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Ayurveda medicine practice has been prevailing for thousands of years. During the course of its evolution, it has been enriched with diverse herbal medicine formulae and therapies. Among the various types of therapies, Kati Vasti is amongst the widely applied therapy in the modern day Ayurveda practice. 

What is Kati Vasti?

The phrase Kati Vasti is made up of two Sanskrit terms ‘Kati’ and ‘Vasti’. The literal meaning of Kati is ‘low back’ and that of Vasti is ‘to hold’. So, therapeutically it is a local oleation procedure comprising of medicated oil pooling over the low back region.

How is Kati Vasti given?

  • The receiver of Kati Vasti is asked to lie down on a table on his/her abdomen.
  • The practitioner first cleans and provides a gentle oil massage over the low back region.
  • Then hot fomentation is provided over the massaged region for about 10 minutes.
  • In the mean-time, a dough like structure is made out of flour (usually of black lentil)
  • Dough is placed on the low back usually at the lumbosacral junction or at the region of discomfort.
  • The dough is made to stick properly with the body surface such that the poured oil won’t leak out.
  • Actual Kati Vasti begins after warmed medicated oil with temperature tolerable to the receiver is poured into the dough.
  • When the oil become cold, it is taken out, reheated and poured again
  • After the session has ended, the practitioner takes out the dough from the back and clean the area with warm water or cloth dipped in warm water.


Kati Vasti

Ayurveda clinicians prescribe Kati Vasti mostly for following problems:

  • Chronic low back pain
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Sciatica
  • Lumbar spondylitis
  • Intervertebral Disc Protrusion

Duration of Kati Vasti

A session of vasti usually finishes within 30-45 minutes. The course of the therapy depends on the condition of the patient varies from 7 to 21 days.

Oils used in Kati Vasti

  • Sesame Oil
  • Mahanarayan Oil
  • Dashmoola Oil
  • Bala Oil
  • Nirgundi Oil

Benefits of Kati Vasti

  • It Relieves lower back pain
  • Relieves stiffness and improves mobility of lower back
  • Relieves tingling sensation and numbness in the region of lower back
  • Improves blood circulation in the region of low back
  • Soothes the irritated nerves being supplied from the lumbosacral vertebrae
  • Nourishes the tissues and strengthens the back muscles

Underlying concepts

Ayurveda bases its concept of disease origination and treatment on three dosha viz. vata, pitta and kapha. Pain is generally associated with vata and stiffness is generally associated with kapha. The best vata and kapha pacifying object is oil and amongst oil sesame oil is considered best for therapeutic purpose. It is also interesting to note that all the oil used for Kati Vasti (mentioned above) contains the medium of sesame oil.

Principally, qualities antagonist to inherent qualities of a particular dosha has the potency to pacify the specific dosha. Vata and kapha having common inherent quality of coolness are thus balanced by warmness. Hence warm oil is used during the therapy.

From scientific point of view, it is assumed that pooling of oil in the lumbosacral region for a given period increase the blood flow in that region. This further enhance the flow of nutrition and pain relieving compounds to the tissues and elimination of metabolic wastes and pro-inflammatory mediators from the affected region. In this way Kati Vasti can relieve the pain and heal the tissues present on the lower back. 

Kati Vasti in Nepal

Nepal Ayurveda Home provides different Ayurveda  therapy and also provides 1-hour Kati Vasti in Nepal if you wish to do the therapy. If you have a back problem and want to heal it, just drop us your inquiry. We are very happy to respond your inquiry and more than happy to make you free from your problem.

 To the end

With the increased sedentary mode of lifestyle, lower back pain is emerging as a growing health issue. And if you are in a search of non-invasive and cost-effective therapy for your low back pain, Kati Vasti is the best choice you can get. Not only after the problem has arisen, you can even try out Kati Vasti in healthy condition too, for strengthening your low back and preventing any discomfort that may arise in the future.