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Body and Mind Managing Yoga Retreat (10 Nights 11 Days)

Hello everybody, Nepal Ayurveda Home welcomes all for the awesome practice of yoga and meditation in the birthplace of yoga, i.e. Nepal. Let us energize and recharge with ten days of residential yoga and meditation retreat in the country of Himalayans where many yogis and hermits have practiced this sacred science. Nepal Ayurveda Home is one of the best centers for yoga and Ayurveda. It organizes a “Ten nights eleven days body and mind managing yoga retreat” for the people of all countries. Nepal Ayurveda Home is originated with the objective to provide holistic health and fitness for the person. Many people of the world have been benefiting from the classes, training, and therapies provided here. This body and mind yoga retreat is very helpful for proper management of your body and mind, eradicating your sufferings and providing you the perfect health.

The Speciality Of Nepal Ayurveda Home

Nepal Ayurveda Home is situated at the center of the Kathmandu valley. Though the valley is densely populated, the area of Nepal Ayurveda Home is peaceful and no crowd. This helps to run the classes and therapy effectively. You can enjoy purity and freshness here. Flower garden at frontward and on the rooftop gives pleasant views. The entire valley can be seen from the top of the building. You can also enjoy the view beautiful mountains circling Kathmandu valley, snowy Himalayans, different monuments, temples, etc. from the rooftop of the building.  It has a favorable environment for staying. Nepal Ayurveda Home provides an environment like that of your home which makes “Ten nights eleven days body and mind managing yoga retreat” comfortable.

The teachers in Nepal Ayurveda Home are highly qualified and experienced. The have completed masters in yoga and meditation also have done International Yoga Alliance course. They have a long experience of practice and teaching. They have dedicated the life in yoga and updating with yogic knowledge.  They are enough to lead you to a better path. It is a great opportunity to get such highly experienced yoga teachers. Some of the teachers of Nepal Ayurveda Home are the award winners. They are eligible to solve your all curiosities related to yoga.

Accommodation and food During Body and Mind Managing Yoga Retreat Classes

Nepal Ayurveda Home provides attractive accommodation facilities. It has more than 40 deluxe rooms, temperature controller, attached washroom, and varieties of comfortable furniture. You are gonna enjoy here high-quality life in a sacred and clean environment. Free Wi-Fi service is available all the time to remain to keep in touch with the world. The sacred and pleasing surrounding of Nepal Ayurveda Home makes your stay happy and makes learning effective.

Nepal Ayurveda Home normally provides vegan and vegetarian diet. You can enjoy Nepali food, cultural food, national food, ayurvedic food, etc. If you have any special need for food, be free to inform the office. It ensures sufficient nutrition, cleanliness, and health. It mainly focuses on delicious and natural food. Since it is an ayurvedic home you can get varieties of ayurvedic product and drinks over here.

What do you learn in “10 Nights 11 Days Body And Mind Managing Yoga Retreat?

  • Yoga philosophy
  • various concepts and principles of yoga
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to yoga
  • Over 150 yoga poses
  • Pranayama
  • Mudras
  • Relaxation and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Brief ayurvedic knowledge
  • Healthy food habits according to the personality
  • Natural living style and art of exploring inner intelligence rather copy other.
  • Art of harmonizing self with the existence

This body and mind managing yoga retreat in Nepal Ayurveda Home becomes a wonderful moment of your life, effective medium to change your life. After the completion of the course, you will feel the meaningfulness of your life uplifting you physically, mentally and spiritually.

When Does The Body And Mind Managing Yoga Retreat Class Start?

Generally, we start our retreat program on 1st, 10th and 21st of the month also, you can join on other days too but you need to send us an email for the confirmation.

Contact Nepal Ayurveda Home for yoga retreat in Nepal by the expert yoga professionals, come as a disciple and return with a title of yoga guru/instructor.