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Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Those that remain low are always ignored. Same case with the feet. It is the feet that forms our standing base, bears weight on standing, helps us run and walk. Feet are the most stress bearing regions of the human body.  A simple rubdown or foot massage on this region would be of beneficial value.foot massage in Nepal


Foot massage technique commences from soft manipulation i.e. gentle rubbing with oil then moves to a deeper massage i.e. pressing the knuckles, kneading of foot, pulling toes back and forth etc. Similar to head and shoulder massage, foot massage improves circulation, reduces tension, relaxes muscles and relieves pain.

foot massage in Thamel


Foot massage helps to prevent foot and ankle injuries. Frequent foot massaging has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress significantly. This foot massage therapy is quite useful in inducing peaceful sleep too. Foot massage would be the best option to those who want to do massage only for feet after walking, tour, hiking and feeling tired.foot 

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