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Different Breathing Technique and How To Do Them

Breathing is what we do on a normal basis. It is an irrefutable fact that it is the most integral component of life. When a person breathes properly, his body performs well and in the same manner, increases longevity. In this blog, we shall take a look at some crucial breathing techniques that you can use to promote a healthy lifestyle.


On the surface, breathing seems relatively easy and we don’t even consider the various complexities involved in it. However, the reality is not that simple. Breathing comprises a sequential and at times, simultaneous co-ordination of lungs, intercostal muscles, and diaphragm. 

To activate the breathing process, the intercostal muscles and diaphragm contract which allow the chest to expand. By expanding the chest, the lungs pull air into it. After that, the diaphragm eases which allows the lungs to deflate thus enabling, exhalation. 

That was the basic explanation of breathing. Now, we shall take a look at some quintessential breathing technique that you can practice. 


1. 4-7-8 breathing 

478 breathing techniqueThis breathing technique is useful for people that have difficulty sleeping. It eases the mind before sleeping. Also, this technique makes the relaxed and regulated.

How to do: 

Before starting this exercise, rest the tip of the tongue on the roof of your mouth. Make sure that you ease your muscles and slowly breathe out from the month. Breathe in through the nose for 4 times and then hold the breath for 7 times. Finally, part the lips and exhale loudly 8 times. 

2. Lion’s breath

This breathing technique is beneficial for those that need to cope with stress.

How to do:

To perform this technique, breathe in deeply through your nose. Then, forcefully breathe from your mouth while sticking your tongue. While you breathe, you must roll your eyes upward.

3. Alternate nostril breathing 

This technique is not only useful in breathing but is of great importance in yoga as well. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you must inhale/exhale through alternate nostrils.

How to do:

Initially, sit in a comfortable position either in a chair or floor. Follow these steps to perform this exercise:

  • Block the right nostril with your right thumb
  • Slowly breathe in from the left nostril 
  • Block the left nostril with your left thumb 
  • Slowly breathe out from your right nostril
  • for more details: you can read the article here

4. Box breathing 

box breathing techniquesThis is a popular breathing technique that is used to boost concentration and relieving stress. This technique is also properly known as square breathing.

How to do:

Sit in an upright position comfortably. Rest your hands on your laps or knees while facing your palms upward. Breathe through your nose for 4 seconds and fill the lungs. Hold your breath for 4 seconds and slowly breathe out from the mouth. Before you start the next round, take a short break.

5. Deep breathing

This breathing exercise is a great method to combat stress and anxiety. 

How to do:

Find a comfortable position to sit and relax your shoulders. Inhale slowly and fill your lungs to maximum capacity. Hold the air for 4 seconds and slowly exhale to make the lungs empty.

6. Clavicular breathing

The concept of clavicular breathing involves breathing on to the top third portion of the lungs. 

How to do:

Relax your body and concentrate the natural breath for some time. Inhale fully while expanding the rib cage. Make sure that you raise the shoulders and collarbone a little bit. Slowly exhale and release the lower neck first then upper chest and finally, the rib cage.


This breathing technique is the most common of them all. You can do it anytime.

How to do:

Gently inhale from your nose and let the air move to your lower lungs. Your stomach will expand while doing so and your chest will stay the same. Continue this pattern at least 4-5 times. 



We hope that you are now well acquainted with the various breathing techniques. We hope that you will implement them in your life and witness its amazing perks. 

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