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How to Activate the Muladhar (root) Chakra

This chakra is founded on being physically mindful and comfort feelings in various situations. You will feel well-balanced, stable and secure if it is opened and balanced. You will feel no danger and won’t distrust people for no reason. You can remain at the present moment, present happening, united with the physical body. If Muladhara is not properly active: person become nervous, fearful, feel unwelcomed. If it is overactive then it tends to make over materialistic and unnecessarily greedy.

The process of balancing the Muladhara Chakra: Concentrate your body, use it, feel it and be aware of it more and more. Do manual household work happily, run, walk or do yoga. This increases consciousness on the body and strengthens the chakra.

Connect yourself to the ground and feel it’s beneath you. For this, you can do different activities- Stand straight with feet 10-12 inches apart, balance the weight perpendicularly on the ground keeping the weight evenly distributed over the feet. Remain conscious in this position for several minutes balancing the weight equally on the legs. After this, sit-down in Padmasana (cross-legged) with Jnana Mudra (tips of thumb and index finger gently touched).

Concentrate on the Muladhara Chakra (spot in between the anus and the genitals). Chant the mantra “LAM” silently for about 108 times or more (as per the time available). Feel relaxed; think about the chakra, its role in your life. Continue this process until you become completely relaxed. Visualize energy vibrations in red color are coming in through Muladhar Chakra. Envisage an unopened red flower. Visualize an extremely strong power glimmering it: it still opens exhibiting four red petals with an abundance of divine energy.

Compressor contracts the perineum stilling respiration and releasing. Visualize the energy vibration in red color coming in through Muladhara chakra and negativity going out.

How to activate the Swadhistana (the sacral) Chakra

This chakra is connected to feelings, emotions, and sexuality. Your feelings release with liberty and express without being over or under emotional when it is opened. It makes you nimble, outgoing and open to affinity. You will have no complications of sexuality. In the case of under-active, you become impassive and unemotional. You cannot be comfortably open to anybody. If Swadhisthana chakra is overactive it makes excessive sensitive and over emotional.

process of balancing Swadhistan chakra: Sit on Vajrayana, keeping the back straight and relaxed. Bring the hands on the lap: right palm up and left palm down touching the thumbs gently. Concentrate on the Swdhisthan (Sacral) Chakra at the sacral bone (lower back). Silently, chant the mantra “VAM”. Let yourself to be relaxed and think the meaning of the Chakra- how it affects your life. Until you are completely relaxed, keep doing. Then you will have a “clean feeling”.

Visualize the divine vibrational energy in orange color getting in through the sacral and defilements have been washing out.

How to activate Manipura (Navel) Chakra

This chakra environs confidence. When it is under-active, you feel passive and indeterminate. You may become fearful too. As it is opened, you feel self-controlled and dignity in yourself. If it is over-active, it makes you obtrusive, aggressive and rampant.

process of balancing balancing Manipura chakra: Sit in Vajrasana. Keep the hands before the navel. Join the fingers at the tops, pointing frontwards and straighten. Cross the thumbs. Concentrate on the Manipura Chakra at the spine, narrowly above the navel. Silently but vividly chant the mantra “RAM”. Be relaxed, feel its meaning in life. Continue doing this until you are soundly relaxed. Make a “clean feeling” for the chakra.

How to activate the Anahata (Heart) Chakra

This chakra encircles love, sympathy, caring, dearness. When balance or open, people appear friendly, indulgent, having cordial relationships. If it is not properly active, you become unfriendly, half-hearted. When it is over-active, you become extremely loving that you trouble them, it could be seen that you are selfish for it.

process of balancing Anahata chakra: Sit in Padmasana with Jnana Mudra (tips of index finger and thumb touched to each other)

Keep the left hand on the left knee and the right hand in front of the lower part of the breastbone.

Concentrate on the Anahata (Heart) Chakra, chant the mantra “YAM” mentally.

During this time, relax your body and think about the chakra, its meaning, and role in your life. Until you feel completely relaxed, continue doing this, and the “clean” feelings intensify in you.

How to activate the Vishuddhi (Throat) Chakra

This chakra is all about self-expression and effective communication. You feel easy expressing yourself; you achieve a great art in communicating when chakra is open. When it is under-active, you tend not to speak enough, you become shy in nature. One of the main reason for being this chakra blocked- is speaking often lie. When it is overactive, you speak too much which troubles many people. It also makes a bad listener because you spend time in speaking.

process of balancing Vishuddi chakra: Sit in Vajrayana. Cross the fingers on the inside of the palms (except thumb). Touch the tops of thumbs and pull them little up. Concentrate on the throat and feel it more and more. Chant the mantra “HAM” silently but incorrect pronunciation. Relax your body at this time, think of the chakra, its role and meaning in affecting your life. Do this, for few minutes to intensify clean feeling again.

Visualize green color energy vibration, getting into the heart chakra and made you purer and purer. 

How to activate the Ajna (Third eye) chakra

This chakra is connected with insight. If it opens, you can have clairvoyance and some spiritual powers. If it is under-active, you may be clung to look up to other to think for you. You become confused due to various beliefs. If it is hyperactive, you spend all day in a world of imagination. Some may suffer from daydreams or even sometimes hallucinations.

process of balancing Third Eye chakra: Sit in Padmasana. Keep your hands in the lower part of your breast, middle finger straight pointing the tops touching one another. Keep the rest fingers quirked and touch at your two upper phalanges, the thumb pointed towards the chest and meet at the top. Focus and feel the third eye (a bit above the center of the two eyebrows) and silently chant the mantra “AUM”, or “OM”. Along with this relax your body, think of this chakra, its purpose, and role in your life. Continue thinking until you get “clean feeling”.

Imagine indigo color coming in through the third eye chakra, and nourishing you.

How to Activate Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Thisis the uppermost chakra located on the top of the head. It is based on ultimate wisdom and becoming in sync with the existence. If this chakra opens, you become aware and, mindful and connected to the universe. It helps to disappear prejudice and biasedness. If it is under-active, you will have rigid thoughts, and far from spirituality.  When it is overactive, you just play intellectual games all the time, intellectualize everything. You may ignore your bodily needs like food and shelter.

process of balancing Sahasrara chakra: Sit in Vajrasana. Put the hands on the stomach, pointing the little fingers front touching the tops, other finger crossing each-other. Concentrate on Saharara chakra. Be conscious of your breath. Observe your breath for about 10 minutes. Try to be mindful on it.

Imagine white or violet color energy vibration is coming in through saharara chakra

Warning: Avoid concentrating the Saharara Chakra if Muladhara Chakra is not strong.

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