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One Week of Ayurvedic Spa and Massage in Nepal

One Week of Ayurvedic Spa and Massage in Nepal


Are you a traveler who is visiting or have visited the Himalayas? Do you have tiredness from weeks of trekking amid the mountains and are looking for ways to rekindle your health back? Are you looking for a place in Kathmandu that offers a rich experience of Ayurvedic spa and massage? If your answer to all of the above is yes – then look no further, Nepal Ayurveda Home has just the thing for you.

We present to you one week of Ayurvedic Spa and Massage package that will not only squeeze weeks of tiredness out of your body but also replace and rekindle your hale back and get rid of the disease-causing toxin (preventing disease) from your body.

Shoulder massage

Join Nepal Ayurveda Home for a week and experience as all of your diseases, weariness, and toxins (doshas) are washed away from the body and is replaced with something revitalizing rejuvenation, and rejoicing (Oja). The following are the chief highlights of the week’s of Ayurvedic spa and massage treatment:


  1. Doctor consultation – No other spa home provides a doctor consultation. However, since we are the first company that integrated the concept of Ayurveda and Spa the first thing you have is a consultation from an Ayurveda expert. The doctor will guide you through every aspect of your week’s itinerary while you get to sit back and relax.


  1. Located at the Lap of Junge – Nepal Ayurveda Home is located on the side of Kathmandu at the lap of Nagarjun National Park. It provides contentment for all of your senses of Kathmandu city, Backside jungle and country side on the left part. 


  1. Food – Nepal Ayurveda Home recognizes food can be an issue while traveling. So to satiate your hunger we at Nepal Ayurveda Home offer you with the widest selection of menu and cuisines – but that too you can remodel according to Dosha for your maximum benefit. And did we tell – we have a rooftop restaurant atop which you get a 360-degrees view of Kathmandu.


Itinerary for the week

Doctor consultation – All of our therapeutic (or relaxing) sessions begin with a doctor’s consultation. The doctor decides on what your Dosha is. Once your dosha is determined the doctor then prescribes treatment according to your needs. If you suffer from a chronic illness the schedule will be very individualistic, however, if for most of you dosha type will be a guide for your therapeutic sessions.

ayurvedic massage in Nepal


  1. Massage – Nepal Ayurveda Home has established itself as the home of Ayurvedic massage. It is because of our stringent practices on the selection of therapists – only the best hands get to massage you. We have developed our own Marma massage guidelines – this massage molds your energy center and offers a deeply rejuvenating experience.

We are also known for our multimodality approaches to various other massages (whichever fits you best) – Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Singing bowl massage, to name a few. A doctor will guide you on which fits you best – but you can always take other forms of massage as add-ons.

  1. Shirodhara – what a massage offers for the physical body, the Shirodhara offers for a mental body. It is a form of external meditation where oil (or other liquids – depending on your condition) is made to flow from your forehead (third-eye). This not only provides a deep mental relaxation but also helps in balancing the “Pranic” energy. Consequently, it heals your mental trepidations, depressions, and sleeplessness.


  1. Steam bath/Sauna – After rubbing some oil in your body Ayurveda recommends steaming. Steam opens your bodily pores and the absorption of oil into every nook and crannies of your body occurs. This creates lubrication in your spasmodic muscles and creaking joints. This lubricates your dosha channels such that toxins can easily be liberated from them.

Steam Bath in Nepal

  1. Yoga classes – Ayurveda when combined with yoga provides the best benefit to the human body. Relying on the practices of sister sciences we at Nepal Ayurveda Home provide a unique synergism between Ayurveda and Yoga. Your Ayurveda Dosha characteristics drive your yoga classes. This creates an “Individual yoga practice” – a practice where you can get a maximal amount of benefit in a minimal amount of time.


  1. Auxillary treatments – Besides all the above-mentioned therapies to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit our doctors will also guide you through auxiliary care and therapeutics which will restore your hale in our Ayurvedic spa and massage program. These include – Reflexology massages, Singign bowl massage, Vasti (herbal enema), Virechana (herbal purgation if required), Nasya (nasal and head cleansing) etc. It depends on the health issue and doctor consultation.

To get a full experience come join us at Nepal Ayurveda Home. A life-changing experience is waiting for you at Nepal Ayurveda Home.


Loka Samastha Sukhunou Bhabanu!!!

May all beings be free and peace.