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Science of singing bowl

A singing bowl is one of the healing techniques that is used for therapy. There are many techniques of therapy where various methods are used for healing. Among these singing bowls with their usefulness and power have been able to make their name on the sector of healing. However, it may look like it is not magic and simple science. Let us look at the science of singing bowl and how does it work.


Therapy are the various medical actions with the goal of healing. There are medical treatments, Ayurveda, Reiki healing, and other various forms of healing. All these healing techniques depend on certain principles and work with very different methods but their sole purpose is healing of the body. Some, healing techniques are so different that to a normal eye it can seem even bizarre.

For example, Reiki healing is the process of healing an individual by using touch. There, the master passes down his life energy to the body of the individual who is ill. To the outsider’s eye, it is one individual touching the body of another individual there is no difference.

Therapy is an amazing way to heal a body. However, it is the way to heal the body from inside and in the long run. Therapy is not used when an individual needs emergency medical attention. The best course of action that needs to be given to the individual during a medical emergency is the modern medicinal procedure.

However, after the medicinal procedure to heal in the long run people use therapy, ayurvedic procedures, singing bowl, etc. Like, after the healing of a broken arm by putting casket, therapy is done to make the arm efficient as before as keeping the arm in the same position for a long period had made the arm less efficient. So, therapy aids in to rehabilitee the arm.

Therapy heals the wounds that are on inside also which physical treatment may be infective against. There may be some wounds with us that are not physical but hurts us more than the physical cut. They are the mental and spiritual wounds, which can be deep and remain with us our lifetime. The wound one gets on their physical self will heal with time, their body itself will do it.

However, the wounds on the mind and spirit will remain forever. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to heal and some even may not heal till their lifetime. That is where therapy comes, it heals the body in many ways. Unlike medicine, there are various modes and working ways of therapy. It can use the methods from the ancient Ayur Vedas, singing bowls to the methods of modern medicine. It can also combine to form a new and effective way to combine certain aspects of modern as well as ancient knowledge.

Science of singing bowl

There is a science of singing bowl and it is not magic. However, many do not know the science of singing bowls. Yes, one does not necessarily need to know the science of singing bowl to experience its effect or to get the singing bowl therapy. However, it does not do any harm if one knows the science of singing bowl before getting to experience it.  

The science of singing bowl is needed to be understood if anyone is trying to learn the secrets of the singing bowl and one day start their career in this therapy procedure. One needs to learn and understand the secrets and science of singing bowl to master it, heal others with it and when the time comes pass their knowledge to other individuals.

Sound and vibration

Sound and vibration are the two natures of the universe among many. Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency and due to this vibration sound is produced. Sound and vibration are the characters of the universe itself. Even the tiny molecules and atoms vibrate, this vibration is not limited to tiny atoms to molecules, nor too big organisms or animals, even the planet we live in vibrates and is producing sound.

Scientists say that our earth is also vibrating and releasing a sound of a certain frequency into space. We are unable to hear it but scientists with their various experiments and space expeditions confirm that. Not, just earth but every celestial body in space is vibrating at certain frequencies and releasing various kinds of sound.

This concludes that sound and vibration are universal forms of energy which is present everywhere not just on earth. The science of the singing bowl uses this principle and the power of sound and vibration to heal the body. 

People may not know that our ears are not able to hear all kinds of sound. In the vast frequency, we with our ears are only able to hear the sound produced under and over a certain frequency. The human ear can hear a sound that has a frequency between 20HZ to 20KHZ. Over or below that spectrum cannot be heard by the human ear, this is the utter truth.

Just because the human ear is not able to hear it, it does not mean that it is not present there. Just because one cannot hear or see it, they cannot deny their existence, doing this would be just plain ignorant. There are energy and powers which is beyond human can see with their eyes and the science of singing bowl is also based on one of those power which is of sound and vibration.

Our body and organs

We are a complicated combination of various organs and systems. We are looking closely at ourselves can feel that we are a combination of various units than just one unit. There is the combination of our mind, the physical body which includes all of our organs, bones, and blood, and our spiritual body which is our spirit. Our body and mind also resonate with a certain vibration.

