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What is Reiki?

Reiki is the Japanese word which derived from Rei and Ki, Rei means higher or God’s and Ki means the energy or power. In this way, Reiki means the energy of the higher source or the universe. Reiki is the natural healing system which is founded in the modern age by Mikao Usui. Reiki is the healing system which can heal us from the energy surrounding of this cosmos.

In the ancient age, Buddha invented Reiki but by the time passed, this healing technique became hidden. In Buddha’s period, Buddha used Reiki to heal his disciples. He taught this knowledge to his disciples. This knowledge became latent and disappeared from the existence. Reiki is the best natural healing system. Now, this healing system is becoming popular in the world day by day.

Reiki Healing and Reiki Massage

Massage is also the system of natural healing. When we mix massage in the Reiki healing system that becomes the Reiki massage. Massage and Reiki both can heal our mental and physical diseases. They both are the best ways of getting peace in our life. Reiki massage can heal our body by the energy of the divine with our body’s natural healing power. It is considered as an effective treatment system for natural healing systems. By this healing technique, we can be healed without any side effects.

Massage is developed about more than 2000 years ago in China which is the effective way of healing in this era. So, massage becomes so famous than Reiki in the alternative way of healing. Massage therapy is well-known around the world and most of the people know about this. But, Reiki was the hidden healing therapy until 1922. Mikao Usui made it known to the present world by giving training to his 16 disciples to teach Reiki to the world. Reiki is not as popular as Massage therapy in the present scenario of the world.

Health Benefits of Reiki Healing or Massage

Now, the new treatment system has been developed that is Reiki Massage. When a massage therapist uses Reiki during massage therapy, is called the Reiki Massage. Reiki Message is more powerful than Massage itself. Reiki Massage can heal physical, mental, emotional uncomfortable.

Massage can make relax our body and spread the Oxygen to every cell of our body. Massage can open the blockages of our body and can heal the diseases of the body and the mind. This massage therapy increases the rate of our body’s circulation system of our body and makes our mind more powerful. Massage is especially very effective for the non-communicable diseases. Most of the non-communicable diseases cannot be healed by the medical science or allopath but natural therapy like massage, Reiki, and much more other natural therapy techniques can heal or make less dangerous but we have to find a good Reiki teacher to apply Reiki therapy in our life.

Reiki is the healing system in which the energy is transferred to the people by the palms of both hands. Reiki is given to the especial Reiki points by putting the hand of the healer to the patient. Reiki opens the blockages of the body and helps our body to heal itself by its natural healing power. Reiki is not only used to heal our body but also is used for spiritual growth in our life. Reiki has the power to increase positive energy in our body. Reiki can transfer the beautiful and colorful energy inside of the body.

Reiki helps us to feel the energy of the universe. The energy is around us can be connected by the Reiki technique and massage can open the blockages in our body. If we make the amalgamation of both therapies in one place, the speed of healing accelerates. The cosmic energy has the great power to heal the diseases of our body and mind.

Importance of Reiki Massage

Cosmic energy can be called by the system of Reiki. Reiki can be the life-changing therapy in our life. Reiki has not any side effects but it can vitalize our body by providing us the natural power. The natural power is the best way to be positive in our life. Massage looses our muscles and opens our nerves. When massage can be done by the beautiful cosmic Reiki energy the energy can enter into the loosen body easily and increases the healing rate.

We are blessed by the natural energy all the time but if there is someone to be the mediator to capture that energy, we can be blessed by the life force energy. We all seek good health and peaceful mind but we rarely find what we search in our life. If we can get the chance to have an experience of Reiki massage, then we can be grateful for this existence for providing the chance to have the wonderful experience in our life.

Alternative Healing Therapy

Massage can create the energy in our body and Reiki can make our body enable to observe the energy from the cosmos. In this way, Reiki massage is the complete ways of getting healthy. In this era healing by the natural technique becomes very popular. People of the new generation are attracted in the alternative way of healing.

Types of Alternative Healing Therapy

  • Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Pranic healing
  • Reiki
  • Massage

Why people search the alternative therapy? Because alternative therapies don’t have side effects and those therapies can strengthen the immune power of our body. If the immune system increases our body, we have the less probability to be sick. Reiki massage is the best way to be relaxed when we feel some pain in our body. For the mental wellness also this Reiki massage therapy is essential.

Our mind has many hormones and if we can generate positive hormones of our mind, we can be happy in our life. Reiki massage helps us to release the positive hormones in our mind. The mind plays the very important role to heal the disease of our body. Mind and body are interrelated and can affect each other. If our mind becomes unhealthy, our body also becomes unhealthy and vice versa.

When the blood can flow freely in our body, most of the diseases of our body can be healed. When massage opens our body, the flow of the blood can be purified by the circulation system of our body. Blood on the nerves should be pure to be healthy. Massage is the best way of getting good health in our life. When we apply Reiki with massage, the therapy becomes the extraordinary. The healing power of our body waits for the outside energy to heal the diseases itself and when it finds the pure energy by the Reiki with massage healing system, then the body starts to work for healing. The positive energy is the best way to overcome the ailments of our body.