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Do you feel energy-less, tired or fatigue early in the morning? No worries. Not only you, but many people also have a problem with morning fatigue and have a beautiful remedy with yoga. There are many causes of morning fatigue like- wrong lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, negative thinking patterns, lack of exercise to the body and mind, intoxications, etc. Along with the changes in lifestyle, yoga helps a lot to overcome morning fatigue.

Here are some actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue with yoga step by step:

step 1 of Actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue with yoga is Lie down on the back, hands stretched beside the ears upward and leg downwards horizontally, keep stretching your body for five breaths. During the stretch, keep observing the effects and sensation of the body. Witness the breaths as well. (Supta-tadasana/ lying palm tree pose)

lying palm tree pose
  • step 2 of Actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue with yoga is to hold the knees with hand. Try to touch the thigh to touch the abdomen.  If you have neck pain avoid lifting up head, rather do like the second picture i.e. keeping the head on the mat. Slowly roll right and left for about 16 times being aware of the sensation at the back that you may experience due to the contact of floor and back. As you roll right and left watch your breath as well. Then keep holding it without any rolling or movement maintaining the state of the observer for breath and sensation.
  • In step 3 of Actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue with yoga we Sit down in a comfortable pose (sukhasana, Padmasana, siddhasana, etc). Keep left palm to the floor and inhaling right hand up over the head. Exhaling bend to the left and feel the body and breath remaining alert and mindful. Stay here for about 5 breaths. Do it in another side as well. Consciousness is very important.
Conscious breath
  • Sit down in a comfortable posture. Palms placing on the knees, rotate shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise feeling the sensation of the shoulder for 5-10 times. After that, rotate elbows in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction 5-10 times placing the fingers on the shoulders.  Listen to the body and its sensation very carefully.
  • Bend neck right and hold the position for 5 breaths, do it left, as well as front and back. The neck is the connection between the head and entire body. So your whole body gets stimulated with neck yoga. If you are able to identify the sensation of the entire body then keep doing so. If you are able to find the sensation only around the neck, keep it knowing more and more deeply. Feel the body more and more.
  • Sit down keeping the back straight. Focus at the base of the nostril. Observe the natural breaths (inhalation and exhalation) for about 10 minutes. If you are unable to identify natural breath- inhale and exhale longer. Then you will find the breath. As and when you are able to identify the incoming and outgoing breath, keep on knowing the natural breath.
    Whatever the types of breath you find, just keep on witnessing as it is without any reaction. If your mind wanders outside, or in different types of thoughts; just ignore and bring your concentration at the base of your nostril and continue observing the respiration. Increase mindfulness and consciousness.

Besides, you need to follow healthy food habits, proper rest and activity, positive attitude, etc. The yogic activities help you to move your life in the correct direction. As your life starts moving in a positive direction then your body gets vitalized and your problems begin to eradicate through the root level.

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