Two weeks life changing yoga retreat in Nepal Ayurveda Home

Two weeks  life changing yoga retreat in Nepal Ayurveda Home

Nepal Ayurveda Home in Kathmandu is one of the best institutions for yoga and Ayurveda in Nepal. It has been offering various programs, trainings, courses and therapies for the people of all countries. It has conducted Two weeks life changing yoga and meditation retreat in the holy place, Nepal. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the life changing yoga retreat with highly experienced teachers in this sacred land of yoga where many practitioners have got spiritual accomplishment and enlightenment. Anyone can join here. There is no any bar regarding previous experience, flexibility, strength, profession, age, gender etc. Everybody is welcomed to rejoice the pleasure of yoga and meditation.

Features of Nepal Ayurveda Home

Highly experienced instructors

Family like environment

situated in City area and accessible to nice restaurants and shopping centers

Nice rooftop from where you can whole kathmandu

attached washrooms

temperature controller

Wi-Fi service

cozy furnitures

nearby temples and  ancient palaces

Rooftop garden and restaurant


Since it is an Ayurvedic Home, it focuses on natural food for better health that facilitates better practice of yoga and meditation. It normally offers vegetarian and vegan food. National food, cultural food, Nepali food, etc are main items of food. If you have any special recommendations on food, be free to inform in the office. With the help of food specialist, balanced diet and nutritious food are served here. Nepal Ayurveda Home in Kathmandu serves varieties of Ayurvedic drinks. You will be pleased with delicious and hygienic food in in a pure environment. You have various options of dining like rooftop dining, under-roof dining, indoor dining and outdoor dining etc.       

Teachers and classes

Nepal Ayurveda Home in Kathmandu has highly experienced teachers; among them some are award winners. They have done masters in yoga and completed International Yoga Alliance course. They are connoisseurs of yoga who have ultimate depth of yoga and meditation practice. Their entire life is dedicated serving the humanity with yoga. The opportunity to practice yoga with them is admirable. You can have the best practices with them. They are happy to guide you in every step. Your progress accelerates with yoga experts in sacred environment of Nepal Ayurveda Home. Since they are loving and caring you will become very comfortable to practice with them.

The environment of classes is in a peaceful area where you find no any hindrances.   All the classes run very effectively. The courses are designed in a scientific basis for harmonizing body-mind-soul. It meets the international standard of yoga. The classes remain highly pleasant and beneficial.  

What do you learn in Two weeks yoga life changing yoga retreat?

∙         Yoga Philosophy and principles

∙         Theoretical and practical approaches of yoga

∙         Yoga and meditation- as a therapy

∙         Yoga and meditation- as a perfect tool for physical fitness and health

∙         Yoga and meditation- as a medium for spiritual development

∙         Over 150 yoga postures

∙         Pranayama

∙         Mudras (hand gestures)

∙         Bandha (energy control)

∙         Relaxation and Yog Nindra (yogic sleep)

∙         Meditation and mindfulness

∙         Brief Ayurveda

∙         Living with own innate nature- way to generate own creativity instead of copying other

∙         Health secrets

∙         Art of being in sync with the existence.

This life changing yoga retreat course in Nepal Ayurveda Home in Kathmandu proves to be one of the best moments of your life. After the completion of class, you will realize how your life has been changing. You will feel your body getting stronger, more flexible, and healthier. Your perception and attitude transforms. You will start realizing the meaning of life with the practice of yoga and meditation in Nepal. 

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