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2 Weeks Yoga and Ayurveda Detox in Nepal

2 Weeks Yoga and Ayurveda Detox in Nepal

This 2 weeks yoga and Ayurveda detox in Nepal program is designed to provide the benefit of two alternative medicinal techniques to cleanse the body, mind and soul. In this yoga and Ayurveda detox program, we provide yoga classes and Ayurveda detox therapy every day so that you can get the two benefits at a time. Ayurveda works in the physical and mental levels where as yoga works for physical, mental social, and spiritual growth.

yoga and Ayurveda Detox in Nepal

What is Ayurvedic Detox?

Before we learn detox, let’s understand what toxins are. Toxins are those substances which interfere with the natural functioning of human body and mind and creates illness in the long run. Ayurveda considers health as the state of balanced dosha (body humors), agni (metabolic fire), dhatu (tissues), mala (excretory substances) and functions, and a joyful state of mind.

Toxins can be thus,

  • Physical – Present in food, water, air. Also includes excess eating, and accumulation of undigested food as toxins in body.
  • Mental – Present as stress, overthinking, painful past experiences, negative way of thinking.

Ayurvedic detox in Nepal is the course for removal of the accumulated toxins by means of highly effective therapies mentioned in the revered ancient texts of Ayurveda.  

Why in Nepal Ayurveda Home?

Ayurvedic detox in Nepal is given by Nepal Ayurveda Home as a holistic process that includes detoxification of both the body and mind.  We currently give these therapies in the detox, as prescribed by the best Ayurveda physicians we have. We have highly dedicated team of therapists and sound environment that nurtures your all round wellbeing.

In addition to the therapy, we also provide yoga classes every morning and evening. The yoga session will be designed according to the detox therapy given.

Doctor consultation will be as per requirement.

The therapies we provide during Ayurveda detox in Nepal Program

  1. Whole body massage and steam: For generalized weakness, body ache, frequent cold attacks, and Vata Dosha diseases. Also beneficial for rejuvenating skin and calming the mind.
  2. Virechana (purgation): Cleanses the toxins in colon. Provides relief from pitta dosha accumulation, skin diseases, and blood diseases and boosts metabolic fire.
  3. Shirodhara: Cleanses the toxins in head region. Useful for various diseases of the head and gives relief from stress.

Panchakarma Therapy

  1. Vasti: Vasti karma is considered as the principal therapy amongst the five Panchakarma. In Vasti karma the medicated oil or decoction is administered through anal route. Vasti is referred to as ‘half treatment’ for all health problems, which has both cleansing and rejuvenating effects.

         Benefits of Vasti Therapy:

  • Beneficial in Vata disorders
  • Relieves constipation
  • Feeling of lightness in the abdomen
  1. Kati Vasti: The yoga and Ayurveda detox in Nepal includes Kati vasti detox. Kati means waist region. Vata accumulation in waist region can give rise to chronic back pain symptoms including hip osteoarthritis. Kati vasti cleanses toxins in the waist region.
  2. Griva Vasti: Greeva vasti is a procedure similar to Kati vasti. The oil rather being held in the back is held on the neck with the help of boundary made of dough.

         This procedure is helpful for stiff neck and jaw, torticollis, cervical spondylitis and radiculopathy of upper limbs.

  1. Chakra Vasti: Chakra vasti is another therapy we have included in our 2 weeks yoga and ayurveda detox in Nepal. Chakra Vasti is an amalgamation of Ayurveda and Yogic sciences. Vasti is given at major chakra points in the body. It cleanses and energizes the prana.
  2. Janu Vasti: Janu means knee joint. Here the medicated warm oil is collected over the knees for a specific period of time. The oil used, the time period for which the procedure is given depends on disease condition and body constituency of the receiver.

         This procedure is helpful for stiff joints, osteoarthritis, the knee sprain, and ligament injuries. It also helps in reducing  pain.

  1. Nasya: Nasya karma is one of the therapeutic procedures under Panchakarma, in which the drug is administered through the nasal route. Benefits of Nasya Therapy:
  • Lubricates the nasal passage, heals chronic allergies.
  • Useful in migraine, sinusitis, earaches and sore throat.
  • Relieves stiffness from neck, face and shoulder area.
  • Calms down the nervous system.ayurveda reterat
  1. Netravasti: netravasti It is a method of providing nourishment to eye by pouring medicated ghee over the closed eyelids in an enclosure built around the eye out of flour; considered as an excellent treatment method to improve vision. Given in degenerative eye disorders, refractive errors and dry eyes. So, the program of Ayurveda Detox in Nepal helps to heal your eyes.


  1. Aschyotana, Seka, Pindi: Relieves the eye from chronic inflammation and provides coolness.
  2. Baluka Sweda:  Baluka Sweda A perfect therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and pain related with ama conditions.
  3. Patra Pinda Sweda: Relieves from pain associated with neurological conditions.
  4. Facials: Useful in acne, black spots, and facial dryness.