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1 Day Massage and SunBath

One Day Massage and SunBath


Are you visiting Nepal to explore the natural beauties, trekking, and culture, religious? Do you want relaxation after explore or before you start your journey? If yes, then there is the Ayurveda home for your good care and hospitality. Ayurveda home presents you with one day massage along with the sunbath. One day massage and sunbath help to regain the energy and relaxation of the body during your journey.


  • Massage:

Massage with the different Ayurvedic medicated oil help to relax your body and helps to regain the energy. Warm medicated oil massage helps to release your tiredness, pain, muscle cramp, knee pain, back pain etc. Massage and yoga helps for the sound sleep without any stress and anxiety. Relaxation for the mind and the different part of the body massage is the best one. Ayurveda home provides you with different massage for your relaxation and therapeutic uses.

Ayurveda home provides Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage which mainly relax your body and the mind and relief from the pain, tiredness, muscle cramp and fatigue condition.

  • Sunbath in Rooftop

Exposure to the sun is the best to release melatonin in the skin which is released by the pineal gland of the brain. This helps the healing of the different kinds of skin disease. massage and Sunbath helps to regulate and maintain the cold condition disease like a common cold, the pain of the body.

In Ayurveda home after the massage, we have a sunbath in rooftop along with the sight seen of the Thamel and hills nearby. We have a rooftop restaurant also you can have some foods and drinks with enjoying the sunbath.

  • Lunch (Ayurvedic food, Nepali food)

Food habit, lifestyle affect our body and its function. Whatever the disease present in our body is due to unhealthy food habit and lifestyle. Here in Ayurveda home, we provide food like ayurvedic food, Nepali food. Ayurvedic food is chosen according to your Prakriti. Ayurveda home always focuses on your health so we provide healthy delicious food along with best tastes (six tastes).


One day massage and sunbath help to be active and regain the energy. Ayurveda homes the friendly and cooperative environment for the massage, food and hospitality. Massage along with the sunbath at rooftop helps to relax and fresh, Melatonin peaceful mind, soul and increase the positive thoughts.