to register in various Yoga Alliance like- American Yoga Alliance, Australian Yoga Alliance, Italian Yoga Alliance, and Indian Yoga Alliance as you need. You can work as a yoga teacher in any part of the world.
  • The advanced yoga teacher training course is focused on both internal and external aspects. Internal aspect is also known as the spiritual facet, where your inner growth and understanding will be heightened. You will be guided in your transcendental journey with mystical teaching of yogic science. This course will play a great role in enhancing your awareness level, developing the faculty of mindfulness, living in the present moment and ultimately preparing to reach out super-conscious stage of mind. Though to reach a constant superconscious stage may require whole life, yet initiation and depth level of practice will be achieved here.
  • Whatever profession you do, when you go back from here you can manage few hours per day which will be helpful to grow your business and to find a great harmony in life.
  • All the factors, components, types, and branches of yoga will be taught both pragmatically and philosophically, which will give you depth knowledge of yoga due to which you can swim in the ocean of yoga, you can fly in the sky of yoga, you can move on the land of yoga, you can get celestial ingress in the new realm of yoga. The yogic practice will lead you to a new human.
  • Health is the most important factor for a happy and peaceful life. This training does great to maintain your good health. You will understand how to achieve real health.
  • The 500-hours advanced yoga teacher training also focuses on exploring the ancient and secret yogic knowledge from Vedas, Upanishad, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra etc. This will help to flourish this sacred science throughout the world.

yoga class in Nepal

Features of the training:

  • You will leave the advanced yoga teacher training course being fully confident and ready to start your own yoga business.
  • The course is fit for all age groups and beginners to advance level. You will be trained according to your capacity and body type.
  • Both theoretical and practical aspects of yoga will be taught at a depth level.  Detailed philosophical explanation and scientific analysis of yoga provided here will help you to reach the source of being.
  • You will be given attention personally for each and every step of learning. Your queries and curiosities will be vividly solved.
  • All the teachers in Nepal Ayurveda Home is carefully selected from all over the Nepal. We have different teachers who learned not only from school or university, they also learn informally from cave, Jungle, Ashram, Monastery etc The highly qualified professional expert yoga teacher who have traditional yoga background also have studied in master degree and doctorate in meditation from university will provide you real essence of yoga in it’s true from.
  • The organization believes in teamwork of teacher rather than just giving courses by a single teacher. We have teacher who have decades of teaching experience in the field of yoga and meditation.
  • You have to practice and study yoga and meditation six days a week from morning 7 am to evening 7pm with different teachers during this 500 hours advanced yoga teacher training. You will also have interval in between the classes to do self-practice and self-study.
  • There are many intense and challenging asanas which demand stamina, endurance flexibility, balance and enthusiasm. So these aspects will be improved with the practice.
  • This advanced yoga teacher training has no restriction of age, sex, culture, religion and country. Open for all human beings of the world.
  • You will learn how to be a qualified yoga teacher, how to teach yoga, how to create great yoga sequences, how to live a happy and healthy yogic lifestyle.
  • The practical aspects of eight organs of yoga is a serious process. Some are (such as Yama and Niyama) to be applied in daily life while rest (asana, pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi) are practiced in class. The practice will bring change in daily life as well.


Yoga Style of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

We are offering multi style of yoga with very expert team of teachers. Our main yoga style are: Hatha, Astanga and Kundalini yoga. We focus all dimensions of yoga in its depth like Yoga poses, Meditation, Breathing, Philosophy, Chanting, Relaxation, Bandha, Mudra, Detox, Anatomy, Lifestyle and Chakra system of the body.

advanced yoga


  • The place for stay is at the base of Shivapuri-Nagarjun Mountain which is a National Park with a dense forest. So, the place is full of natural exquisiteness and beauty.
  • It is neither far from the city, nor completely in the forest; but at the corner of the forest which allows you to enjoy greenery views and it is also easy to go to the city. This will avoid the noise of crowds being closer to the city.
  • Cozy and comfortable rooms with well-furnished are available. Single bed rooms, double bed rooms can be chosen as per requirements.
  • Facilities like- attached bathroom and toilet, AC, hot water, cold water, Wi-Fi etc. are available.


Food provided during this Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course

  • Vegetarian and vegan food is available here. If you need otherwise, you have to inform.
  • Different types of fruits, grains, dry-fruits, juices, rice, bread, chapati, vegetables, salad etc. are available here.
  • We focus on heathy food items.
  • As far as possible and availability, we provide natural, organic, fresh and lively food.

The course will last for 29 days which you will have to practice for your whole life. By the end of the course, you will learn many things to transform yourself and guide you in the right path. You will find a great change within. You will get strength, vigor, and flexibility in the body. Your health will improve. Peacefulness, tranquility, and harmony will abide in mind. The soul will reach the blissful stage seeking the divine spiritual journey.

Due to realization of your true being you feel the source of  immortality which  awakens your life. You will get better control over your mind and sense organs. Many unsolved questions will be solved by awakening your inner teacher (understanding). The 4 weeks stay in Nepal Ayurveda Home will be a lovely memory, the most blessed phase of the life for learning. The time you invest here will give you a worthwhile return in every moment of life.


