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The human body contains a particular element of life that serves as a source of strength, vitality, brilliance, and radiance in the human body. According to the Ayurvedic idea, the body has two types of Ojas, each of which serves a unique purpose. Ojas, often known as immunity in modern vocabulary, is a key idea in Ayurveda. Immunity is the body’s capacity to defend itself against external pathogens that could cause illnesses.

How to build ojas? Ojas can be compared to white blood cells and lymphatic fluid, both of which fight against diseases. It encourages well-being and lengthens the human lifespan. The body has to have a particular amount of ojas to stay in harmony with life.

What is Ojas?

Ojas could be associated with kapha dosha, but only to make a more healthy let us take kapha guna parallel to it which is advantageous to the body in many ways. The two types of ojas are par oaj and apar oaj, which take care of the various aspects of health as well. Kapha dosha, for example, lubricates the joints and maintains the flexibility of the various complex movements, gives the body shine and moisture, and prevents aging of the body because it contains some substance that can keep the body’s frame intact. Perhaps Kapha guna and Ojas guna has a similar formula that requires for their build-up.

Importance of Ojas

Understanding the importance of ojas is very exciting because it is the cause of human existence. It is the life-giving energy that sustains human life and enters the human heart during the embryonic stage. It is what gives the developing embryo nutrition, and stability, and is in charge of equal growth. It consists of all the dhatus, and has significant elements of each dhatus, and allows the body and dhatus to receive nutrition continuously. In terms of appearance, ojas resemble ghee, which has a slightly yellowish appearance and is a viscous fluid with a light fragrance. Ojas is ushna potency due to having agni which supplies prana.

It’s crucial to comprehend that the body is everything and that ojas is this, additionally looking for the ways of how to build the ojas. Having a healthy body and taking care of it through a regular nutrient-rich diet, adhering to dincharya, and engaging in regular exercise obeying sadvritta is what prolongs life and raises health standards.

How To Build The Ojas?

The fundamentals begin with food and ahaar in the first step. Food is the body’s fuel and is necessary for growth and development. It increases strength, and the food’s final nutritional value after it has been fully metabolized and converted into ojas. Food and ojas have a direct proportional relationship. According to ayurvedic theory, ojas is a very important component of the reproductive hormones and help to maintain fertility. Ojas is therefore comparable to the physical energy used by the body to perform all physical activities.

Concept of Agni in Ojas

Since we are aware that ayurveda is not a branch of rocket science but rather a simpler philosophy, it advises us to live a simpler but consistent lifestyle. Regardless of how unimportant it may seem in relation to food and digestion, it is essential. And according to Ayurveda, agni is essential to the human concept of prana. Agni is the strength and energy that come from eating and having a regular, healthy digestive system.

The incorporation of specific spices, superfoods, kitchen herbs, or ingredients that speed up digestion, maintain agni, and aid in dosha detoxification are interrelated. Agni is an element that needs some sort of containment in order to function, and this function is carried out by ojas. As agni works and performs its functions, ojas is the medium. Hence, to maintain agni it is equally crucial to understand how to build up ojas.

  • Rasayana Karma 

Rasayana Karma is the anti-aging method or a series of actions that must be taken to encourage graceful aging. Rasayana karma includes a variety of elements, including managing stress through diet, yoga, and meditation. Ayurvedic Herbs like guduchi, ashwagandha, and amla are beneficial for all of the body’s systems and are power-packed and enriched with the most rasas from a dietary perspective. Ghee, milk, and dry fruits are all you need to increase your resistance along with these herbs. The immune stimulator process that allows for body strengthening is rasayana therapy.

  • Channelise Inner Energy To Build Ojas

In addition to all of this, maintaining a conscientious mindset to keep a healthy, stress-free mental state is essential to maintaining the body’s optimal levels of ojas. For one to work effectively, peace of mind and calmness in the internal environment of the mind are essential. The par ojas at heart keep it running smoothly. Chanting, yoga, and meditation can all help to channel one’s inner energy and assists in the process of how to build ojas. In order to achieve a clear gut, glowing skin, and a decluttered mind – channelising energy is what helps to rejuvenate your inner charm.

Numerous harmful effects, including being more susceptible to invasion by foreign organisms, resulting from the reduction in ojas levels – early aging indicators, a lack of shine, and dull skin texture due to unhealthy cells. These symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways, but some of the most common signs of Ojas deficiency include fatigue, irritability, restlessness, and an overall feeling of discontent. 

5 Ways To Maintain and Build Ojas

  • Reduce stress and excessive workloads since your body needs the most time possible to unwind.
  • Avoiding foods and behaviours that enhance vaat dosha and disrupt the balance of the doshas.
  • Herbal oil massages relax the body and inhibit the buildup of doshas.
  • If you practise deep breathing for just 15 minutes throughout the day, your body will start to respond favourably.

It is essential to make an effort to infuse positivity into one’s life through thoughts, words, and deeds as all these are necessary pathways to build ojas. One ought to make an effort to keep a safe distance from anyone or anything that could be harmful. Ojas is the essence of life and vitality, and it is said to be strengthened by habits such as eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, having a positive attitude, getting regular exercise and good rest, and practising mindfulness and relaxation techniques.