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Part 1: 10 research on yoga mudra and its significance

Mudra is used for various hand gestures that concentrate the flow of energy in your body to the brain’s specific parts. Yoga mudras play a significant role as it is all about meditation and guiding energy flow through your body. Different mudras are used to build energy and utilize different breathing techniques to enhance their effects. Here are discussing the top research on yoga mudra and its significance:

Yoga mudra is a beneficial technique, also replace dominant aspects of drugs and medicinal therapies because it is a great therapy that provides physical and spiritual relief. In these times, when different diseases are ready to attack our health, yoga mudra provides resistance to these diseases by boosting our immunity.

So, now we can live a peaceful life and environment as further research is done on this excellent technique. The research that finds yoga mudra useful in our daily lives are listed below:

1. Aging prevention before old age

Nowadays, when junk foods and different chemicals interfere with daily lives, premature aging also contributes to the mounting use of these dirty things. But research makes us peaceful by informing us that yoga mudra helps aging prevention before a specific old age. This technique maintains blood pressure, contributes to toxins removal, and, yes, indirectly maintaining the glow of our young age.

2. Helps in fighting insomnia

When you cannot make a perfect sleep, you cannot maintain a daily schedule as swelling of eyes and headache due to insomnia cause madness in your mind. Researches have told that persons having sleeping issues are perceptible to madness. Yoga mudra is an excellent technique that can fight insomnia and let us have a deep sleep. Research done on chronic insomnia patients for 70 days lets them have a peaceful sleep with maintaining the sleep-wake cycle. 

3. Hair growth promotion

Currently, about 95 percent of people are worrying about hair fall issues as different shampoos cannot fight this issue. Most people are now having bald heads at about an average of 30 years’ age when they can enjoy beautiful hairs. Young mudra finds up-and-coming research in this regard. As managed, increasing blood circulation helps maintain blood flow in the scalp, indirectly helping to prevent hair fall issues. Increased blood flow towards the scalp provides essential nutrients and oxygen needed for excellent hair growth. 

4. Useful in skin glow

A lot of people are disbursed a lot of money to maintain the youthful glow of the skin. Unfortunately, they must also deal with the side effects of continuous exposure to sunlight and pollutions. Scientific research on yoga mudra encourages us that every bend, twist, relax, and other postures of the body related to the yoga asana technique are used to perfect maintenance of internal organs, and yes, maintains beautiful, the attractive glow of the skin.

5. Helpful in increased oxygen intake

When we are talking about the physical gaseous exchange, increased oxygen intake helps us maintain our body’s long-term health. In the pranayama yoga technique, various bending and relaxation postures of muscles provide beneficial effects on the heart’s pulmonary function, continuously increasing lungs’ ventilation with increased oxygen intake. Research has also proved that yoga mudra boosts the exchange of carbon dioxide with oxygen. 

6. Increased metabolism of our body

Any student-related to biology knows the improvement of human metabolism; managed metabolism means that the body is working correctly. Research related to yoga mudra proves that yoga proves to be very useful for daily managed body metabolism as combined effects of yoga asana and pranayama, with increasing meditation lowers body fat and yes indirectly manage our body metabolism. With lower body fat, endocrine glands boost up their action and also boost body metabolism.

7. Hormonal control

In people with hormonal disabilities, yoga proves favorable in managing hormonal disorders. Hormonal disorders cause different diseases in our body, so hormonal secretion should be balanced necessarily. Its imbalance causes many problems related to the human growth cycle, men women secondary sexual characters, obesity problems, mental problems, etc.

Controls cardiovascular problems

People ratio having cardiovascular issues is increasing every day, as weight gaining interferes with working on our body’s pancreas. We all know with people becoming more obese have more chances of perception to diabetes mellitus, which is the father of cardiac disease. Yoga mudra is very useful in weight maintaining aspect, increasing blood flow with increasing metabolism and directly contribute to lowers cardiovascular diseases by preventing blood clot formation in arteries. 

9. Helps to fight with anxiety

The most dominant function of yoga mudra is that it helps to fight anxiety and depression. Research in Islamic Azad university proves that participating in 60 days’ yoga classes helps lower anxiety issues, especially in women, as in this competitive environment, one out of three women are fighting with anxiety disorders because women are emotionally weak compared to men. If one is dealing with depression issues, taking yoga mudra classes to develop a peaceful life. 

