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Ayurvedic Detox therapy in Nepal- 10 Days Ayurveda Detox Retreat

10 Days Ayurvedic Detox therapy in Nepal

Ayurvedic detoxification is the removal of the accumulated toxins by means of highly effective therapies mentioned in the revered ancient texts of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Detox therapy primarily falls under Panchakarma therapy, which is the most primary cleansing method of Ayurvedic science.

Ayurvedic Detox retreat

These therapies not only remove toxins from body, but also maintain balance in the body constitution improving health, immunity and decreasing stress. It slows the aging process and enhances the basic energy of the body.

Ayurvedic detox therapy in Nepal is given by Nepal Ayurveda Home as a holistic process that includes detoxification of both the body and mind. We currently give these therapies in the detox, as prescribed by the best Ayurveda physicians we have. We have highly dedicated team of therapists and sound environment that nurtures your all round wellbe

Day 1-3 of Ayurvedic Detox Course

1. Snehan Ayurvedic Detox Therapy (Oleation) : In snehana, we administer oil/ghee in the body through different routes, so as to dilute the toxins and make it easy to evacuate them. In snehana therapy, we do:

I. Abhyanga/Body massage: Specially prescribed oil pertaining to prakriti type is used in massage. Done 1-2 times a day.

Shoulder massage
II. Achhapeya : Taking oil/ghee in proper dose through the oral route is called achhapeya. It is done daily for 3 days, once a day.

III. Murdha taila: Application of oil in head region as pichu, sirovasti or simply massage. Done 1-2 times a day.

IV. Yoga every morning and evening.

V. Meal is as prescribed by Ayurveda doctors.

VI. Doctor’s consultation as per your requirement.

Day 4

2. Swedana Ayurvedic Detox Therapy (Sudation): It is a process to bring the diluted toxins from organs to the channels. In swedana, we allow the body to sweat by the use of different warming methods like:

I. Nadi, Pinda Sweda: For localized pain and diseases.

II. Sarvanga Sweda: Whole body sudation. For Generalized illness.

III. Baluka Sweda (Use of sand): For rheumatic conditions.

IV. Patra pinda sweda (use of herbs and rice): For Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heaviness of body, etc.

V. Doctor’s counseling as per requirement.

Day 5

3. Vamana Ayurvedic Detox Therapy (Medically Induced Vomiting): Vomiting evacuates the toxins accumulated in the abdomen through the oral route. It cleanses channels of upper regions of body and it works excellently for Kapha diseases like asthma, cough, sinusitis etc. Vamana is done early in the morning with drugs, meals and rest as prescribed for the day.

vamana therapy

Day 6

4. Samsarjana  Ayurvedic Detox Therapy: As the digestive fire becomes weak, a specially designed meal is given for the day.
e.g. Manda, Peya, Yusha (specially cooked rice and grain items that are easy to digest and nourishes your body by maintaining the digestive fire).

Day 7

5. Virechana Ayurvedic Detox therapy (Medically induced Purgation): Virechana evacuates toxins from the intestinal region through the rectum. It heals pitta disorders like blood diseases, skin diseases, hairfall etc.
It is also done in the morning hours. Meal and rest for the day is as prescribed.

Day 8 -10 of Ayurvedic detox retreat 

6. Rasayana  Ayurvedic Detox Therapy: After cleansing the channels of the body, we give rasayana herbs, which are the best anti-aging and anti-oxidants. These herbs help in rejuvenation of whole body and also removes illness associated with it.

7. Aksi Tarpana (Eye Rejuvination) : Specially prepared oil is administered to the eyes for its rejuvenation.

8. Pranayama, Yoga for health and fitness.

9. Small natural scenery hiking to the nearby hills of Kathmandu Valley.

10. Kati vasti, Griva vasti, Janu vasti are given to you if you have chronic pain in back, shoulders and knee.

11. Vajikarana Therapy (Additional and optional): For increasing virility and sexual performances. A 10 day Ayurvedic detoxification package might be very short for you. But, we manage it by providing the cleansing and rejuvenating therapies as effectively as possible.

The morning and evening yoga classes will be managed regular. Doctor’s consultation is provided as per your requirement. Nepal Ayurveda Home is always ready to serve you

Note: Please, be sure that all above-mentioned therapy might not be fit for everybody, so we might change the therapy in that case which is suitable for your body. We don’t count all who can do all those therapies. Sometimes, if your body needs 1 therapy every day, we repeat and if need different we provide different. 

What is included

3 times vegetarian meal


Tea ( As your wish)

All the classes


Service Charge