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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Therapy Course in Nepal)

Nepal Ayurveda Home in Thamel, Kathmandu is one of the most renowned yoga therapy training centers in Nepal which has been offering varieties of courses regarding health, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and yoga. Being an Ayurveda home, it focuses on holistic health for all in a natural way without any use of drugs. Nepal Ayurveda Home works in the principle- “Everyone is bound to be healthy. Health is a natural and normal process. A disease is an abnormal and unnatural process. Applying the healthy and natural rule, one attains optimum health.” Thus Nepal Ayurveda Home has designed “Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training” for all the people of the world without any restriction of age, gender, religion, culture, belief system, flexibility, and so on.

Top 3 Benefits of Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Course:

  1. To enjoy the pleasure of complete health for yourself
  2. To help others in curing diseases and endow health for other
  3. To be an internationally certified therapeutic yoga teacher from which you can explore yourself as a professional yoga teacher. This allows you to teach yoga all over the world.

Why Nepal Ayurveda Home For Yoga Therapy Course In Nepal?

Nepal is a holy land from where yoga was initiated. It is the place where many friars, hermit, yogis, etc have practiced yoga. Nepal is the place where many practitioners have got enlightenment. So you can feel here yogic vibrations which encourage you for better practice and learning. It is regarded that yogic and different types of spiritual practices become more effective in this sacred land. Besides, Nepal Ayurveda Home has the following features:

  • Highly Experienced Teachers: The teachers of Nepal Ayurveda Home are the connoisseurs of yoga, who have a long experience of teaching varieties of yoga. They also have an experiment on treatment through yoga for different types of patients. They are highly qualified and can guide you in every step of learning.
  • Suitable Environment For Learning: Nepal Ayurveda Home is rich in a better learning environment where all types of facilities, materials related to yoga (like ayurvedic items, herbs, yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga belt, spacious hall, etc.) are available. You have choices in yoga hall- rooftop yoga hall, ground floor yoga hall, etc. It is a peaceful and clean area where learning becomes effective. You will feel a friendly and harmonious environment for learning with teachers and co-learners.
  • Yoga Therapy: Along with the “Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training at Nepal Ayurveda Home” you will also be cured if you have any ailments. You will get your health back through therapeutic yoga. Before curing other, you will heal yourself then you will be able to treat other people.
  • Beautiful Environment:The environment of Nepal Ayurveda Home is serene. You can enjoy here the natural beauty of flower garden at the rooftop, frontward of the building, and plants inside the yoga hall. You can view many scenic views from the top of the building. The entire Kathmandu valley can be seen with a 360-degree view.
  • Cozy Accommodation:  Well-furnished deluxe rooms with attached washroom, T.V., Temperature controller, Wi-Fi services, etc. are available. It avails you a high standard of life.
  • Healthy And Hygienic Food: You can enjoy the tasty and nutritious diet. Vegan food, vegetarian food, Nepali food, cultural food, Ayurvedic drinks, etc. are available. If you need otherwise, you can communicate with us.
  • Better Facilities To VisitMany historical monuments, scenic views, tourist spots, temples etc. are in the city which becomes easier to visit staying at Nepal Ayurveda Home. 

What Do You Learn In Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  1. Yoga Philosophy and principles
  2. The theoretical and practical approach to yoga
  3. Over 200 yoga poses (yoga asanas)
  4. Human anatomy and physiology
  5. Diseases and root cause
  6. Application of yoga in diseases
  7. Patanjali yoga sutras
  8. Food, health, and diseases
  9. Pranayama (breath control and art of breathing)
  10. Relaxation and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  11. Meditation and mindfulness
  12. Mudras (hand gestures)
  13. Mantra Chanting
  14. Yoga Detox
  15. Principles of health
  16. Ayurveda and ayurvedic herbs
  17. Teaching methodology
  18. Art of natural life- you will learn how to live being harmonized with the natural environment and adjust all types of natural forces and spontaneous situations.
  19. Art of natural life- you will learn to live becoming yourself and exploring yourself rather than copying other.

This course proves to be the most effective knowledge in your life.  You can progress in your life enjoying a perfectly healthy and harmonious life. You can also do better in your daily duties as you get maximum energy with yoga practice. Thus, whether you have thought of being a professional yoga teacher / therapeutic yoga teacher or not; this course becomes fruitful in all situations and every step of life.