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List of 10 diseases where Ayurveda works better than modern medicine(Allopathy)

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal practice that dates back to thousands of years. Many believe that the mighty sage Patanjali made the notion of Ayurveda popular. In this age of modernization, we mostly follow allopathic treatment. However, it is not able to provide answers to all sorts of ailments and diseases. In such cases, Ayurveda proves useful. Here, we shall look at the diseases where Ayurveda works better.


1. Migraine

Have you ever felt a throbbing headache that is strong enough to make your head split? If the answer is yes, then you might have a migraine or are afflicted by it. Nausea, vomiting, and fatigue accompany migraine and it takes a huge toll on the body. Allopathic medicine is yet to come up with measures to counter it.

On the contrary, there are treatments in Ayurveda that help you to get relief from it. Some of the popular therapies of migraine are Shirolepa and Shirodara. In these treatments, a mixture of medicinal herbs is put on your head. From here, it later proceeds to the legs. After this treatment, you will energetic. It is one of those diseases where Ayurveda works better.


2. Acidity and Gastritis are diseases where Ayurveda works better than Allopathy

Gastritis and acidity are a common household name, especially among the Nepalese people. A lack of quality food and meal skipping is the major cause of this disease. Rather than spending unnecessary money on allopathic treatment, why not look at the Ayurvedic treatments? They are cost-effective and beneficial in the long run.

To demonstrate, if you have acidity, then you can use Bilwadi churna. It is an Ayurvedic medicine that’s in the form of powder. Amrita Bindu is another ayurvedic medicine that is useful in treating digestive issues. Acidity is those diseases where Ayurveda works better so why not give it a try? However, be sure to consult with a medicinal professional before taking it.


3. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that occurs due to the breakdown of joint cartilage and bone. As a result, patients find it difficult to walk and perform daily functions. Allopathic medicine for it is also comparatively expensive. Not to mention that they don’t work too well. There are treatments in Ayurveda that you can try.

Various Ayurvedic treatments can help you to get relief from this disease. The techniques include

Pouring medicinal liquids
Externally applying medicated powder and paste
Heating and steaming techniques
Panchakarma therapy
Once you go through these procedures, you will find that is one of those diseases where Ayurveda works better. 


4. Rheumatoid arthritis

Identically, the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis can also be decreased by Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, we shall follow treatments that are a combination of diet, medicines, and exercise. Through the combination of these three elements, the damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis is lessened. If you want to take this treatment, then be sure to contact your medical personnel first.


5. Sinusitis in next disease where Ayurveda works better than Allopathy

In developing countries, sinusitis is a common problem. Air pollution affects the sinus whose major job is to remove dust and other harmful particles. It is more irritating than painful. It is also on those diseases where Ayurveda works better. Rather than spending an ungodly amount on allopathic medicines, let’s take a look at the ayurvedic treatment on our arsenal.

For starters, you can take a steam bath with a tulsi leaf. It is effective in curing sinusitis. Also, you can do kapalbhati and pranayama too. Drinking honey mixed with ginger proves useful in the road to fighting sinusitis.  


6. Hepatic jaundice

Hepatic jaundice is a dangerous disease that affects the liver. The most common symptoms of jaundice are yellow eyes and yellow mucous. Allopathic medicines used in combating hepatic jaundice tend to make the body weak and fragile. On the contrary, Ayurvedic medicines make the body durable and strong. It is also one of those diseases where Ayurveda works better. 

The medicinal herbs used in treating Hepatic jaundice are:

Punarnava mandora
Arogyavardhini vati

7. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a very painful and troublesome disease. Allopathic medicines have not been able to cure this disease completely. You can even see patients seeking medical help. What people don’t know is that it can be healed through Ayurveda. It falls on the category of diseases where Ayurveda works better. 

The treatment for Hemorrhoids are as follows:

Medical application (bhaishajya chikitsa)
Herbal application (kshara)
Surgical techniques (sastra chikitsa)
Once you go through these treatments, you’ll find some sort of relief from this nagging disease.


8. Dry eyes syndrome

Dry eyes syndrome occurs due to the lack of moisture in our eyes. It causes the eyes to become red and prone to other infections. If you are tired of putting eye drops that bear no results, then look no further. There are various treatments in Ayurveda that will help you to combat it. Also, it is one of those diseases where Ayurveda works better. 

The treatment for dry eyes syndrome includes a combination of exercises and medicinal herbs. To emphasize, you will put Triphala ghrit on the eyes and a gentle massage will follow too. You will apply honey on the lower eyelid which will help to cleanse the body. 


9. Stomatitis

Stomatitis also falls on the category of diseases where Ayurveda works better. Some of the measures that we follow to cure Stomatitis are:

Using coconut oil or ghee to soothe the blisters in the mouth.
Using guava leaves and fruit buds to heal mouth sores.
Gargling with jasmine leaves and ficus religiosa leaves
Using gulkand made from rose petals.

10.  BPH

BPH is a disease in which the prostate gland swells. There have been strides in the allopathic community to cure this disease but it still is not successful. In Ayurveda, some treatments prove useful to reduce their ailments. It is also one of those diseases where Ayurveda works better. 

The treatment for BPH in Ayurveda revolves around Dosha and Pitta. It is necessary to understand these concepts before we dive into its treatment. The different medicines that we use in Ayurveda are Kashayam, Ras Rasayana, Bhasma, and Churna.