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Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practice developed in the Indian sub-continent with its origins dating back to nearly five thousand years ago. Within in this period Ayurveda progressed with addition of different medicinal information and therapeutics derived from its own principle.

Shirovasti is one of such therapies. With the surge in the demand of alternative medicine therapies such as Shirovasti has garnered importance in recent times both for therapeutic as well as relaxation purpose. From ancient times Nepal has been influenced by Ayurveda system of medicine and hence therapies like Shirovasti in Nepal are commonly practiced.

What is Shirovasti?

The word Shirovasti is made up of two different Sanskrit terms Shiro and Vasti. Shiro means ‘head’ while Vasti has got different meanings but in this context it means ‘to hold’. So literally Shirovasti means to hold something on head and therapeutically too specific medicated oil is hold on the head.

Why Shirovasti?

Head is the location of vital centers and the sense organs and thus head has been considered as the most important region of the body by Ayurveda. Head is also the seat of Tarpaka kapha, the nourishing source for our sense organs. Not only the nourishing property, the balance of Tarpaka Kapha is required for proper functioning of sense organs.

Due to the significance of head region Ayurveda derived therapies for management of ailments related to head region. These bunch of therapies are included under the heading of Murdhini Taila. Murdhini Taila is basically the oil therapies practiced in the region of head.

Shirovasti is one of the four therapies that falls in the category of Murdhini Taila. Shirovasti is described particularly in the Ayurveda classic Ashtanga Sangraha and Hridaya. These texts have decreed Shiro vasti as the most effective therapy amongst the oil therapies used in the head region

Shirovasti therapy is useful in providing adequate amount of nourishment to the region of head in case of Tarpaka Kapha deficit. Along with this, it is also helpful to alleviate the effects of aggravated Prana Vata and Sadhak Pitta, the otherdoshic component present in the head region.

In this way Shirovasti plays an important role in maintaining doshic equilibrium in the head region to prevent and treat different diseases originating in the head region.

How is Shirovasti done?

  • Shave the head of the recipient, if not possible then cut it short
  • Therapist will provide a gentle head oil massage to the recipient
  • Recipient is asked to sit comfortably on an armed chair
  • Cloth smeared with black gram powder paste is tied round the head of the recipient above the level of eyebrows.
  • A hollow vertical cap usually made up of leather is fixed on the cloth strap just wounded and the junctions are sealed with the black gram paste.
  • Again another cloth smeared with black gram paste is tied so that the cap is fixed properly and the oil won’t leak out.
  • The medicated oil is warmed up to tolerable temperature and then poured inside the cap

up to a height of 2-3 cm from the scalp

  • After sometime, the oil inside the cap should be replaced with warm oil and this is to be done at regular intervals
  • A session lasts until secretions are observed from nose, throat and eyes.
  • At the end of the session, the oil is removed by making a passage is made on the cloth smear and cap above and behind to ear
  • Oil remaining on the scalp is wiped with clean and dry cloth
  • Patient is recommended to take rest for 30 minutes and take warm bath later

A session of Shirovasti may last as long as an hour and usually recommended for a period of week for obtaining effective therapeutic results.


  • Nourishment of the head region especially the scalp and hair root
  • Enhancing hair growth and prevents hair fall
  • Stabilize mental anxiety
  • Nourishes sense organs particularly eyes
  • Alleviates pain originating in head region
  • Sleep promotion


  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Mental stress
  • Dermatitis of scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Dry nose

Shirovasti in Nepal

Ayurveda system of medicine is the indigenous to Nepal. Before the introduction of modern medicines, all modes of treatment were done through Ayurveda. Ayurveda is still prevalent in Nepal and hence therapies based on Ayurveda are also being practiced. Due to this reason, practice of Shiro vasti in Nepal is also commonly found in various Ayurveda clinics and retreat homes.

If you are travelling to Nepal and one thing you would not like to miss is the experience of Shirovasti in Nepal. Quality services in cheaper price is something which you can expect for various Ayurveda therapies including Shirovasti in Nepal.

Shirovasti in Nepal is given under the guidance of certified Ayurveda physician and well-trained therapists. Usually the Ayurveda physician assess the condition of desired recipient and make plans for the therapy while therapists will carry out the procedures.


For gaining maximum benefits from the oil therapies in the head region, Shirovasti would be the best choice. You can manage most of the problems of head region including headache, hairfall and even mental stress with Shiro vasti. And if you are planning to Nepal, do not miss to get the wonderful experience of Shirovasti in Nepal. Please drop your inquiry to book shirovasti with us: book now