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Massage therapy is an integral part of Ayurveda. Ayurveda recommends oil massage especially for strengthening the body parts. Amongst the various oils, Ayurveda considers sesame oil as the best and hence massage with sesame oil is known to be the most beneficial.

Whole body massage with sesame oil can have enhanced effects in circulation. This further helps in effective exchange of nutrients and cellular metabolic wastes in the circulation enhanced region. Sesame is rich in many minerals and vitamins and hence Ayurvedic massage with sesame oil is indeed a nourishing one.

Benefits of whole body massage with sesame oil

Most probably Ayurveda is the pioneer filed of medicine that emphasized on the use of sesame oil for varieties of therapies including massage. Oils in Ayurveda are considered the best medicine for pacifying Vata. Thus problems caused by Vata are dealt primarily with oils in Ayurveda.

Sesame oil has been highly recommended in classic literature of Ayurveda for its Vata alleviating properties. Various Ayurveda texts even quote that if only oil is mentioned in the text then it should be understood as sesame oil.

With the advancement of biotechnology health benefits of sesame oil have been studied several of times. Here below we discuss benefits of using sesame oil in massage therapy from perspective of both Ayurveda and scientific studies:

1. Strengthens bones

Bones are considered as the home for vata in Ayurveda. Problems of bones are directly linked to imbalance of vata. So for normalizing vata in ordee to strengthen the bones whole body massage with sesame oil is recommended in Ayurveda.

The phyto-constituents present in sesame oil has been found to be very effective in increasing bone strength. Sesame oil applied with massage on the body can aid the entry of such constituents through skin and helps in increasing the bone density. Thus whole body massage with sesame oil can be beneficial for the health of your bones.

2. Anti-oxidant and anti-ageing effects

It is considered that old age is dominated by Vata influence and hence in Ayurveda ageing is attributed to usage of sesame oil for preventing ageing is also recommended in Ayurveda.

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants like Sesamolin, Sesaminol, Tocopherol etc. Whole body massage with sesame oil is thus helpful in reducing the effects of oxidative species responsible for senescence. By delaying the process of ageing sesame oil massage can make you look younger too.

3. Better for your skin

Skin is the largest sense organ and is directly affected by air which possess the potential to provoke Vata in our body. Aggravated vata produces dryness, roughness and cracks in the skin. To avoid such problems, local application of sesame oil is recommended in Ayurveda.

Sesame oil is synonymous to skin care and skin health. The lipid constituents of sesame oil have skin cell rejuvenating properties. Tocopherol one of the constituent of sesame oil is a potent sunscreen. Sesame oil also has got burn healing effects. Skin infections are also highly reduced with application of sesame oil on the body.

Other than theses due to the unctuous and viscous nature of sesame oil it is highly effective in repairing dry and cracked skin problems too. Thus whole body massage with sesame oil can be really helpful in protecting and healing your skin

4. Pain management

Pain is the cardinal symptom of vata aggravation in body. Whatever may be the cause of pain, the symptom is not experienced by the patient until vata is aggravated. And if aggravated vata is alleviated then the patient also gets relieved from pain symptom. This is the principle of pain management in Ayurveda.

Massage is really meant for relieving one from their pain. Whole-body massage with sesame oil makes it much more efficient for managing pain. Application of warm sesame oil is recommended when massage is solely oriented for healing the recipient’s pain.

Studies also show that massage with sesame oil alone or medicated sesame oil is highly efficient in relieving pains symptoms in osteoarthritis.

5. Improve sleep quality

Relaxation techniques used in massage therapy are further enhanced with the involvement of sesame oil. No doubt that Ayurveda therapies like Shirovasti and Shirodhara which are effective measures for treating insomnia also use sesame oil for procedures. Not only this but foot massage with sesame oil before sleep is recommended in Ayurveda texts for improving sleep.

Due to its unctuous and viscous nature sesame oil acts a good lubricant during massage therapy which makes it much easier for providing relaxation to the recipient. Hence massage with sesame oil is one of the best therapies in improving sleep quality.


Whole body massage therapy has garnered reputation for both therapeutics and relaxation purpose. The application of sesame oil during massage work with synergism providing the body with maximum health benefits. Quality sesame oils and trained masseur is thus the best combination.

If you ever wish to get a whole body massage, make sure you are going to get it from a trained therapist who is using quality sesame oil.