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12 Formulas For Lifestyle Management Which Leads You Towards
Healthy, Happy and Harmonious Life

The secrets of lifestyle management have become a vital part of life that should be known to all the people for living a healthy, happy and harmonious life. Many people are interested to follow the secrets of living a meaningful life. In fact, these secrets are the natural rule for living a perfect life. On observing the proper rule one becomes free from diseases, stress and other sufferings.  The secrets or formula of lifestyle management promotes longevity and vitality.

Learn 12 Secrets Of Lifestyle Management:

1. Stretch, Move And Exercise Of The Body

Our body requires regular physical activities like yoga, running, walking, stretching, or other exercises. This improves bodily functions and makes you feel better. Balanced forms of joyful stretches and exercise help to manage stress, alleviate anxiety, enhance the immune system and soothe the mind. It can be an enjoying moment to experiment with different types of physical movements, yoga and play to observe how they react for you and your body. Selecting movements and stretches that help build internal and physical balance renovate complete health.

2. Proper Food Habits With Love

 Cooking own food with love links you energetically with your food, family, and friends. It allows an opportunity to opt healthy and organic sources of nourishment and prepare them in a creative and yummy method without any wastage of nutritional value. This is also a chance to have fresh and toxic-free food. The food you eat provides nutrition for the brain and body to enjoy a healthy life.

3. Be Free From Toxic

Everybody knows the negative effects of alcohol, drugs, and other toxic, yet many people are badly addicted. Taking allopathic medicine for smaller diseases is also not an ideal method. They just suppress the diseases which evolve out with the more dangerous disease. So, one has to use a creative idea to be away from all types of toxic. There are various natural techniques to get rid of toxin and addiction.

4. Joy, Laugh And Happiness

 One has to learn to enjoy life and be happy in all situations. If we think insightfully, there is nothing to take worry. The situation never makes us happy or sad but reaction over the situation makes happy or unhappy. Sad mood or unhappy reaction just increases the problems and misery in life while happiness gives the ability to transform the difficulties into pleasures. Tension decreases the immune system while laughter and happiness is the key to health. 

5. Dancing, Singing And Creative Art

Dancing and singing are ways to expose and explore self with joy. Besides, any of the creative works helps human for self-actualization. Yet, one has to keep in mind that song should not be negative that generates worries, but it should be the medium to wash away the worries. Habit pattern of listening tragic song is not good. Motivational song, inspirational song s, and the songs that give knowledge explore arts etc are very good songs to listen.

6. Hobby

One should understand the hobbies. Activities regarding hobbies make the mind enthusiastic and active. In fact, hobbies are innate and sleeping powers. It is found that all the successful people have understood their hobbies and worked upon it. Following own hobbies progress both internal and external factors of life.

7. Cry

Tear is a great way to cleanse the toxic of the body. So, a person feels joy after cry. The process of crying is in two ways- positive and negative. If you cry sinking in devotion with God, crying for something better and success being selfless establishing goodwill in mind, it is positive and good for health. The cry should be a medium for removing sorrows or sharing love and affection.   

8. Mindfulness And Meditation 

 Nowadays, many people are aware of meditation. It is the means to know thyself. Practicing meditation morning and evening helps to seek the meaning of life. It is a great medium for a heavenly path to achieve peace and harmony. Regular meditation starts establishing mindfulness in day-to-day activities. Mindfulness teaches the art of living.

9. Positive Attitude And Gratitude 

Everything happens well. Take all types of situations positively and react to being equanimous. Focus your mind on the positive and better experiences that promote you and the meaning of life. Such focus attracts more and more of that into your life due to a magnetic capacity of the mind.

Be positive for others. Take the attitude of gratitude for all even for the smallest matter. Don’t forget to say thanks and appreciate them for their activities. These things give the realization of achievements in life.

10. Be Truthful To Self

 It is very important to be sincere and truthful for the self. As you are true for yourself then you can demonstrate living with the reality in various circumstances. Truthfulness and honesty awaken the real inner vitality and leads you the path of success. It builds confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem.   The consequence of truthfulness builds the power aura around the body.

11. Keep Learning Newer Things

 Learning new things and new information is the food for the mental body. It saves from stress, tension, and anxiety. Learning can be both physical and mental.  For example, learning swimming is a physical learning and studying a scientific concept is a mental learning. If there is no continuous learning, the person may suffer from different mental problems and depression.  Learning is a powerful medium to increase brain dendrites. 

12. Remain Connected With Others, And Remain Solitude When Required

As social beings, we all have some responsibility in the society. If we are in meaningful connection with others, we can share our merits and help for others. We too find more comfort, joy, love, and support.

Remaining solitude means not being affected by the activities of the society, in spite of being within society. To learn proactiveness and equanimity, we need to stay alone for a few moments to hours with meditation. It nourishes not only body but mind and soul as well.