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Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Course

Nepal Ayurveda Home Children Yoga Teacher Training Course

Do you want to be a yoga teacher for children? Do you want to teach yoga for children with lots of pleasure, and fun so that children can learn yoga in a playing manner? Do you want to motivate children in yoga? If “yes”, the “Children Yoga Teacher Training course at Nepal Ayurveda Home” is a perfect idea, we deliver the best yoga teacher training in Nepal in comparison to other yoga institutes. It has been offering varieties of yoga courses for the people of all the countries.

The Specialty Of Children Yoga Teacher Training Course At Nepal Ayurveda Home

  • Child Psychology is included in children yoga teacher course at Nepal Ayurveda Home, Kathmandu. This helps to understand child easily and work accordingly. 
  • After this course, the children yoga teacher becomes capable to modify the negative habit pattern of the children. The course helps to improve the psychological part through which children become fearless, active, focused and attentive.
  • Children learn positive attitude and behavior, which helps to generate better generations for the future.
  • This course helps children to increase memory power, mental capacity, and do better in the study and extra curriculum activities. It makes them free from laziness, passiveness, and stress.
  • Children Yoga Teacher Course helps to teach the student to stay happy and cheerful.
  • It teaches about various yoga postures, mudra, pranayama, meditation and other different activities which are helpful for the children for their all-round development. 
  • This course helps to give optimum health for the children. They can take care of their health after understanding their body system.
  • The Children Yoga Teacher Course guides you to make the class effective and interesting where children take enjoy during the yoga practice.
  • This course teaches various techniques of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment during the practice of yoga. It makes creative and innovative to create various styles of yoga to teach children with fun.

A Compulsory Need For Children Yoga Teacher Training Course

Children are like raw mud and very delicate. During their delicacy, they have the possibility to be molded towards a better path or wrong path. If they get the right knowledge and practices at the beginning of their life, a family will get better children, and the nation will get better population and a better leader. The future world will become better if the children at present learn civilization and well manners. It is a great achievement for a family, society, and nation being the children healthy, and happy.

This type of knowledge helps children to be away from the wrong path. The tendency of negative activities by the children will be naturally decreased with regular pleasing yogic activities. They unknowingly transform in a disciplined path, they start becoming well-mannered and moral.

Thus from an early age, it is very important to provide innovatory and creative programs, play and fun, health and fitness training, morality and ethics, etc. for the children.  The “Children Yoga Teacher Training Course” at Nepal Ayurveda Home, Kathmandu, Nepal includes these all things with the aim to give a brighter future for the children.

Course Of Study Of Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  • Child psychology and behavior
  • Children body and growth
  • Warm up, joint exercise, subtle exercise, etc.
  • More than 100 yoga poses in a playful manner
  • Children health and food
  • Idea to create different styles for yoga teaching
  • Pranayama
  • Mudra
  • Bandha
  • Yogic relaxation
  • Meditation (different types of meditation according to children will)
  • Awareness and mindfulness
  • Morals and ethics regarding children

Message For The Yoga Teacher Of Children

Dear Yoga Teacher, Children like fun and play. They are interested in those learning which can be learned in a playful manner. Forceful learning is harmful which adversely affects children and affects the mind negatively.

The consequences of negative mentally are seen in our day to day life. So, we have to teach children in a way they can enjoy, laugh in a positive manner. It is one of the pious works to transform the children. In this yoga teacher training course in Nepal, you will learn many techniques to teach the student in an interesting and funny manner.

However, you should not be limited with the knowledge acquired from outside. From here, you will develop an innovative idea to generate your own creative yoga style to teach the children according to their level and mentality. 

It helps you to keep your mind open and learn the knowledge from all the sources and modify in various creative ways for teaching the children. After the successful completion of this Children Yoga Teacher Training, you can conduct an effective yoga class for the children from where both teacher and students get full of enjoyment.