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20 Necessary Guide For Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga knowledge as we know is very vast and ancient. While simple poses and techniques are quite easy and can be done without learning from a teacher, some are overly complicated and need a sufficient amount of time learning from a teacher.

Yoga teaching is not easy as it sounds, to be a teacher one need to have various thing under his belt.

20 necessary things for yoga teacher training are as follows:

A) Necessary stuffs

1) Determination

The first and foremost important thing prior to your yoga teacher training is determination. You must be figured out enough to be a yoga teacher and the hardship you need to go through your yoga teacher training. Determination is your guide for yoga teacher training all the way through the end.

2) Self study

After determining yourself to be a teacher, your guide for yoga teacher training is self-study. If you are going to be a yoga trainer, you need to study about the courses and the direction where you are heading. You can theoretically learn a lot about yoga through internet and books. Self-study will improve your knowledge and will be your guide for yoga teacher training.

3) Right Place

There are thousands and thousands of yoga teacher training centers around the world. Some of them are good, while some are beyond good and are great. You need to research thoroughly to find the one which will act as your guide for yoga teacher training.

4) Economic Feasibility

Yoga teaching classes ranges from reasonable to very costly to a person with average financial condition. Depending upon the yoga center, country, and instructor the price may be very varied. So, while choosing your guide for yoga teacher training you should be considering your economic feasibility.

5) Good curriculum

You are investing your money as well as considerable amount of time in your yoga teacher training programme. So, research your guide for yoga teacher training are up to date in their set of curriculums.

6) Certification value

If you are working as a professional in certain field you know the value of good certification. Make sure your guide for yoga teacher training provides you with a valuable certificate which will help you in upcoming journey.

7) Know your goal

Yoga is a vast subject, from breathing techniques to healing poses it has lot to offer. So, if you are aiming to be a yoga teacher know what you want to learn to teach. Learning all in about impossible. Your guide for yoga teacher training must aid you to realize and achieve your goal.

8) Study hard

While learning to be a yoga instructor study hard as you need to be focused and try to learn more. Yoga is a meticulous field that need considerable time so give it.

9) Research yourself

Do not just completely depend on your guide for yoga teacher training, research yourself. You can always reed more books, meet different gurus and keep on improvising.

10) Intern and learn more

After just completing your yoga teacher training it is not recommended having your own institute. First be an intern collect more experience. More experience you collect better the teacher you will be.

B) Pre requisite

1) yoga experience

If you are learning yoga to be healthy you do not need to have any prior experience. However, if you are going to get teacher training you need to have fair amount of yoga experience.

2) Yoga knowledge and terminologies

If you are going to be a certified yoga instructor you need to accumulate as much yoga knowledge as possible. Even better if you could learn most of the terminologies such as ataman, dhyana, gyana, asana etc.

3) Healthy body

Your body need to be healthy and flexible with yoga experience if you are going yoga teacher training programme. Your prior workouts should have made your body flexible and soaked with yoga experience.

4) Peaceful mind

Everybody in the world have their own sets of problems to face, nobody is beyond that. However, going through yoga or yoga teacher training you should set aside your mental stress. This will increase your learning ability.

5) Flexible clothes

Yoga with normal clothes is unproductive and uncomfortable. So, comfortable clothes are a good guide for yoga teacher training productivity maximization.

6) Writing journal

Writing journal is not compulsory. However, you can always write what you learn, which will help when you start training yourself. Writing what you learn is effective way to remember what you learn.

7) Own mat

Yoga Mat is your floor and base during your training. A comfortable mat will enhance your yoga learning experience. Even small efforts count when you are aiming to amplify your productivity.

8) Essential oils

Essential oils are especially useful to set the mood right. A clam environment with natural scent can set the mental and spiritual mood. Yoga experts claim that they can be used for various purposes, even to promote rest and induce positive thoughts.

9) Yoga quotes, poems, or mantras

A mantra, positive quote can certainly push you in right direction. If you are going through yoga teacher training learning or reading those is a plus point.

10) Other needed items

Above mentioned were the basic yoga pre requisite. However, depending on the yoga type many other items may be needed. Eye bag, deodorants, hand sanitizers, towels, blankets, yoga blocks,etc. may be need depending on your needs, yoga center or yoga type.