10. Pain bearing ability

Pain is related to physical, mental, and emotional injuries in one’s life. Yoga mudra is useful in increasing pain tolerance and is found to be magicians in weight-bearing aspect. As the grey matter in the central nervous system changes its perceptibility, it increases pain tolerance.



Part 2: Benefits of 10 Yoga Mudras in Real Life

1. Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra is also known as the yoga mudra of knowledge. This posture is mainly used to increase your memory power, concentration level and sharpen your brain. Gyan mudra targets the person’s body’s air elements, making him calm and awakening his spirituality. Performing this mudra is simple; sit while crossing your legs; now put your hands on your knees, then touch your thumb with your index finger while holding other fingers straight. 

2. Surya Mudra:

This mudra is used to help with poor digestion, obesity, weight loss, and boosting metabolism. Additional benefits in doing this mudra include improved vision, the coldness of the body, and regulated appetite.

To perform this yoga mudra, you must sit upright, keeping your back straight; after that, place your hands on your knees and then bend your ring finger and hold it with your thumb while performing the mudra; you can also do different breathing and meditation techniques.

3. Linga Mudra

The name is also known as Linga mudra of Lord Shiva’s Mudra. This yoga mudra is used to warm up the body by targeting the heating element of the body. It helps to deal with cold as it can make the body sweat, cough, asthma, and weight loss by burning up the fat to raise the body temperature.

To perform this mudra, first press the palms of your hands together tightly, then interlock your fingers but keeping the left thumb upright. You should remain concentrated and avoid any distraction to get the best results.

4. Apan Mudra

Apan mudra is the mudra of digestion as it deals with the toxins of the body. Apna is the most suggested mudra for the treatment of heart and stomach problems. It detoxifies the body and cures the disease caused by toxins in the body, such as piles, diabetes, and kidney defects. The initial steps to perform this mudra are the same as for the above mudras.

5. Shunya Mudra

Shunya mudra is the mudra of emptiness or also known as the mudra of heaven. It deals with the body’s space element and reduces it, which improves the hearing ability of the person and treats the problem of watering eyes. Other benefits of this yoga mudra are it strengthens the bones and gums, reduces throat problems, and treats the disease related to the thyroid gland.

To do this, mudra effectively sits calmly as described above and then bends your middle finger and applies pressure on it by pressing it with the base of your thumb.

6. Vayu Mudra

Vayu Mudra is also known as mudra of air because it deals with the element of air in the body. Vayu mudra dealing with air makes it useful for treating arthritis, gas, bulging stomach, overcharged endocrine gland.

 This mudra also helps in knee pain, soothing strained voices, and relaxing the tensed muscles. However, this yoga mudra is performed by bending your index finger inwards and holding it with the thumb’s base.

7. Buddhi Mudra

Buddhi mudra is for mental clarity. Whenever you need to understand intuitive messages from dreams that puzzle you, this gesture is performed. The most powerful benefits of buddhi mudra include the improvement of communication. 

To do this yoga mudra, while holding the three fingers straight, touch your thumb to your pinky finger.

8. Shuni Mudra

The other name of Shui mudra is shoonya mudra. This yoga mudra’s gestures are for intuition improvement or sensory powers. Shuni mudra purifies your thoughts and emotions. The method to perform this mudra is touching the middle fingers’ tip to the thumb’s tip while the left straight.

9. Prana Mudra

Prana mudra is the essential yoga mudra,and this importance is due to its ability to activate the body’s dormant energy. It is the life force for all living organisms. Prana mudra helps in awakening your prana. This mudra is done by touching the pinky finger and ring finger to the thumbs’ tip and keep other fingers straight.

10. Dhyana Mudra

Dhyana mudra is shared in many eastern meditation disciplines. The benefit of this yoga mudra is that it brings you into deep concentration. The gesture also helps in bringing inner peace. You have to sit with your hands facing upwardly, rind hand on left palms’ top to perform this yoga mudra. 


After observing all the benefits obtained by performing these yoga mudras, anyone can perform the above different mudras, which is best for yourself; after analyzing your body problems can help treat those problems and deliver many other health benefits.

In which age you are, yoga mudra always proves helpful in every age. Teenagers failed to live a stable life, when they go for this beautiful technique and become successful in life. In one’s lifetime, he should never forget to take part in this excellent yoga mudra therapy; even it is for some time.