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Reflexology Training In Nepal

Reflexology Training In Nepal

Reflexology is one of the best complementary therapies there is. The technique uses a very unique relationship between the body parts to achieve the process of healing. This is a very unique healing technique and people want to learn this. Also, there are various reflexology training places in the world. Among the various countries, there is Nepal where also reflexology training is given. The country is very rich in ancient techniques that use natural power, process, and relations to heal the sick body.


Reflexology is the technique where the body is healed by massaging the various parts of the body. Reflexology says that there is a connection between the internal organs of the body with the various points on the surface of our body. This technique uses the nerve connection between these organs and various pressure points to heal the body and body parts in several ways. Most of these pressure points are located on the feet, hand, and ear of the body. 

Why reflexology training?

These pressure points are all over our body and all we need to know is where to apply pressure and how much pressure to apply. When one takes reflexology training, they are going to know how to heal themselves using a simple yet effective technique. This is easy to learn and can be put into practice almost immediately.

Reflexology training in Nepal

Nepal is known for its amazing healing methods like here is Ayurveda, meditation, singing bowl, and other many forms of healing. Among the many forms, there is reflexology and there are various places in the country that have expertise in reflexology training. The teaching center in the country provides authentic knowledge by which one can practice reflexology anywhere in the world.

Time of Reflexology training

This reflexology training course is for 5 days, and the training period is one hour each day. The timetable is designed so that the course will include all of the required courses but also does not exceed the limit and be a long course. The time of the course is one hour a day, but it does not mean that you earn one hour and are ignorant for the rest of the hours. After learning for one hour, it is best to practice adequately the technique so that one can master it.

Teacher of reflexology training

To be a teacher of a training course is a big responsibility and the reflexology training course recognizes this fact. The person who will be teaching reflexology training will be the master of this art and will have spent many years in this field who has himself trained from the best. Only the best is eligible to teach here. The teacher will have profound knowledge about the related field and also have experience in the field of teaching which would allow him to amazingly interact with students.

Reflexology training period

The five-day reflexology training period is divided into three segments and the teacher will teach according to the phase.

The first phase of reflexology training

This is the introductory phase as well as the first phase of reflexology training. This phase begins the very first day and the very first class. On the first day of reflexology training, the teacher will teach the basic things. This will be like the baby steps the trainee is about to take before walking and running into the world of reflexology. In this phase, the students will know about the principle of the working of reflexology.

The teacher will also teach them about the various points that are present in the body which can be used as the pressure point to heal the body. In this phase, there is more theoretical knowledge and less practical knowledge as before learning practically they need to have some basic knowledge about the principle of reflexology.

The second phase of reflexology training

This phase begins after the ending of the introductory phase. This is the phase of learning and practice. By this time the trainee will have basic knowledge about the working principle as well as have a little bit of practice. The teacher then will dive into the core knowledge of reflexology training. In this phase, the teacher will show how to apply pressure where to gain maximum benefit in the process of healing through reflexology. Unlike the introductory phase, this phase will have much more practice and learning by doing.

The final phase of reflexology training

This is the final phase of reflexology training, and this is the phase of practice to be better at the craft of reflexology. This is the phase of the last day and a day before that. Till this phase, the trainee will have gained a massive amount of knowledge and the most thing about reflexology. Now is the time of perfecting knowledge with practice. The five-day period may be over, but this final phase will never end as even if the training may end but their learning phase of reflexology will not end here. They need to keep practicing and learning reflexology to get better at the healing method.

Benefits of reflexology training:

  • Able to heal themselves
  • Effective against various conditions
  • Very safe and can be practiced by almost anybody
  • Boosts the immune system of the body
  • Increases the efficiency of the parts of the body
  • Makes the body very energetic and active
  • Relives pain in the body
  • Abele to release toxins from the body