Course of Study

On this course you will learn many dimensions of yoga so that you can find your own path of practice.  You will be more clear understanding of yoga through our Yoga Philosophy classes which go deeply in to Origin of yoga, organs of yoga, types of yoga and Several aspects of yoga. You will get information of health secrets; way of healthy life-style. You will be clear relation among life, world and yoga. During this short stay you will learn over 300 asanas and 20 Pranayamas various mudras and bandhas, Various meditation techniques.

Interestingly you will also learn sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa series. Besides these you will guided Asana practice through Iyengar’s book. Yogic practice through the book of Satyananda Saraswati will be helpful for deeper understanding of yoga poseses including the part of awareness, benefits, contraindication, breath process, name etc. Basic concept of Yoga Anatomy and teaching methodology will be included on this training course.



You will learn wide variety of yoga poses based on Hatha Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Iyanger Yoga, Astanga Vinyasa, yoga poses from ancient scripture etc. You will also get concept how to generate sequence of yoga poses. You will get the ideas how the people are branding yoga poses like restorative yoga, gentle yoga, child yoga, women yoga, seniors yoga etc. 

You will lean name of asana, alignment of asana, benefits of asana, breathing process of sana, contraindication of asana, modification of asana, way to fixing dristi on asana, counter pose of asana etc On this certified advanced yoga teacher training course you will learn the great art of integrating body and mind during the practice of yoga poses. You will learn the very basic poses to advance level poses more easily.

At the end of the course you will surprise seeing your flexibility and lightness of the body. If you are less flexible of out of shape do not worries about that we are here to improve your ability. May people are worried about their flexibility but more important is to connection of the body and mind to be free from stress. This poses will bring you more relaxation in your body and clearness in your mind. We do not believe some magic of poses to show someone but we focus how intensely we can make closer relation of body and mind. On the end of this course you will able to teach rest of the world.   


2. Pranyama

Pranayama has very important role in yoga practice. The word Pranayam has made by two different Sanskrit words they are Prana + Ayama. Prana means life force and Ayama means to expand so the pranayama means the art of expansion of life energy through the help of different breathing activity.

On this certified yoga training course you will learn many different activities of breathing so that you can enhance your life energy.  During this yoga training you will learn the science of breathing, benefits of breathing, right process of breathing, relation of breath and mind, process to achieve control over breathing etc. You will learn following breathing process during your advanced yoga teacher training course.

  1. Akara pranayama
  2. Ukara pranayama
  3. Makara pranayama
  4. Omkara pranayama
  5. Quiet/ silence Breathing
  6. Deep Breathing
  7. Fast Breathing
  8. Udar pranayama
  9. Vakshya pranayama
  10. Skanda pranayama
  11. Shanti pranayama
  12. Moolabanda pranayama
  13. Uddyanabanda pranayama
  14. Jalandara banda pranayama
  15. Tribandha Pranayama
  16. Anuloma – Viloma (Alternate nostril breathing – I)
  17. Anuloma – Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing – II)
  18. Nadi Soddhan Pranayama
  19. Suryan Bhedan Pranayama(Right Nostril Breathing)
  20. Chandra vedi pranayama
  21. Ujjayi Pranayama
  22. Bhramari Pranayama
  23. Bhasrika pranayama
  24. Agnisara pranayama
  25. Shitali pranayama
  26. Sitkari pranayama
  27. Bhramari pranayama
  28. Murchha  pranamaya
  29. Plavini Pranayama


3. Meditation

Meditation is the most important dimensions of yoga and is included in this advanced yoga teacher training. All the Asanas and pranayama are the just elevator to reach up to meditation. Without meditation nobody can understand the real meaning of life. So in this yoga training we pay big priority for meditation practice.

Meditation is the best way to achieve the mastery over the monkey mind.  During this course you perform around ten different meditation process which help to change your way of life you live. To learn under experienced meditation guru could be the great privilege for whole life. During your stay you will learn following meditations tools:

  1. Breathing meditation
  2. Here and now meditation
  3. Buddha style of meditation
  4. So ham meditation
  5. Dynamic meditation
  6. Vipassana meditation
  7. Mantra meditation
  8. Kundalini meditation
  9. Mantra meditation
  10. Soulful meditation etc


4. Yoga Philosophy

The foundation of realization is to get deeper understanding through listening. Without listen we cannot practice any process of yoga in proper way.  Philosophy can help you know the yoga in its broad sense. During this stay your eyes of the knowledge will awaken listening the guru who does not speaks from mouth he speaks from the core of heart.

This certified advanced yoga teacher training course summaries the many scriptures within this month. We are focusing into more practical approach of yoga philosophy which we can adopt in our daily life. Basically you will learn more about:

  • Introduction of yoga
  • Meaning and definitions of yoga
  • History of yoga
  • Different Types of yoga
  • Eight limb of Astanga yoga
  • Five sheaths of body
  • Pancha pranan and Pancha Tatto
  • Life style and yoga
  • How to balance mind through yoga
  • Different between Modern Yoga and Ancient yoga
  • Essence of bhagvad gita, hatha yoga pradipika, gherenda samhita, Shiva Samhita, and yoga sutra and vigyan bhairav tantra.
  • Introduction of Veda and Upanisha
  • More detatils information about Kundalini and chakras
  • The relationship between Yogic guru and a discipline (sisya)


5. Chanting and relaxation

Chanting and relaxation paly grate role to discover the harmony and is key part of advanced yoga teacher training and advanced practice of sadhana. Different mantras have different impact in our body and mind so we so many powerful antra to generate good energy and to unblock the energy in our body.  

