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Nepal Ayurveda Provides Variety of Massage. You can enjoy your best one. There are different types of Massage like Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, Trigger point massage, Reflexology massage, Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, Prenatal massage etc. Here we are given some famous massage which we provide in our center. 

Massage is to touch. Massage is to feel. Massage is to mold. And massage is to heal. Massage involves touch – that inadvertently or advertently – transfers the energy from the therapist to the receiver and vice versa. So an experienced and energetic therapist seeks to augment the energy level of your body while vice versa also remains true. An experienced therapist feels for the fluctuations in your energy level and the level of your hale.

An experienced feel then creates a segue for the healing of diseases, discomfort, and dis-energy. Massage then requires a molding of the muscles in the body or energetic vibrations. And with this molding comes the feeling of pleasantness, the sensation of getting relieved from all your discomforts, the sensation of getting healed.

Why at Nepal Ayurveda Home? 

Lastly, good massage practitioners are hard to come by. We at Nepal Ayurveda Home pride ourselves in the sessions we have provided and inspired by the happy faces we have seen; we exclusively bring the practice of good massage at your steps (foot!). Getting a massage at Nepal Ayurveda Home offers you numerous benefits. First, our masseuses are well trained and have numerous years of experience. Secondly, we are located at a very accessible location – Thamel – the heart of Kathmandu. Also, our hospitality, customer care, and practices match no other. Lastly, if you are getting so many benefits in and under an hour then why not!