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Foot Reflexology & Foot Reflexology Points

Foot reflexology points

Reflexology is a process by which various pressure points are massaged in several ways for the process of healing. It believes that various pressure points on the external body are correlated with internal organs and providing the right pressure with various massage techniques can improve the health condition and functioning of those organs. There are various reflexology points in our foot also and they are called foot reflexology points. These points are correlated to various parts of our body and when massaged rightly we can reap various benefits from them,

Foot reflexology uses the connection between organs and pressure points to heal the body in various ways. Just pressing on the foot is not enough to heal the organs, one needs the right knowledge of the places and the right way to put pressure on them for a definite amount of time. 

Let’s look at the various foot reflexology points and the benefits by applying pressure to them:

Tip of the toe of the foot on the ventral side

Foot reflexology says that this portion of the big toe is directly connected with the brain. By applying pressure at this point various problems that may occur in the brain can be healed. Utilizing this portion one can even make their mind calm and increase thinking capacity.

Side of big toe on the ventral side towards other fingers

This portion of pressure lies just at the side of the point of the pressure of the brain. It is believed that this portion is correlated with the neck and massage with the right amount of pressure here can improve the functioning and condition of the neck.

Tip of the four fingers of the foot on the ventral side other than the big toe

This is a very large segment that is connected with only one part. Some regions are connected with many numbers of organs like we had seen the tip of the big toe is related to multiple parts. The mid for the brain whereas the side region for the neck. Whereas the tip of the 4 fingers which covers that much area is only related to the sinus. This region is massaged for sinus in foot reflexology.

Mid-part of the big toe on the ventral side of the foot

This is the region of the pituitary gland. When this region is massaged then the problems and complications related to the pituitary gland will be lessened.

The base of the 4 fingers where the fingers are connected with the foot except the region of the big toe

This region in foot reflexology not only governs one but two of the most important sensory organs. Eye and ears are the organs that are co-related with this point. When massaged at this pressure point, it will improve the functioning of the eyes and ear as well as get rid of the various diseases associated with them.

The region between the big toe and pointer toe, pointer toe and middle toe, middle toe and ring toe, ring toe and little toe on the dorsal side of feet

This is an important region in the world of foot reflexology. All of the regions between the fingers of the feet govern a specific organ. The region between the big toe and pointer toe is related to the chest, the region between the pointer toe and the middle toe is related to the lungs, the region in between the middle toe and ring toe is related to the back and finally, the region between ring toe and pinky toe is associated with the back. All of these regions are a very important part of our body whose condition and health determine our health and condition. 

Mind part of feet just behind little finger

This section lies on the line behind the little finger of the foot on the midsection of the foot. This section is not just a point and covers some areas. This section in foot reflexology relates to the leg, knee, hip, and lower back. Various types of pressure are applied through the massage of hands to better the condition of the organs that are connected to this region. This section looks at the parts of the body which provide support to the body. The hip, back, foot are all of the sections that support and provide strength to the body. This section is a very important part of the field of foot reflexology.

The base of the ankle

It is the place where the vertical part of the foot meets with the horizontal base of the foot. The region extends as the line along the ankle. When pressure is applied to this region it improves the condition of the organs like lymph, groin, and fallopian tube. 

Mid-section of the foot on the ventral side of the foot

Foot reflexology says that the mid-section of the foot is connected directly with the liver. The liver is one of the important organs of our body, it has various functions, and when the liver cannot properly function then various problems arise in the body. The right amount of pressure is applied to improve the condition of the liver. Foot reflexology says that applying pressure here also helps to relieve the problems that may be present in the liver.

The back portion of the feet below the ankle in the ventral side

This is the region of the small intestine. Foot reflexology says that massaging here in this region improves the functioning of the small intestine as it is connected to it.