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What is Mind Technology?

Mind technology is a method to utilize the unlimited potentialities of mind. It is discovered that more than 90% power of the mind is hidden in sub-conscious mind. There are certain rules and process to activate the power of the mind, which is called mind technology. It explains how the life is influenced by the mind.

In order to understand the mind technology, we need to know about the different levels of mind.

4 Levels of Mind

  • Conscious mind
  • Subconscious mind
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Super-conscious Mind.

1. Unconscious Mind

Unconscious mind controls and activates the fundamental functions of the human body such as- respiration, circulation and heart beating, digestion, excretion, reflexes, etc. All the autonomic functions, which could be done without thought, are controlled by the unconscious mind. Delta level, with frequency 0.5- 4Hz, is connected with the unconscious mind. Most of the function and activities of unconscious mind and super-conscious mind correspond to each other.

2. Subconscious Mind

It is the most powerful level of mind that accumulates all information, knowledge, experience, habits, attitude, thinking pattern, beliefs etc. The source of information to the subconscious mind is conscious mind. The thoughts, imagination or activities which are repeated time and again enters to the realm of sub-conscious mind. It is most important part of mind technology or the process of how the mind works.

If these are done with great concentration and focus, then it approaches towards subconscious early. After the entrance into the subconscious mind, it becomes a habit or formulates as a nature of the people. The subconscious mind the storehouse of all memories. Whatever we learn, we do, we act all are recorded in the subconscious mind.

Whenever we want these things, we bring it to the conscious mind. Whatever the belief or thought is in the subconscious mind, the same thing tends to happen. For example, if you believe that you cannot learn a particular thing, then you definitely will be unable to learn it. Alpha (7.5-14 Hz) level is the gateway to subconscious mind from the conscious mind. Theta (4-7.5Hz) level is the realm of subconscious mind.

3. Conscious Mind

Its main purpose is to control regular and day to day activities. This is a logical and analytical part of the mind which analyzes and judge the data. It filters the information and passes to the sub-conscious mind. It is controlled and guided by sub-conscious mind. Whatever the concepts, thoughts, beliefs, views etc are occupied in the sub-conscious mind; the conscious mind works accordingly.

If conscious mind finds any information against the belief of subconscious mind, then conscious mind block such information. Thus, change is difficult for human beings. The brainwave called Beta, with frequency 14 to 40 Hz is associated with conscious mind.

4. Super-conscious Mind

It is the collection of the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious mind of all people. It has a great role in mind technology as it related to other states of mind level as well. So, it is regarded as collective consciousness. The memories and experiences which are not in subconscious mind; those are stored in the super-conscious mind. Entire individual consciousnesses are connected to the collective consciousness as a great family.

Super-conscious Mind is the source of ultimate potentiality, intuition, higher creativity, ultimate reality, and awareness. It is the source of infinite knowledge. It exists from the beginning till beyond our space-time continuum. To understand super-conscious mind more or less, we can take an example of a computer connected to the internet which receives all the information of all computers throughout the world.

Superconscious mind connects each-other mind on the planet. All the information and knowledge are in the cyberspace. The super-conscious mind connects to them. The knowledge of past, present, and future are natural for the super-conscious mind.

Mind technology is a method to manage these four levels of mind, which helps to achieve the goal.

Some Basis of Mind Technology

  • Mind has the power to achieve whatever you desire: The physical matters are formed with the vibrations of energy. The thought is also made up of vibrations of energy. Whatever one thinks, it remains in the cyberspace. With the higher intensity and repetition of the thoughts, it tends to create material reality. The quantum physics has revealed this reality.
  • The thoughts have the entire effect on life: As you think, you tend to act so. As you act, your life approaches to be so.
  • You achieve or attract what you focus on: Till now whatever you have, this is the result of your highest focus. That is why it is taught to focus on the goal to achieve it.
  • According to mind technology, external change begins with internal change: Our mentality creates the situation. All the external activities are happened as per the mentality of the people. If people are internally better, the external activities will naturally become good.
  • Meditation is an effective tool for better application of mind: The mind always wanders in unnecessary things. The meditation controls the mind. Meditation teaches to be the master of own mind rather than the slave. Being the master of the brain means- “Mind obeys you. The mind works as you need, as you order mind.” A drug addict is a slave of mind because he takes drug although he knows that the drug is harmful. He could not control himself, his mind. Had he been the master of his mind he could have controlled himself, his mind. He could have stopped himself to what is wrong. Meditation helps one to take towards right track.

6 Ways to Apply Mind Technology

  • Early in the morning, as you wake up on the bed close eyes and imagine that you have achieved your goals. Give positive auto-suggestion as per your need like- I am being better day by day. I have achieved my aim. I am perfectly healthy etc. Also, visualize it as if you have already attained those things.
  • At the time you go to bed do the same things until you fell asleep. The best time to give autosuggestion is during this time just five minutes before you fell asleep. At this time, the sub-conscious mind is active.
  • Whatever you have to do for today, imagine it early in the morning that you have done it perfectly and successfully. Just before your important work, – close eyes – take some long breaths – imagine you did it perfectly, also auto-suggest that you did it successfully.
  • Some people give positive auto-suggestion early in the morning looking at the mirror- I am being better. I am being healthier. I achieved my…….. (particular) goal, etc.
  • Whatever you want to become, bring its picture in your mind.
  • Visualize only such goals where you are doing the physical performance.

Finally words on Mind Technology

As you imagine and give auto-suggestion regularly through the conscious mind, it slowly transfers to the sub-conscious mind. The subconscious mind makes your biology fit to achieve the goal. In cyberspace, those thoughts are recorded which will create the environment for goal achievement. A super-conscious mind helps to connect the knowledge regarding the goal that you want to achieve.

Note: It has been found that successful people have applied mind technology knowingly or unknowingly. From the deep study on the mind, psychology, and life of successful people some ways have been found to apply mind technology.

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