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Advanced singing bowl training in Nepal

Advanced singing bowl training in Nepal

The human body is the magnificent result of the combination of various parts, microorganisms, organs, and systems. It is extremely complicated and we even as the conscious being who has researched it for hundreds of years have still not yet figured it out completely. The body is created, it grows and at one point it ultimately dies. However, this is a simple generalization and during this process, many things go down.

advanced singing bowl training

Firstly, the body not only dies with old age but with other diseases and conditions. For this various healing methods and techniques were invented along with the evolution of the humans that heal the body. Nowadays, modern medicine is at its peak as the healing method of the body but there are also other methods that people use. Ayurvedic healing, reiki healing, singing bowl healing are some of the other healing methods. These are also important ways to heal the human body. As processes are important so are the ways to learn them. Advanced singing bowl training, Ayurveda class, reiki healing training are some of the programs that let you learn these healing processes.

Healing Body

In the age of today, one can choose how they want to treat and heal their bodies. Most people choose medical science and they do it for the right reason. It is at its peak in today’s world but there are some spaces where medical science has yet to reach. If such a condition occurs people start to look in other directions and a singing bowl is one of them. 

Singling bowl healing and singing bowl training in Nepal

Sound and vibrations are essential elements of our reality. There are sounds everywhere as well as vibrations in our world. When an object vibrates at the right frequency it produces the desired sound. Our body vibrates to produce sound, our organs vibrate at a certain frequency and even our planet vibrates at a certain frequency. 

advanced level singing bowl training

Singing bowl healing uses the power of vibration and sound to heal the body. Instead of healing external injury and wounds, it heals internal wounds, mental and spiritual scars.

Advanced singing bowl training in Nepal

Nepal is a country which is known for its history and culture. The land is surrounded by mystic energy. It is the land of Ayurveda, meditation, and such ancient arts. The traditions use ancient ways to heal the body and one such art is singing bowl training. The trained masters and certified teachers provide excellent knowledge of this healing process.

The quality of advanced singing bowl training that one can get here is unmatched by any other place in the world. The advanced singing bowl training course combined with the amazing nature of the country and deeply knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly teachers made it one memorable journey. The advanced singing bowl training here is exactly what everyone hopes it to be.

Advanced singing bowl training time

The class period of the advanced singing bowl training period is about 3 days and each day the trainee will have to take the class for 2 -2.5 hours. Within these hours’ an advanced singing bowl training course will give them good knowledge so that they can one day lead their class of students. Those who are attending advanced singing bowl training will have already experienced the working process as well as studied the theory behind the working principle of the singing bowl. 

They may or may not know about the working principle but in the course, they will be given complete detail about the techniques and working principles of the singing bowl.

advanced singing bowl course

Programs Of Advanced Singing Bowl Training

There are various programs that the trainee will go through during advanced singing bowl training. The programs are mentioned below:

Singing Bowl Meditation

Meditation is the process of calming the mind and spirit by keeping the body in one place. It is the ancient technique that was used by the sages and great people to enhance their spirituality and heal their minds and soul. Today also people use this method to be the best version of themselves and calm their mind, body, and spirit. 

Advanced singing bowl training combines the power of meditation and singing bowl. The trainee will be given knowledge about various kinds of singing bowls and sounds that need to be produced to perform singing bowl meditation. At the beginning of advanced singing bowl training, they will be given a meditation session where they go into deep meditation hearing the sound of the bowl which will be produced by the teacher. 

After experiencing meditation, they will be taught to produce the sound that the teacher used to send them into the state of meditation. 

meditation is the state in which the mind and body will be as calm as they can be. However, many find it difficult to go into a state of calmness from the active state they are in. They can see their goal but are unable to go to the goal, then the sound of a singing bowl will guide them to a state of calmness. 

Singing Bowl as a Therapy For Various Diseases

The human body has various diseases and conditions. Some are external while some are internal and are very difficult to heal. The diseases caused by the foreign elements in the body can be healed but the diseases caused by the disbalance in the body are difficult to heal as it takes a long time to heal such conditions and some situations may even be permanent. 

In advanced singing bowl training, the trainees are taught how to use the singing bowl as a medium to heal various conditions and diseases. 

Depression, sleeplessness, imbalanced blood pressure, hypertension, are some of the conditions that are cured by using a singing bowl. One session of singing bowl therapy is not enough to heal these conditions, it is going to take time and a certain effort to heal these conditions. 

