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Kayakalpa Chikitsa For Longevity And Immunity

The world now is at the peak of its medical pioneer. Modern medicine with its innumerous medicines, techniques, machines can be found in all parts of the world. It is the combination of science, research of the centuries, research, and dedication of the people involved in the field. Looking at the medicinal sector and its history, there are several anciently medicine that was invented thousands of years ago and still in practice today. Ayurveda is one of the most prominent ancient medicine that is still in use today. It is extremely popular and most know it, however, there is another with a similar character that is Kayakalpa chikitsa.

Ayurveda is believed to be invented thousands of years ago and is one of the oldest medicinal systems in human history. The techniques were invented in the ancient sub-Indian continent which now is spread worldwide. Ayurveda in plain terms is a technique where natural ingredients are used in definite proportions to get rid of various diseases. Ayurveda is a huge field with many subdivisions and techniques which if we even knew will find it hard to belong to Ayurveda. What people believe Ayurveda is that it is always eating some herbs to get rid of the disease.

However, Ayurveda is much more than that it has such a wide range of applications and utilizations. There are various records of surgical descriptions and procedures also described in Ayurveda, that is how descriptive are Ayurveda and its techniques. Ayurveda not only combines herbal and natural ingredients but has also other vital elements. Yes, herbs are an integral part of it but not all. It has therapy, meditations, and yoga, medicines, relaxing methods, techniques of revitalization, and many more.

Kayakalpa chikitsa is said to be the technique that was invented alongside Ayurveda thousands of years ago. Kayakalpa chikitsa is also sometimes called the subdivision or the child of Ayurveda as it utilizes all the parts and techniques of Ayurveda to get the specific outcome. Kayakalpa chikitsa is made by combining the three words of Sanskrit (The ancient language of the sub-Indian subcontinent that is believed to be one of the oldest languages in existence) Kaya means body, Kalpa means transformation and Chikitsa means treatment. The name itself makes it clear that Kayakalpa Chikitsa is the treatment for the transformation of the body.

Aging is the natural process of the body. It is natural to age. Everything born on this earth as a living being ages. The living being is born as an infant, grow or age to become adult. An adult is the peak of maturity of the living beings at the physical level. It is when they are physically more strong, sexually more mature, and look more beautiful as well as healthy. What comes after adulthood is considered depressing by many despite it being inevitable and natural.

People do not want to get old. Getting old they will lose many things that made them who they are. The most beautiful person turns wrinkled when they age, the strongest in the world becomes weak as an infant in time, the most skilled lose their long-earned skills. That is why people want to extend their youth if they can. That is why beauty products that lengthen youth and other sorts of things are today billion dollars of the industry today. They want to remain as fresh as they can.

Sometimes aging may not be a natural process, in some, it comes in a much-accelerated manner. May it be a genetic thing or the product of long stress, pressure, and tension some look much older than they appear to be. That is where Kayakalpa Chikitsa enters the picture. Kayakalpa Chikitsa is an ancient technique that is said to reverse the effect of aging into the body and revitalizes the body from the core itself. The ancient Indian subcontinent had a natural technique thousands of years ago to preserve youth and reverse aging. What modern medical is aiming for now, an effective technique that was invented with the ranges of Ayurveda thousands of years ago.

Kayakalpa Chikitsa is not one technique, one medicine that revitalizes the body. It is the combination of the many herbal ingredient medicines, yoga, and therapy, breathing techniques, living style, and diets. 

It is believed that we are the combination of three different bodies, physical body, mental body, and spiritual body. They are all equally important to us in the absence of one, we cannot exist. Physical is our physical body parts, mental is the mind, and spiritual is our soul. Aging is the process that affects all things equally.

People mostly believe that aging mostly affects us physically and modern people try to reverse the aging process by only the physical point. That is why most of these techniques fail miserably as it only focuses on one aspect. As we age, we also get mentally and spiritually old. To rejuvenate the body in the right manner all three aspects need to be targeted and revitalized. Kayakalpa Chikitsa is the technique that focuses on all three aspects and reverses the effect of aging from the body completely.

Kayakalpa Chikitsa has the following objectives, and the treatment tries to achieve these naturally and efficiently:

  • To maintain the peak of physical maturity and youth.
  • To slow down, stop, and reverse the aging effect simultaneously.
  • Postponing the death by aging until one reaches their full spiritual maturity.

Kayakalpa Chikitsa is based on the working system of the human body, to understand Kayakalpa we also need to understand it:

1. Lifeforce

Lifeforce is the vital energy that lives inside all living beings. A being is alive when it is filled with live energy and vice versa. In youth time the human body is filled with most of the life energy. Due to the presence of life energy at its peak, youth time is so energetic. Kayakalpa Chikitsa aims to peak the life energy all time of the life of the individual.

