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Three Weeks Ayurveda Retreat Course In Nepal To Detox Your Body & Mind

[ Cost: 1500 USD in standard shared room, 1800 USD in standard private room, 1800 USD in Deluxe Shared room and 2100 USD in Deluxe private room, Cost Includes: food, accommodation and classes]

The time-tested and formulaic treatment of Ayurveda has expanded its healing wings to include all those are living since the time unknown. The formula that has been passed around as household recipes for getting healthy has now been recognized as a system of treatment that is holistic and natural. At Nepal Ayurveda Home these household recipes are made accessible to you through our “Three Weeks Ayurveda Retreat Course”. Come and be a part of this ancient and time-tested formula for cleansing your body and detoxing your mind, exclusively at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that was formulated looking at the cycles in nature. For example, the concept of Enema was drawn from African sacred ibis as it was thought to give an enema to hippopotamuses when they were sick. Ayurvedic system of dincharya is made in accordance with the circadian rhythm and thus is invigorating to health and healing. These are just a few examples of Ayurveda and it being in accordance with nature.

ayurveda reterat

At this “Three Week Ayurveda Retreat Course” in Nepal Ayurveda Home, you will get to explore further more concepts in Ayurveda and get your questioned answered to why Ayurveda is the most conceptual form of medicine. Concepts like enema, emesis, and purgation are native to Ayurveda and the ancient Ayurvedic “physicians” seem to have drawn the concept for these procedures by testing, re-testing and confirming the effectiveness of various herbal drugs.

We are little far from ravenousness and ravages of Kathmandu. Enjoy the peace of the location along with cultural admixtures of Jatras, festivals and esoteric Nepal. Alongside this, you get the full benefits of Ayurvedic procedures and detoxes, ensuring you live in a stress-free and holistic care environment. Relaxation mixed with cultural drenching is possible only at Nepal Ayurveda Home, and with our “Three week Ayurveda Retreat Course” you can be a part of it.


  •    Doctor consultation and Ayurveda Classes
  •    Panchakarma based detox procedures
  •    Supplementary Ayurvedic procedures – Ayurvedic massages (Abhyanga), Chakra healing, Shirodhara
  •    Spinal treatment package
  •    Authentic Ayurvedic meals
  •    Ayurvedic tea and Ayurvedic herbalism
  •    Daily yoga and meditation practices according to your body type
  •    3-week accommodation – that can be extended
  •    Daily mantra recitations and energetic vibration
  •    Located on the side of Kathmandu city, no Pollution.

ayurveda retreat course

Three weeks Ayurveda Retreat course curriculum

Nepal Ayurveda Home is a place for complete Ayurvedic medicine and lifestyle care. Be a part of this Ayurvedic family in a place which you can call your second home.

  •    Ayurvedic doctor consultation

Ayurveda is sometimes modified, sometimes conjured, sometimes cherry-picked, and sometimes completely misinterpreted. In this day and age of information overload, it is not so easy to distinguish which information is factually Ayurveda and which is not. At Nepal Ayurveda Home, exclusively, you get to enjoy the benefits of private Ayurvedic doctor consultation and get to know what Ayurveda is factual.

  •    Determining your body constituency

Determining the body constituency is an important and initial part of Ayurveda. No procedures in Ayurveda are begun without determining the state of dosha first. This initial determination guides the treatment protocol for each person, each diseased state, and choices of each medicine, oil, herbs or food. So, this first small step has repercussions in whole treatment procedures. Sure there are various online tests or testes in books that you have read. But books don’t feel your pulse and online tests can’t look into the type of body you have. We provide you with special consultation for determining your body type and how these different body types are important for directing this personalized care.

  •    Ayurvedic massage – Abhyanga

There are one hundred and seven special points of vulnerability in your body known as Marmas. These marmas are specific sites in the body where more of “Prana” is located. At Nepal Ayurveda Home, we provide you with a massage that focuses on these specific sites, thus helping to enliven the prana, draining of lymphatic and getting max benefits of Panchakarma procedures that are generally prescribed right after the procedure of Marma massage. Marma massage is unique to Nepal Ayurveda Home, and being involved in this three-week Ayurveda retreat course creates a segue to get yourself fully cleansed.

Ayurveda Therapy

  •    Panchakarma procedure

Panchakarma is a complex procedure that involves three steps: the pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure. What Ayurveda offers is a comprehensive way of getting rid of bodily toxins. It was Ayurveda and the practitioners of the system that realized that bodily toxins (bad dosha) cannot be relieved from the body without getting them inside the alimentary tract. Thus the complex procedure of panchakarma begins with its own subset of procedures. Deepana, Pachana, Snehana, and Svedana in them are of great importance before moving into the procedures of Vasti (enema), Virechana (purgation), and Vamana (Emesis). These pre-procedures get your belly fire ignited, moves your toxins into the GI tract, and gets you prepared for cleansing.

Along with the GI cleansing the procedures like Nasya and Rakta mokshana aims to relieve the bad doshas stored in the head and the blood respectively. These procedures are chosen depending on your needs, requirements, disease state, or detox desired. Get your body holistically healed with Panchakarma exclusively at Nepal Ayurveda Home.  

  •    Chakra healing according to Ayurveda

Shirodhara for your third eye chakra, chakra vasti for your navel chakra, Kati vasti for your sacral chakra and Greeva vasti for your throat chakra is the “essential” Ayurveda. It is healing, nourishing, and vitalizing for your chakra. Positive energy is infused with multi-herbal essential oil. Get your Chakra enlivened, empowered and electrified at Nepal Ayurveda Home.

  •    Spinal care package

Having a constant problem of back pain? Try the spinal care pack available at Nepal Ayurveda Home. This includes back massage, back steaming, vasti (pooling of oil) on Neck and on the back and various bolus massages – sand bolus massage, and leaf bolus massage. This helps in reliving tensed up fascia and spastic muscles thus providing relief to any type of mechanical back pain.

  •    Dincharya – Daily regimen according to your body type

Staying conscience about what you do, what you eat, what dietary regimen you follow, and various self-care procedures you apply onto the self, all fall under the broad term dincharya. Dincharya is an all-encompassing term for daily regimen. It is an agglomeration of best health practices that’s been around for centuries and this is a proper and natural way of getting the body in the healthy and fit state. At Nepal Ayurveda Home, our house doctor will give you tips and tricks on following this wonderful regimen of holistic healing.

  •    Food prescription according to your body type
  •    Herbal tea according to your body type, Ayurvedic herbalism

Drinking Herbal tea has been practiced since centuries in countries like Japan and China. Ayurveda literary figures in recent time have linked beneficial herbs described in Ayurveda with the art of drinking tea. This ensures your dosha stays in a balanced state every day of your life.

Our doctor will tour you through a nearby local herb shop and guide you through various local herbs that you can consume on a regular basis according to your body type. Himalayan herbs are infused with unparalleled potencies, so Nepal might be a place to get all of your herbal supplements.

  •    Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditative practices according to your body type

In this day and age of instant results, Yoga came in as a key for treatment of the soul, body and the mind. However, if a newbie turns a yoga book, he/she will find pages upon pages of daunting poses and practices. At Nepal Ayurveda Home, we guide you through specific yoga poses that are good for your body time and are manageable to be implemented in your every day to day life, ensuring health and longevity – the ultimate promise of Yoga.

At Nepal Ayurveda Home you not only get the ways around Ayurveda retreat course and herbalism but also a place where you can receive the most care, lovingness, and attention to details. Our doctors, staffs, and cooks ensure that what you receive is class apart and is of the highest standards.