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Reiki Training in Nepal

Reiki Training in Nepal ( First Attunement Training & Reiki Second degee Training in Nepal)

Duration of Reiki Training in Nepal Ayurveda Home: One day for Reiki 1st, 1 days for Reiki 2nd but can be extended upto 2-3 days depends on your time limit. In Overall it is 6 to 8 hours Training for each degree

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is the combination of two words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. According to Japanese language, Rei is universal, cosmic, transcendental spirit. Ki refers to vital life energy. In this regard, the word Reiki means Universal Life Energy. The Reiki also seems to be quite similar to the Chi of Chinese traditional medicines, Light of Christians, and bio-plasmic energy of Russian researchers. The universe runs and exists because of its energy. The heat, cold, rays, sound, water, air etc. are the forms of energy.

Each and every matter of the universe consists of the electromagnetic field and bio-energy. According to quantum physics, if the frequency is changed of any particles, its form will change. It all happens because of the speed of frequency of neutron, electron and proton. It means to say that the energy is all around us and we are also the part of energy. Through the practice of Reiki we systemize the process of receiving that universal life force energy in harmonious and awaken manner.

Reiki Training course in Nepal

Some people believes Reiki is a healing system formulated by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan and some people believes it has developed since Buddha’s time since 2500 years ago and transmitting through monk all over the world.  Most of the reiki healers are agree it has discovered by Buddha then it was hidden since long after reading Buddhist book Mikao Usui rediscovered the reiki from Japan. 

The most interesting part of Reiki is its accessibility with each and every person. Only the system attunement makes one to practice in specific way Reiki has been systematized. Through the practice of Reiki, one doesn’t only heal oneself but also it has greater benefits for other. The process of healing is to receive the energy from cosmos then then bring energy in our palms then pass into receiver.  

We receive the energy through the path of crown chakra to the palms then Reiki flows to anyone that we want. With the medium of our chakra and energy system we draw the energy so important to balance our energy.  During the Reiki healing, a healer or practitioner doesn’t use his/her own energy to heal him/herself or others. He or she becomes rather the part of channel throughout the practice. None loses their energy but the healer goes in dipper level of meditation which helps to empower the energy.

Mechanism and Practice of Reiki

In spite of having life-changing and in-depth quality of leading our life to the path of spirituality, it is not the matter of rarity. Indeed, Reiki is more like a democratic form of spirituality which is accessible to all the people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age, and gender.  The most underlying aspect of Reiki is to understand that it is possessed with everyone as a channel and ability to connect and receive the life force energy.

As a matter of fact, we are unknowingly and knowingly receiving the cosmic energy or life force. Through the practice of Reiki, we harness and accumulate in a systematic way to create lasting effect on the particular part of the body and its problems. Moreover, Reiki even heals mental, and psychological issues.

The mechanism behind flowing of the energy into the body is realized in greater level into our physical and ethereal body by the transfer of the magnetic energy. The effect of Reiki on human life circumferences from the physical body, mental body, and to the psychological level.  Reiki is not the thing that has been created by human being but it is the energy already existed in the world.  Indeed, it was rediscovered and systematize by Dr. Mikao Usui.

The practice of Reiki also helps to balance the chakras located in our body. The chakras and energy points situated in different parts of the body. The concept of Kundalini activation has direct relation with the Chakra activation. 

The practice of chakra activation can be heightened and honed with the sincere and dedicated practice of Reiki. By the practice of Reiki, a person is believed to receive the strong energy into the body which empowers one’s subtle body. The practice of Reiki empowers not only the physical body but also the subtle and spirit body letting us to level of realization provided that we keep our devoted practice.

Reiki can cure the disease uncured by the medical sciences. The effect of Reiki ranges from chemical structural change in the body to the rebuilding and regenerating of tissue and bone. The Reiki healing works not by the mental preparation rather by the belief and our acceptance of the energy.  

Furthermore, Reiki can be one of the best aspect to bring awareness about our own self and its connection to the supreme self. The idea of Yoga somehow interrelates to the idea of Reiki in the sense that both Yoga and Reiki resemble and acclimatize in the aspect of realizing the higher consciousness. In other word, it would not be exaggeration or derailment of the meaning, if Reiki is regarded as the part of Yoga.

Because of its universal demand and importance, our Ayurveda and yoga school Nepal Ayurveda Home also has been running the Reiki First Degree, Reiki Second Degree. The Reiki first degree basically lights on the personal healing and awareness to the existence of the universal life force energy through the practice and healing with the self.

The Reiki journey with the initiation with first degree of Reiki which makes you able to heal yourself with specific and specialized manner. This is great opportunity to gain reiki knowledge with skilled reiki Master. We offer following reiki training course.

  1. Reiki First Degree 
  2. Reiki Second Degree

1st Degree Reiki Training in Nepal ( One day training- 6 to 8 hours)

The set-up of Reiki-first attunement class we offer is as follows:

Introduction of Reiki

The Brief History of Dr. Mikao Usui, Mr. Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs. Hawaya Takata

 Reiki Lineage

8 Laws of Reiki Energy

5 commitments of Reiki

3 attitudes of life


Lunch Break

Point Positions-Demonstrations

Cleansing meditation

Auro meditation

Reiki attunement

Divine Reiki Light Method (DRLM)
Insights on way of healings

About Health

Rules of Reiki

21 Days of Self-healing

Reiki Points and healing

How to boost reiki energy

How to heal different problem


2nd degree Reiki training Course ( one day 6 to 8 hours reiki Training course

Reiki second degree training course is based on distance healing and powerful symbol of Reiki. You will learn how to use the different symbol of reiki for different problem. Also you will learn the process of distance healing. Its magical way those who are not close to you but want to heal this technique is effective.

Reiki Training in Nepal

Reiki is self is energy this is the energy we can create and pass as the form of rays wherever we like using our brain weave. Our brain has great power to create the different weave. Through the reiki we create the reiki energy then we can pass who we like to heal or cure.  You will learn following things in our reiki training in Nepal:

  • You will learn the introduction on reiki
  • History of reiki
  • Science of brain wave and reiki
  • Different state of mind and reiki energy
  • Principle of reiki energy
  • Rules of reiki
  • Law of reiki
  • Mechanism of reiki
  • Power of reiki
  • Application of reiki
  • Reiki and pranic energy
  • Reiki and pranayama
  • Reiki and yoga Asan
  • Reiki and meditation
  • Reiki and mindfulness
  • Reiki an Aura meditation
  • Reiki symbol
  • Reiki attunement
  • Use of reiki symbol
  • Reiki and self-healing
  • Reiki and mantra
  • Healing point of reiki
  • Way of healing
  • Reiki and food habit
  • Reiki and fasting
  • Way of treatment
  • Attitude of gratitude 


Loka Samastha Sukinau Bhabantu !!!

May all beings be happy and free