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Prevention of coronavirus In Ayurvedic Ways

In Charaka Samhita, worldwide epidemics are called as Janapadodhwamsa Vyadhi. During this period, the Acharya focuses on staying indoors, following dinacharya (daily regimen), and maintaining our Agni (metabolic fire) to the optimum levels, so that we are not prone to severe illness. This article is completely focused on 10 ayurvedic ways for the prevention of coronavirus.

There are many code of conduct that should be followed before (i.e. preparation for the epidemics), during and after the event of an epidemic.

Shortly, we can list out the 10 Ayurvedic ways for the prevention of coronavirus as well as all other epidemics as mentioned in ayurvedic texts as:

1. Follow Dinacharya

Dinacharya (Daily Regimen) is a set of rules to follow after waking up for a single day. The basic rules are:

  • Wake up before sunrise considering the digestion of food eaten.
  • Brushing teeth, Bathing, and other cleansing habits.
  • Vyayama (Exercise), Pranayam (Breathing exercises) and Meditation
  • Good moral conduct during the day.

2. Do Yoga and Pranayama

Asanas like– Bhujangasana, Vajrasana and Paadaangushthasana, etc. can be performed for respiratory wellness. Bhastrika, Kapala Bhati, Anuloma Viloma, Brahmari, Ujjayi, Utgeet, Sheetali and Sheetkari are the eight pranayamas. Just by doing this package of eight pranayama, we can strengthen our immune system including our pranavaha shrotas (respiratory system).

Rasa vaha shrotas (lymphatic system) will be cleansed, and ultimately boost up our energy- a major requirement for prevention of coronavirus. This will maintain the balance of ojas (immunity, strength), tejas (digestive fire of both subtle and gross body), and prāna (vital life force), and hence can be one of the best Ayurvedic ways to prevent coronavirus.

3. Keep your colon clean

Constipated bowels are the source of ama (toxins) which blocks the channels, interferes with regulation of agni (fire) and rasa (digested juices). Thus the immune response becomes faulty and we become prone not only to coronavirus but a lot of diseases.

4. Use of Important Herbs for the prevention of coronavirus

(a) Chirayita (Swertia chirata): The antipyretic activity is well known. It may cure infectious diseases, tonsilitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, acute enteritis, gastritis, influenza and high blood pressure.

(b) Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): It is highly rich in antioxidants. It also has antipyretic, antiviral, and wound healing properties.

(c) Vasa (Adathoda vasica): This potential drug is highly used in Kasa (Cough), Swasa (Respiratory distress/Asthma/Bronchitis).

5. Sip your cup of Ayurvedic Tea

The next method of prevention of coronavirus is usage of Ginger, Turmeric, Long pepper, Clove, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Basil leaves (Tulsi) in your tea can be a good immune booster.

6. Nasya

Medicated Nasal drops can be instilled into both the nostrils every day and night. Since the pathway of disease is upper respiratory tract, Nasya can be beneficial to combat the disease and to keep the channel clear for breathing.

7. Swedana (Sudation) for prevention of coronavirus

Frequent inhalation of steam with addition of broncho-dilating drugs like Vasa (Adathoda vasica), Bharangi (Clerodendrum serratum). This procedure also helps to clear the airways and aids smooth respiration. So, Swedana is very important to prevent coronavirus.

8. Dhupana (Fumigation)

Fumigating the house and surroundings periodically with drugs like Guggulu (Commiphora mukul), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Vacha (Acorus calamus) will purify the surroundings.

9. Kavala and Gandusha

They are the processes in which the medicated oil or kashaya (decoction) is kept in the mouth with and without movement respectively. Kavala is done for sometimes from 6-8 minutes, and Gandusha should be done until the eyes starts watering. This keeps the oral cavity clean, strengthens the gums, and, most importantly, clears the mucus plugs if adhered in the channel.

10. Vihara (Code of Conduct) very important for the prevention of coronavirus

  • Avoid unnecessary gathering
  • Maintain distance from each other
  • Maintain isolation
  • Avoid sleeping during the daytime
  • Avoid excessive physical activity including excessive walking or jogging among individuals under observation, to combat mental stress and anxiety.
  • Wash hands regularly.

The above-mentioned disciplines can be followed in order to prevent oneself from the coronavirus following Ayurvedic ways.