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Ayurvedic Beauty Care Retreat

Ayurvedic Beauty Care Retreat at Nepal Ayurveda Home

Everyone’s happiness stems from their appreciation of beauty. A person’s beauty provides a pleasurable or satisfying experience. Beauty is defined by a person’s prakriti (body constitution), sara (structural predominance), sanhanan (body compactness), twak (skin completion), Praman (Measurement), and dirghayu lakshyana in Ayurveda (symptom of long life). Ayurveda never separates the mental and spiritual aspects of beauty from the concept of beauty.

Courses of Ayurveda Beauty Care Retreat

  1. Hair care 
  2. Nasya – Nasya karma is the process of instillation of medicated oil in the nostrils to cure disorders of head. It can be either used as a purificatory measure (shirovirechan) or as a therapeutic measure (snehana nasya). Nasya karma pacifies disorders of supraclavicular region (urdwa jatrugata) vikara clearing sense organs and mouth, providing strength to bony structures present in head and neck region and prevent appearance of wrinkles, greying of hairs, baldness and freckles.
  3. Lepa – Lepa is the paste application on skin of face and scalp to correct disorders of sweda, foul smell, discoloration. As twacha (skin) and hair follicles are the mula (origin place) of swedavaha Srotas, so correction of sweda (sweat and sebum glands) purifies skin and hair follicles to get rid of its disease.
  4. Rasayana Therapy – Rasayana are the preparations which delays ageing process in a person. These are to be started in middle age only to rejuvenate Dhatu’s of body.
  5. Use of herbal hair washes, hair oil, hair packs
  6. Shirodhara. – The importance of Shirodhara in reducing mental stress which is a major cause of hairfall. It also decreases vata in scalp and makes hair full of lustre.
  7. Common Medicines Used for Beauty care – Aloevera, Amla, Neem, Rose, Sandalwood, Triphala
  8. Panchakarma for beauty :
  9. Abyangam – Abhyanga is the application of oil on body. Skin the organ through which tactile sensation occurs in a person. Vata is mainly responsible for tactile sensations. So, in turn oiling of sin mitigates vata in a person. Ayurveda says oiling of regular oiling of head, ears and feet should be done on a regular basis. Massage on head eliminates diseases of head, provides soft, lengthy, glossy, black hairs, is good for skin of the face and refills the empty head to provide nourishment to sense organs. As per Acharya Sushruta on oiling up to 300 matra (time period) , oil enters the hair follicles to exert its nourishing effects.
  10. Body scrub( Udwarthana) – Udwarthanam massage is a type of therapeutic deep tissue massage performed below the neck using oil and herbal powder in the opposite direction of hair growth on the body. The powder is vigorously massaged. Udwarthanam is an Ayurvedic body scrub that emphasizes the use of a herbal paste known as lepam, which is made from dry herbal powders, beans, milk, and a variety of therapeutic oils.
  11. Ksheeradhara – Instead of oil, herbal milk is poured over the head and body in the Ksheerdhara treatment. It’s similar to shirodhara, but because it provides cooling benefits on the body, it’s better suited to the summer months or conditions that require cooling or relaxation. The Ksheeradhara treatment calms the central nervous system, resulting in mental serenity and stress reduction. The milk proteins and botanicals help to tone the skin and nourish the hair.
  12. Herbal steam(Swedana) – Swedana refers to a full-body steam bath. This therapy is usually done after other therapies, such as abhyanga massage, to let the oil absorb into the skin and sweat out toxins. It also relieves body aches, aids in the absorption of herbal oils deeper into the skin, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, aids in weight loss, and removes excess doshas from the body.
  13. Face Care : Face massage( mukhabhyangam), Herbal facial, Herbal facepack(mukhalepana), Face scrub (mukhaudwarthana)
  14. Eye Care : Netradhara (eye wash), Pindi, Vidalaka, Anjana, Aschotan
  15. Mouth Care – Mouth care includes Kavala – A technique of holding medicated liquid in mouth and moving it slowly; Gandusha – A technique of holding medicated liquid in mouth
  16. Obesity Mangagement
  17. Foot Care- Care of foot is done by Avagahana (herbal bath), foot massage, padadhara and herbal pedicure.

Apart from these, the way of making various ayurvedic products is also demonstrated.

  • Kajal preparation
  • Facial Ubtan pack preparation
  • Herbal face serum
  • Udwarthanam
  • Hair massage
  • Hair packs
  • Face massage
  • Face mask
  • Herbal pedicure
  • Body Oil preparation
  • Hair Oil preparation