Some form of sound and vibration can hamper its peace while some form of sound and vibration gives peace to it. Some forms of sound and vibration can harm it in various ways while some can heal it in various ways. This is not just applicable for our mind but also all of our physical as well as mental selves.

There are also various aspects of our bodies that we do not know. Like there are seven chakra points in our body. They start at the top of our head while extending to the base of the spine and the last chakra center lies there. They are the energy center of the body and since they are spiral, they have been given the name chakra which in Sanskrit means spiral.

Sound energy vibration as well as the sound produced from the singing bowl is so powerful that this can either enhance the efficiency or disrupt the energy of the chakra centers in the body. The science of singing bowl and our own body are connected in more than ways we know and care to admit.

The sounds produced by the singing bowl enter our body through the medium of vibration and by the medium of sound into our ears. This works in many ways they can balance our chakras or give a sense of relaxation or happiness to our mind.

One can remember hearing certain sounds gives a person hope and joy without any distinctive reason. There are various notes and sizes of singing bowls that are capable of producing various sounds that can be heard and cannot be heard. The science of singing bowls uses this power to heal people from all aspects.

Advantages of knowing the science of singing bowl

The science of singing bowl is a knowledge that gives insight to the working of the singing bowl. It is knowledge and knowledge has more than one kind of advantage. Now, let’s know about the advantages of knowing the science of singing bowl,

To master singing bowl

Like all types of skills, the use of a singing bowl is also a type of skill. One needs to give it a considerate amount of time and dedication to learn the various notes of the singing bowl as well as produce various kinds of sounds. Dedication and practice are needed to master also one thing that is needed are to learn and understand the science of singing bowl. No one can truly master anything to its core without learning the principle it is based on and the method of its working.

One needs to learn the science of singing bowl to master it completely. Even a child can copy the same moves as shown to him to produce the same kind of sound that may resemble the sound that is produced by the master. However, there is the difference of worlds who have produced it by knowing the principle and science of singing bowl to the sound which is produced by merely attempting to copy the movement of the hands. So, to truly master the singing bowl one needs to know the science of singing bowl.

To be a teacher

Healing through the medium of a singing bowl can also be a good career for people. Many people have done it and it is going well for them. Not only have they mastered the knowledge of singing bowls and healing people with them, but they also are giving the knowledge they have learned to their students.

Singing bowl training, singing bowl teacher training are also very common types of teacher training courses in a singing bowl. To give that type of training and knowledge one needs to know the science of singing bowl. If one knows the science of singing bowl as well have mastered, it then they can give training to other individuals.

To learn more about the chakras

We have already talked about what is chakra and where are they located in our body. Now, let’s go beyond that in the understanding of the chakra. They are the major energy source in the body from where life itself flows. The life energy that is needed by our organs and body parts flows out from the chakra center from our body. We have understood what chakra is and what sound is. Let’s look it like this if chakras are the lock of the body, then singing bowl is the key to that. One can do wonders if they use the key right. 

Chakra is a very powerful thing. Using it in the right way can give a human all the things he desires with his life like increased mental ability, long life, healthy body, and many more. However, on the opposite side messing with the chakra centers can affect you in a bad way can take everything away from you, even your precious life. There are many keys that can balance or change the conditions of the chakra center and flow in the body and one of those keys is the singing bowl. So, by learning the science of singing bowls one can get closer to the chakras.

Learning itself is a gift

Information is not a good but great thing in the world of today, not just today having information was amazing from the time humans developed consciousness. We talked about how knowing the science of singing bowl is very useful if you are the teacher or the one who is performing that therapy. However, other than the one who is performing the therapy there is another individual who is in the therapy. It is true that one who is performing the therapy needs to have knowledge about the science of the singing bowl and other related stuff.

It is utterly true that he/she is the one who is responsible for everything and has to have perfect knowledge. However, it would not hurt if the one who is getting the therapy through the medium of the singing bowl also knows the working science of singing bowl. If the person who is getting the therapy also knows about the working principle and things related to the therapy and procedure, there will be better coordination. Better coordination during therapy and similar procedures has been always beneficial and can-do wonders. It can give the result much faster than the predicted time also.