2. Mind

Mind is not the brain in physicality only, it also represents the thinking capacity and range of an individual as an intellectual being. The mind reflects in the body and the soul. It is the main field of action of Kayakalpa chikitsa, it aims to rejuvenate the mind from its core. To get into its prime through various means.

3. Body

The body is the medium through which we experience the world. The body reflects our youth. We determine the age of the individual looking at their body. Our body goes through multiple transformations when we mature. When the aging of the mind is reversed and the life energy is filled in the body, the body automatically reflects youth and revitalization.

4. Biomagnetism

Our body is not a single entity. It is the combined result of many organs, systems, and billions of microorganisms that makes us. Even the absence of one takes away the function of our body. Within us, there are billions of life energy particles. They rotate, whirl, and produce a magnetic field which we know as biomagnetism. It is believed to be the basic force that gives energy to the body. It is also the force that creates life energy within our bodies. Kayakalpa chikitsa energies and uses this force to maximum to produce abundant life energy within the body.

5. Sexual vital fluid

Our body has a very vital power of reproduction. It is the most potent ability within us, and it can create a new life from our bodies. Thinking about it, it is not less than magic and wonderful. It is extraordinarily strong and is filled with life energy. It is more valuable than what people believe. By keeping this vital energy with the body, kayakalpa chikitsa yoga preserves the youth within the body. In ancient times sages use to restrain from sexual activity to preserve their life energy and used to live many years young. Hanuman, who is believed to be Bal Brahma Chari is one of the immortals of ancient Hinduism.

There are two vital steps in Kayakalpa chikitsa, no matter the methods or the techniques all are performed to perform these things, they are:

a) Purification

Purification is the first step of Kayakalpa Chikitsa. Purification is the process where all the toxins are rid of. Our body is an extraordinarily complex system, there are thousands of chemicals that are made every minute, changed to another form, excreted, or preserved. There are thousands and thousands that happen in this tiny body of ours. Many chemicals are released, those ingredients are also a vital component that makes us ourselves. When we become happy serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin is released into our brains which gives the feeling of happiness. They are the happy hormones they when released naturally give an incredibly positive impact on the body.

There is also a reverse process, if our body releases its happy hormones when we are feeling bliss then it also releases compounds, we get stress or sad. Yes, there are compounds that the body releases, however in the long term of stress or sadness, pressure accumulates those compounds as toxins in the body. When human gets depressed when their strong will get shattered, their goal is not fulfilled and other things that give them sadness. In the language of kayakalpa chikitsa it is called Ama.

Ama is one of the greatest aging factors that humans have, people prematurely age because this happens. Kayakalpa Chikitsa says that the presence of Ama in the body fills the body with various toxins. Ama destroys the immunity of the body. The body with depleted immunity becomes the host of various diseases. It also depletes the quality of the tissues and cells of the body.

Kayakalpa chikitsa with its yoga, meditation, diet, and medicines first removes the toxins from the body. It either burns through the various karma in the body or takes it out by various means. To perform the actions of kayakalpa chikitsa first the body needs to be purified and free of all the toxins in it.

b) Nourishment

Nourishment is the step of Kayakalpa chikitsa that comes after purification. Various means have been used to purify the body. Now, the body is in perfect condition to be supplied with nutrients and medicines. First, the toxins have been removed which were stored in the body in the form of Ama. If the nourishment is applied before the removal of Ama, then various contradictory effects may be seen in the body and the complete effects of kayakalpa may not be seen. Therefore, every step must be followed accordingly to get the complete benefit of revitalization.

Kayakalpa chikitsa says that taste is the path of nourishment of the body. There are six tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salt, pungent and astringent. By carefully studying the body of the individual a specific taste is selected, then by making the medium of the taste the body is nourished. Another important thing that kayakalpa follows during its nourishment is the selection of the element effect on the body. It also considers the effect of Air, fire, water, and earth. By combining the taste of the food with their elemental connection the body is started to nourish.

As the Ama element in the body is the reason for toxins and aging of the body, there is another element that cancels and reverses its effects. It is the main element of action in kayakalpa chikitsa. Kaplas is given into the body that is made by the proportionate combinations of the mineral’s herbs and other natural ingredients. These ingredients carry various special properties and are made through very ancient knowledge. Their primary function is to stop and reverse the effects of aging. They give energy to the tissues, boosts the immunity system of the body, and increase the life force within the individual who consumes it.

There are also other ways to boost the effectiveness of the main kayakalpa. They are the subtle way of the Kayakalpa Chikitsa. Here various psychological, as well as natural elements, are used to revitalize the mind and body. Breathing techniques, special natural gems, mineral rocks, colors, smell and aroma, sounds are used for this. The subtle elements can keep using long after the therapy itself to keep enhancing the body through subtle kayakalpa.