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Let’s feel the ancient musical treasure of Nepal

A singing bowl is an ancient instrument that creates a musical tone that gives health and wellness to the people. The tuneful melody of the singing bowl can pass through the subtle layer of the body deeper and deeper. It can influence your body not only at the gross level but also inner and invisible layers of the body. It is very effective in healing diseases, refreshment, and increasing meditative levels.

Sound healing is an ancient practice in Hinduism, and Buddhism with its roots in Nepal, India, and Tibet. Sound bowls, bells, gongs, ting sha, etc. have been in use for religious practice as well. They create positive vibrations as well as eliminate negative vibrations. It is believed that in monasteries, Nepali and Tibetan monks who were pupils of Buddha used singing bowls to remove bad energy and create room for deep meditation. In Nepal currently, singing bowls are used to promote relaxation, recovery, and ecstasy.

 Singing bowls can radically change us physically and metaphysically like emotionally and spiritually. Its vibration can release emotional blocks and transmute them. It can erase various types of negativity in your mind. Through singing bowl, you will discover how to use all of the information and boost yourself to be the master of your own. We educate the theory behind the process, but our main focus is on providing you with concrete providing you with concrete instructions, how-to-do-it abilities, and approaches.

What do you get in the course?

  • Proper residence and environment
  • Authentic and well-made course of study
  • Proper theoretical teaching along with practical use
  • Proper environment for practice
  • You will get handbooks for using the singing bowl.
  • Worldwide valid certification.
  • One sound healing session for a better experience.

How do singing bowls heal diseases?

Every single disease begins from the subtle form to the gross form. You cannot notice the disease when it is in subtle form. The diseases can be noticed only when they appear in the physical body in concrete form.  A singing bowl can vibrate the subtle layers of the body. If there are any unwanted things in the body, its’ vibration will release them. A Singing bowl works from the inner layer of the body. So, it releases the problems in the body from the root level.

What types of diseases do sound therapy heal?

Singing bowl can heal both physical and mental diseases. It has been practically proved that the singing bowl can heal the following diseases:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Phobia
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Heart-related diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure
  • Body pain
  • Knee problem
  • Burning sensation in the leg
  • Abdominal issue
  • Sexual and reproductive issues
  • Back problem
  • Thyroid and neck problem
  • Asthma, etc.

Course of study

  1. Overview and olden times of Singing Bowls
  2. Times past of Sound Healing And Therapy,
  • Practical learning to play Bowls
  1. Be taught to Select Singing Bowls
  2. Chakras and their relations with singing bowls
  3. Mantras and their connection with singing bowl
  • Various applications of Singing Bowls like healing, therapy, refreshment, chakra cleansing, worldly success, spiritual success, etc.
  • Techniques of Self-Healing and mind management
  1. Aura cleansing and Chakra balancing Techniques
  2. Uses of Bells, Bajra, Tingsa, Mudra and Yantra,
  3. Water Therapy by the Singing Bowl
  • Brainwaves and their connection with the bowl


The learners will obtain a sound healing certificate upon the good conclusion of the course. After the training program, participants will be able to provide sound healing therapy. We train all the practitioners to be confident professionals who can provide sound healing therapy.

Some questions regarding the singing bowl:

  • What are the compositions of the singing bowl?

Generally, it is made up of gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead.

  • What is the relation of the singing bowl with the planets, sun, and moon?

Gold has a connection with the sun. Vibration of gold improves your connection with the sun.

Silver is connected with the moon. Similarly, mercury metal is connected with the Mercury planet. Copper with Venus, Iron- Mars, tin- Jupiter, Lead- Saturn.

  • Does the singing bowl have a relation with an astrological remedy?

Since the composition of the singing bowl has a connection with the planet, it is believed that proper practice of singing bowls releases the bad effects on the planet and improves positive effects.

  • Can everybody practice singing bowl?

You should avoid the following cases:

recent surgery, if steel is installed in your body (but on the day to release steel, a singing bowl is very helpful to remove steel), during menstruation, Pregnancy (sir pregnancy ko barema ali sure huna sakina, correction garnu hai)

  • Can people of any religion practice singing bowls?

Singing bowl is a pure scientific practice. It has no relation with any sect. Since Buddhists and Hindus have used singing bowls in the past at a maximum level, people get confused that it is connected with only them. But there is nothing to be confused. Water quench your thirst no matter which religion you belong to. In the same way, the singing bowl gives you its effect irrespective of your religion. 

  • What are the main types of singing bowls?

Singing bowls are categorized according to the sound they produce. They are:

C-bowl, D-bowl, E-bowl, F-bowl, G-bowl, A-bowl, and B-bowl.