Relaxation is major bone of the yoga. So to learn the different way of self-healing and relaxation will generate profound peace. You will learn most important mantra and famous yogic relaxation tools so that you can control your emotional distraction. During this life transforming yoga training course you will lean following mantras and relaxation.

Gayatri mantra

Maha Mirtunjaya mantra

Shanti mantra

Universal mantra

Guru mantra

Mantra for success

Mantra for trauma and phobia

Mantra for food

Mantra for blessing the universe

Bija mantra

Mula mantra to transform the life.

Yogic relaxation

Yoga Nindra

Charka relaxation

Full body relaxation through prana

Relaxation trough singing bowl

Relaxation through music

Relaxation through humming bee

Relaxation through light

Relaxation through no mind etc


6. Yogic Detox

Main objective of yoga is to detoxify body and mind completely which is included in this advanced yoga teacher training class. To detox body, you will learn Neti, Dhauti, Basti, Nauli Kriya  and to detox mind you will learn the Kapalbhati Kriya and Trataka (fixing of gaze and and mind in a single point). Besides this Shatkarma you will learn the process of fasting. Fasting is the best process to achieve healthy body and peaceful mind. First of all, you will learn the theories of this detox then we will encourage you to practice. After this yoga training course you will able to practice at your own home.  


7. Anatomy of yoga  During Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

You will learn basic anatomy of yoga so that you will able to know the alignment of mussels and joint to prevent injury cases. In this anatomy you will integrate different body system with yoga poses, breathing and meditation.  You will learn how to cooperate the concept of muscular, and skeleton system in yoga poses.  Impact of mediation in nervous system. Impact of breathing in respiratory and circulatory system. Relation of different chakras (energy system) and endocrine system. You will also learn ancient yogic anatomy lite Nadis, Chakra, pancha prana, Pancha Kosha etc.


8. Mudra and bandha

Mudras are different gesture of hand and body. Making different gesture of hand we can awaken the bioenergy of our body. There are many hands gesture which are very unique to each other. You will learn following mudras and bandhas

  • Meditative mudra
  • Element mudra
  • Pranic mudra
  • Therapeutic mudra
  • Mana Mudra
  • Kaya Mudra
  • Mudra for chakra activation
  • Jalandar Banda
  • Udyan Banda
  • Moola banda
  • Tribanda etc


9. Life style and ethics of yoga

To get proper benefits of yoga the practitioner need to fallow the yogic lifestyle. You will live in yogic lifestyle which would perfect place to learn how to live rest of the life with full of the pleasure and peace. Practically you will learn  how to fallow Yama and Niyama. Practice of selfless action will really bring real change in your life. How to be free from expectation and ego will be taught in right way. During your yoga training course you will practice the equality of the all being.

The practice to see the same consciousness within all the creature will remove the conflict of mind and suffering.  Buddhas way of non-violence and implementation in our daily life can bring big change in seekers life.  You will learn how to balance the celebration and mediation in our busy life. What are the real ethics of yogi will be more clear after this advance level certified yoga and meditation course.  How to balance food, rest, thoughts and emotions will be illustrating during your certified advanced yoga teacher training course.


10. Teaching methodology

 During your teaching practice we will focus on Asana adjustment, Asana alignments and art of sequencing from one asana to another. How to do demonstrations, observation and correction will be taught. How to begin and end the class will be included on this advance level yoga training course. How to do intense poses without injury and using of essential yoga props will be taught on this yoga training.

You will get information of Management of the yoga hall to create serene environment in this 500 hours advanced yoga teacher training course. You will learn the art of handing the small group and big group of people. Different yoga teaching techniques for beginner, intermediate, advance will be clearly informed during this course. Characteristics of a good yoga teacher will be included during this session. You will learn following things for your better performance during teaching :

  • Lesson planning according to group of people
  • Principles of demonstration, observation and correction
  • Art of Assisting, modifications, instructing
  • Way of Finding your own teaching style
  • Art of sequencing


Daily Schedule of 500 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 

  • 7:00 -8:00 Asana
  • 8:00 -9:00 Philosophy and meditation
  • 9:00-10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Free time
  • 12:00- 1:00 Sequence of yoga poses
  • 1:00 -2:00 Advance series of Asana
  • 2:00 to 3:00 Lunch
  • 3:00 – 4:00 free time
  • 4:00- 5:00 meditation, breathing and relaxation
  • 5:00 – 5:30 tea break
  • 5:30 – 6:30 Hatha Yoga
  • 7:00- 8:00 Dinner
  • 9:00 Nobel silence

This schedule is subject to be changed. This is just sample schedule it could change according to teacher, climate, topic and requirement.