The trainee at advanced singing bowl training will be given an introduction about various conditions and through therapy how the singing bowl can heal them. The teacher will first demonstrate them by producing various sounds to promote various things in the body like sleep promotion, relaxation and will also teach the trainee to produce those sounds.

Using Multiple Singing Bowls

In the beginning phase of singing bowl healing only one bowl is used, while in the advanced phase two or even more bowls can be used. Also, one might think that we are talking about the bowls so they must be small. It is partly true as the bowl size can range from very small to very big. Some of the big bowls can be extremely big also. In advanced singing bowl training, the trainee will be taught to use the sound of more than one bowl at once.

In certain therapy producing certain sounds and vibrations can be easily done by one singing bowl. However, some vibrations need the combination of various bowls singing at the same time. Also, the bowls can be of various sizes. 

First, the trainee will be given detailed knowledge about the types and sizes of the bowls that are used for singing bowl treatment. Then the teacher will give a detailed description of the use of each type of bowl and also demonstrate how to use them in the first phase of advanced singing bowl training. In the second phase of advanced singing bowl training, the trainee will practice and with the guidance of the teacher learn the use of the multiple singing bowls.

Group Healing by The Singing Bowl

Group healing is the process where the healing session is done in groups. Generally, the process of healing is done individually. Not just in singing bowl healing but is every type of healing like modern medicine and another form of healing specific healing is done individually. However, there are certain conditions where the process of healing takes place in groups. The yoga learning process, meditation classes are some of the healing processes that heal in groups. 

Singing bowl therapy can also be done in groups. Advanced singing bowl training will also teach their trainee how to perform group healing. In the group healing of singing bowl, various individuals are assembled in a room, and they are given therapy in a group together.

It is not like individual therapy is superior and group therapy is inferior in any kind of way. An axe can cut the big trees but could not be used to cut hair and a small blade can cut hair but not a tree. Like this, there is a place and use of each type of method. Singing bowl group healing is used to create the new dynamics of sound and vibrations. Group therapy can give a new dimension to the healing process, one which people may not have experienced in individual healing.

In the 6-day course of advanced singing bowl training, the teacher will give a demonstration of how to do group therapy. Then teach them how to perform it. Group therapy is much more complicated than individual singing bowl therapy because here one must balance many individuals and balance their therapy process. They need to be more cautious and active during group healing.

Chakra Cleansing 

Chakras are the point in the body where the energy is highly concentrated. These energies move in the spiral form hence they are called chakra. There are a total of 7 chakra points in the body that start from the tip of the head and extend alongside the backbone to its base. 

Chakra is the energy center of the body and from that center, energy flows within all parts of the body. The energy flows to the parts according to the need of the parts. However, sometimes due to various activities and negative elements disrupt the energy flow.

Sometimes it is not just the flow, but the chakra point itself gets disturbed. When this happens, the body becomes ill and various negative things can happen. The mind becomes unable to think, the body becomes dull and open to diseases, and so on. There are many methods of chakra cleansing and increasing the efficacy of the energy flow within the body and one of the most effective ones is the singing bowl. 

The chakra centers in the body respond to the vibration and sound. The energy of sound and vibration can be used to either disrupt or balance the chakras. Seven chakras are located at the various parts of the body. In singing bowl healing treatment, there are special notes that are unique to each of the chakra points in the body. When the body and that chakra center receive that vibration and sound the disrupted energy gets restored healing the body from inside and restoring its efficiency.

The trainee will be taught the notes which will balance the chakra points of the body. At the first phase of the advanced singing bowl training, they will be demonstrated how to produce the various notes for various chakra points and in time will be given to practice the notes so that they can master them.

Time To Practice and Learn By Themselves

With this, we now come to the last part of the list of programs provided by the training. Practice and mastery are the last phases of the advanced singing bowl. This is unlike the other phase where they do not learn anything new but try to master what they know theoretically. In this phase, the trainee will have learned many things and moved from basic knowledge to advanced one.

Now it is time to shine those skills and get mastery over them. The session will be 2 hours a day and for the rest of the day, they can use the time to perfect the notes and learn the new notes. In this age of information, they do not have to be completely dependent on the teachers, through the internet and other papers they can research and learn new things.

Even after the completion of advanced singing bowl training they can research themselves and learn new things on their own. Also, in 6 days’ time, they will have a good base of knowledge about the singing bowl so when they see the new notes and techniques it will not be difficult for them to master them.