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What Exactly is Ubtan Therapy?

Ayurveda has its own dincharya, and ubtan is one of the stages advised for radiant and healthy skin. Ubtan therapy is an ayurvedic paste preparation made from natural substances such as haldi, chandan, besan, multani mitti, and others which is combined with milk or honey. Ubtan treatment in Ayurveda ensures that the blend of materials employed contains no chemical makeup.

Depending on the texture and territory of concern of each skin, this soothing paste could be blended with various oils and liquids. Ubtan therapy as a natural cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin’s exterior grime layer, leaving it free of dull and uneven skin tone. Ayurveda has expanded tremendously in skincare routines that improve your attractiveness and lifestyle.

Why is Ubtan Therapy used?

The type of lifestyle we lead, as well as the amount of filth and external exposure we receive, contributes to the:-

  • formation of dead skin,
  • clogged pores,
  • uneven skin texture,
  • acne blackheads, and other skin disorders.

Though there are numerous cosmetic brands on the market, do they provide a long-term response for skin care?

All skin care formulations have a time period of effect and can be reversed or discontinued. To retain a clean and clear sheen on the skin, switching to ubtan therapy and implementing old school methods is preferable. Periodic application of natural components to the face has indicated that the skin develops a long lasting glow over time.

A low-cost cleanser

As we all know, the skin care business is extremely pricey and dominated by a small number of premium brands. All of these things are more pricey. When it comes to using natural substances, we have everything we need right in our own backyard. Ubtan Therapy only requires a few ingredients from our garden and a few more from our kitchen. It is not necessary to buy beauty items mindlessly just because they are enticing. Our facial skin is incredibly sensitive and is completely exposed to the elements. We must care for it according to our skin type in order to avoid premature ageing.

Quick and available roles

Instead of ordering and storing items for months and even wondering what’s going on in them, let’s just create our own skin care regimen. Instantly produced face wash, face packs, face scrubs, body scrubs, and packs are a fun element to play with.

There is no risk of adverse effects while using natural plants and products. Commercial products must be tried, tested, and then applied, but homemade ubtan therapy  packs can be used immediately and are less time investing. We are on our way to having a remedy for fine wrinkles, sunburn, whiteheads, and pigmentation.

Knowing Your Skin Type

We have already stressed the benefits of ubtan Therapy, but according to ancient science, we must first identify an individual’s skin type in order to prepare the optimum combinations. Human skin types range from dry to oily. Combination skin has its own ingredient list. Some of them work, while others do not. The first step is to identify your skin’s primary problem. For optimal outcomes, one should aim to maintain a skin care regimen. Along with all of this, a good nutrition-rich diet is essential. The most skin disorders are caused by an unhealthy gut. Maintaining the dosha is also an important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Ubtan Therapy’s Medical Advantages

Aside from developing and bright skin, Ayurvedic alternatives always have a therapeutic component to them. A well-prepared mix of things has various advantages.


Constant exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays causes pigmentation and fine wrinkles in our skin. Face packs with therapeutic capabilities that also remove dead cells are advised. For ubtan treatment, make a fine paste of coffee powder, honey, a few drops of lemon, chickpea flour, and raw milk. Coffee contains antioxidants, and raw milk improves the texture and radiance of your skin.

Preventive management could also be used to treat ezcema and psoriasis, which are skin illnesses.

Skin conditions such as Lesions, degraded skin, spots, blemishes, and other symptoms of underlying skin problems can be seen on the superficial skin. Ubtan prepared with tea tree oil, a natural antibacterial agent with therapeutic properties, rice flour, sandalwood powder, and turmeric is quite useful. Turmeric is the kitchen king and has ushna properties that reduce pitta levels. It prevents microbial growth on the skin and aids in the reduction of the aforementioned disorders.

 Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich

 Any allergic or inflammatory reaction caused by dust particles or germs can be controlled by organically made ubtan that has relaxing properties.

Chickpea flour with aloevera

The multifunctional aloe vera plant for the home garden has it all. Anti-inflammatory substance with calming properties. It also contains salicylic acid, which aids in the reduction of pores. Chick pea flour is also useful for removing fine hair from the roots and providing supple skin.


A normal skin care routine begins with spraying or wiping your face with water that has cooling effects and neutralises the pH balance of your skin.

  1. Rice water contains a high concentration of amino acids, which slows the ageing process.
  2. Fennel water – is beneficial to oily skin since it removes extra dirt and oil and aids in the unclogging of pores.
  3. Raw milk helps with pigmentation and reduces bacterial growth, which helps to avoid acne and blackheads.

 Scrubs for the face

 Face scrubbing is the next stage in this procedure. Mild circular strokes of the hands across the face and torso remove the dirt layer. It is necessary to prepare a powdered paste with granule texture.

  1. Coffee, rice flour, and lemon are excellent components for a gentle face and body scrub.
  2. Another gentle scrub that might be produced to lighten the skin is orange peel granules with honey and chick pea.

 Packs for the face

 Now follows the ubtan therapy, in which a fine paste is produced and spread all over the face and neck to rejuvenate the skin.

  1. A good to go ubtan is neem bark powder, which is antibacterial in nature, combined with honey, which is strong in antioxidants.
  2. Another simple paste is cinnamon powder mixed with milk and chickpea flour, which helps to reduce greasy pores.
  3. Fuller’s earth mixed with rose water aids in deep washing of the skin.

These chemical-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free ubtan ideas are a great addition to our regular beauty routine. It protects our skin from hazardous elements that we might not be aware of otherwise.

After ubtan therapy, it is essential to apply an excellent moisturiser to keep the skin moist. Ubtan therapy is typically performed at night, followed by a sound sleep, as it restores blood flow to the capillaries and improves lymphatic drainage.